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  1. I always pictured that G2 could be something that takes place hundreds of thousands of years after G1, like NieR Gestalt and NieR Automata, or Transformers and Beast Wars. If G2 had more time to develop, they could have definitely started tying the stories together, especially since they might have been hinting at it with the Vahi.
  2. First, please do not format your posts like this. Second, in the title you said "correct me if I do something not canon" but putting Okoto in G1 is already not canon. So right away, everything here is non-canon. Anyway, why would Makuta take the Matoran to Mata Nui/Okoto? He wants to rule the universe, or rather become the universe, and the can't function without the Matoran working in Metru Nui. Why would he choose to be the only guy who can make Masks? That's a lot of tedious work for an evil mastermind. How does Makuta die twice at the end? Where do the Toa come from in this version?
  3. Rahi is their word for beast or animal. The literal translation of the word is "not us" but that doesn't really matter, because there's a lot of words in english that have meanings that don't line up perfectly to their literal composition. Butterfly and kidnap are some examples. Also, If you saw a giant talking orangutan, you still might call him an animal or beast, although maybe not to his face. But if you saw very human-like aliens, you wouldn't call them that at all.
  4. Why, actually? Why do we NEED it back? I understand that you might need it back, but why do we? Please explain. Yeah that stinks, but get over it. What similar stuff? The only parallels between G1 and HF are superficial at best. They have totally different design directions and aesthetics. Why is it "madness" for two very different things to belong to different universes? Please elaborate on that. Are we? I know that you're trying to do this, but for the rest of us we're just happy MOCing and keeping the legend alive with our friends. Also, as far as I can tell, none of the Bionicle Ideas have succeeded. He probably didn't. @Lenny7092, we'd all really appreciate it if you took the time to address all of the points in the original post, and provide a counter argument better than "actually we do need it back."
  5. Greg specified that Skakdi could not use Kanohi. He said, "It'd be like a street thug trying to understand Shakespeare." Make of that what you will. EDIT: maybe he was just referring to the six Piraka. I'll have to check.
  6. I wouldn't call it a plateau. Greg said many times that Bionicle's sales were steadily declining all the way since 2002. Yes, Lego cancelled it before they actually started losing money, but G1 was definitely going downhill.
  7. Bionicle was a big part of my childhood, but I'm fine letting it stay a part of my childhood. As for Hero Factory, it had no legacy whatsoever, because to the general public, it was forgotten about the moment it was cancelled. There's still tons of communities who are actively creating fan content, like The Mangai Project for example. Why isn't that enough? Why does Bionicle actually need to come back in any official manor? Who would buy it? Just you, and maybe a few thousand people? Current kids have no interest in Lego action figures.
  8. I'm pretty sure it all had to do with the quality of the plastic, not the design.
  9. The All-American Rejects had it right this whole time...
  10. Her appearance was never described in that much detail, but I really doubt it considering we don't see that anywhere else among sentient beings.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Inika did it too. Keep in mind that we haven't really seen Toa from other teams do much at all.
  12. What other Bionicle fans? Everyone is either here or at the TTV Forums, which I have no doubt you've shilled on that site too.
  13. Also, we were never Bionicle's target demographic. Back between 2003-20010, there were only a few thousand active BZP members. Maybe like 5000 at the absolute peak. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of customers who barely even knew Bionicle had a story. We are in no position to make any sort of requests or demands whatsoever. Back in the day, if BZP had unanimously decided to boycott Bionicle or something, Lego would have barely noticed a dip in their profit margins. We have never been more than a vocal minority, and probably more of a nuisance to Lego than anything. Greg and Bionicle's story team certainly cared about us for the most part, but to Big Lego we were just entitled nerds.
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