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  1. Bionicle characters don't have actual gender. Ga-Matoran simply happen to have features that we, a gendered species, associate with females.
  2. Why would you watch a TV show out of order? HOW could you have watched a TV show out of order while it was airing?
  3. You read it in release order. It's literally that simple.
  4. The canon fact is that Vakama is simply a natural clairvoyant. Nobody is "sending" him any visions.
  5. Why do you think that Hero Factory characters actually speak English?
  6. I completely forgot that Episode 3 came out in 2005 lol, I thought the prequels were all in the 90s.
  7. What are some things you'd have changed about Bionicle's story? You can be as broad or as specific as possible. For me, I'd split 2008 into two years. Give the Phantoka a whole year, and the Mistika a whole year. The Toa Phantoka would have been all six Toa Nuva, and then the Toa Mistika would have been the Mahri plus Takanuva. Instead of having Makuta as cannister sets, they would have been Titans and the Toa would have directly fought other villains instead, such as Shadow Toa or mutated Rahkshi.
  8. This would make a lot of sense, since actually navigating at light speed in short distances would be nearly impossible.
  9. I wouldn't really call the Stars line "dignified..." They should have given them one fully-funded finale year, with more time to plan out the story's conclusion, and a proper line of sets.
  10. 2005 wasn't all that bad, it just needed to fit better into the overarching story somehow. After all, the only reason it even exists is because they wanted to use Metru Nui again.
  11. Yes it would. All of those cartoons you mentioned have similar tones and fit together pretty well. They're also mostly comedic, where anything can happen as long as it's funny. Bionicle isn't comedic. Then again, if you want to combine G2 and Hero Factory, go ahead.
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