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    Man Vs Beast

    Had to create this for a photography competition, I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing, enjoy.
  2. So for those of you who like music (probably almost everyone) I found a nice band that might adhere to some people's tastes Orba Squara Check 'em out. Beautiful guitar and singing, and the older albums feature Ukulele's and chimes, so check that right now
  3. I figure I have less of an interest in Bionicle nowadays, I'll still post a little bit, but not much. I figure I need something to actually blog about that is something that people might not necessarily see. Sooo... I figured, what am I interested in that I can blog about? A few things immediately spring to mind: - Apple (and technology generally) - Games I figure I'll be blogging about those things mostly, and will try to make things as interesting and give my own opinion about that stuff as much as possible. Hence, I think I will be revamping this whole blog space. People *probably* aren't that interested about me, but they might be interested in the two things above (certainly games more I would presume) so I will try to offer stuff about that. Twitter feed will be going up soon, and I'll crack to work on some images Happy reading people.
  4. Woot :3 Somebody loves me Anyhoo, sorry mods, forgot about that rule completely. My bad
  5. Title says it all really. My god though, it must have been a long time since I've actually posted anything on here. Now that I haven't got a girlfriend anymore and I've decided that [Removed. Do not mention sites with forums.-Nukaya]is irrelevant in a modern day life, I might start actually contributing now on perhaps even a daily basis... That'd be good My word though, I doubt any of you remember me. Maybe you do, I don't know. You probably don't though I'm just kidding myself here... I've changed massively, though it's good to know BZPower has never changed. I never changed it as my homepage actually, maybe I haven't changed that much, we shall see

    School Closed

    My school's closed due to a Gas leakage. Britain basically fails
  7. This pretty much sums up my thoughts I had no idea it WAS updating. Oh and will this include the Glatorian Arena 2 download? 'Cuz I'm on Snow Leopard so I can't play it in my browser

    Oh My

    So I went on the Final Fantasy XIII website for the first time since forever. And. Oh my. That is some sexy screenshots. I cannot literally wait until March
  9. You can do THAT in Photoshop? My word, that's amazing
  10. Wow, I love the Hahli picture. What program did you use to draw/render it?
  11. -IGNITION-


    So to print out Binky's epic poster, the dimensions of which are roughly A0 piece of paper, I will need to spend £7,000 on a printer that can print it out in A0. I'm thinking I'm going for the "resize" option.
  12. -IGNITION-


    So would that make the Mask of Mind Control and/or Telepathy an elemental mask(s) ?
  13. -IGNITION-

    Toa Mata Nui

    I will finish it eventually. It's in flash, and it takes sooo long.
  14. -IGNITION-

    It's Ended.

    I cried. I care ######.
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