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  1. The set looks awesome, but I am not interested in microfigure-sized sets so I am quite sure I wlll skip this one.
  2. It is very difficult. The problem is that BIONICLE is not a pop culture phenomenon anymore (if it ever was) . There could be two options about it. D2C sets for super fans or regular sets for everyone. The first idea is likely to be a bad one, because of what I said before, but the second one is quite hard to implement too. BIONICLE was based on a lot of characters and to recreate that you would need various sets. However, to make them affordable for everyone they would need to be cheaper than G2, whose price was ok for me, but it was an important price, compared to the beginning of G2. Moreover, I think a question would be: would a signifcant portion of the current kids prefer BIONICLE over a video game or online media? I am afraid not. EDIT: typing mistake.
  3. One issue is that there is no new Bionicle content anymore. There are a few other LEGO fansites which are more active because they were not as specialized as BZP was in the beginning. Nonetheless, all forums have been suffering a lot since social networks started to spread. Things change and we change. I used to post more than 20 times a day in the late '00 and now this is my first message in years for example.
  4. Maybe some of us expected (including me) a bit more of interesting fight scenes. Probably some more episodes would have been better for that reason. However they are good for what they are.
  5. Post-Inika canister sets are a bad example because they actually didn't tend to have any fewer new molds than the canister sets that came before them. Toa Mata: 19 new molds Bohrok: 17 new molds (Krana variations all came off the same mold) Toa Nuva: 15 new molds Bohrok-Kal: 6 new molds Rahkshi: 22 new molds (Kraata variations all came off the same mold) Toa Metru: 23 new molds Vahki: 12 new molds Toa Hordika: 23 new molds Visorak: 14 new molds Piraka: 22 new molds Toa Inika: 25 new molds Barraki: 26 new molds Toa Mahri: 23 new molds Phantoka: 25 new molds Mistika: 22 new molds Glatorian: 19 new molds Glatorian Legends: 18 new molds Stars: 6 new molds These numbers do not include canisters and count pre-assembled parts like the Cordak Blasters and Midak Skyblasters as one mold each, though realistically they would need multiples. So as you can see, the number of new molds per series didn't really start to consistently decline until 2009. The number of new molds in the Phantoka sets was second only to the number of new molds in the Barraki sets. The number of new molds in the Toa Mahri sets was as many as in the Toa Metru or Toa Hordika sets and more than in the Rahkshi or Piraka sets. The Bohrok may have had "a lot of new pieces" individually (as in, more than 50% of the parts in any given Bohrok set were new molds), but as a series, they had fewer new molds than ANY series of canister sets from 2006 to 2009. And the Rahkshi had no more new molds than any canister set series from the Piraka through the Mistika. In fact, the average number of new parts per series from the Barraki through the Stars (19.86) is actually HIGHER than the average number of new parts per series from the Toa Mata through the Toa Inika (18). tl;dr: the decrease in the number of new Bionicle pieces after 2006 is largely an imagined one. More complex how, exactly? I'm not trying to shoot down your idea, I'm just curious what you mean by it. By "main body piece" do you mean a beam or a shell? We've actually gotten a few new torso beams this year, like this, this, and this. And the new torso shell on this year's Toa sets is definitely more complex than any previous ones visually, even though it's less complex in terms of connection points. Overall I think there are definitely plenty of possibilities for new torso pieces in the future even without stepping outside what would be considered "CCBS". I have never said that all of the sets that came after the Inika had less new molds. I was talking specifically about the main heroes. To be more precise (and this it is my fault for not being clear ) let's exclude the weapons and the masks. Apart from a few exceptions that mainly come from the Mahri, the limbs, the feet, the main armour pieces and the main body pieces were always the same. This wasn't very common before the 2006 heroes. People often say that because since they share the main (and often larger) pieces and for that reason they look very similar. And that's true. Apart from the first Nuva, you can clearly see more differences in the heroes before 2006 comparing each wave. The Bohrok and the Rahkshi had a lot of main new pieces, they also introduced something we didn't have before in term of different shape (look at the Bohrok's head or the Rahkshi spine for example). Also you are making a comparison as whole waves while I am talking more about the single sets from different waves. In that sense we had basically clones in each wave before 2006, yes. I am assuming that it takes more time to create those kinds of new parts and often they are crucial (also they are normally large ones). And more time means also higher costs. For "main body piece" I mean the black one in this picture. I'd like to see something that has a more developed structure like Inika upper torso piece. Another way is to add more little pieces around it as they did for the Toa this year. I appreciate what they did for Bionicle this year to allow rotation.
  6. Non-CCBS non-humanoids wouldn't necessarily cost more money than CCBS humanoids, unless you mean introducing an entirely new building system from the ground up. I mean, say, 70123 Lion Legend Beast was just $10 for 120 pieces, 12 points of articulation, and a minifigure. It was smaller than a $10 CCBS figure like a Protector or Creature set, but still a pretty excellent value. Likewise, the new dragons from LEGO Elves (coming out in March) offer a pretty good value. The Water Dragon Adventure is just $20 for 212 pieces, a dragon with about 16 points of articulation, a mini-doll, and some scenery. It's not unreasonable to think that LEGO could potentially create a series of System-based "buildable figures" that could offer an even better value than CCBS figures. The only major issue is that System-based buildable figures need to take more care to ensure sturdiness, since a lot of System building techniques aren't designed for the same kind of rough action play as Technic/CCBS-based constraction sets. I have never liked those, mainly because of the overall look that doesn't seem smooth. Take for example the dragon in the Water Dragon adventure. It is a nice figure, but the detailed head is quite different from the simple feet (in contrast also with most of the other sections). I know we are talking about a System-based set and that's why I am ok with it in a system set. As a figure alone? I wouldn't honestly buy it. Moreover we already had System action figures in the past: Knights' kingdom. Quite boring sets to play with, but not bad ones. What I was initially trying to say is that to give the figures a new and different look you need new molds (and they cost). You may say one doesn't need new molds to do something creative. That's true, there is an high possibility of being repetitive soon. The heroes in Hero Factory are a major example. Also the main heroes that came after the Inika had that problem. Personally I think they might try something more creative based on insects (as masterchirox580 suggests too). After all the Bohrok were insects too and they were one of the most popular waves in Bionicle G1 (they had a lot of new pieces too). Same thing for the Rahkshi. I would appreciate an insect-humanoid figure , but it needs specific pieces to look more like an insect. Here is an example of a design I would like to see (even if it is a bit too aggressive ): Mantis Alien. CCBS has become quite a generic term, but for example they could try to produce a more complex main body piece.
  7. I am a bit skeptical, especially about the backgrounds. However I'd like to see somehing more before commenting. The characters look ok though.
  8. Personally none. I know it costs more money, but I'd like to see something new from Lego. If possible something that has less humanoid figures.
  9. When I don't have enough space, I sadly put them back into the canisters. I will probably find a box for the 2015 ones when I will need it.
  10. A link to the member's epic, some dragons and "Trade who" (If I am not mistaken) written in the Bionicle alphabet.
  11. I actually liked the songs from the first album. Nothing too original, but I enjoy listenting some of their work while I am (I was) drawing.
  12. I am not trying to collect them all this time. I am only going to buy the ones I really like. However it might be easier to collect stuff this time since we are just starting the second year (last time I actually got my first set only at the end of 2002).
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