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  1. The last is colored in with grey, or at least, It looks like it to me. Yes its just colored in, the original image file has multiple layers one for base color one for shading, one for each half of the tribal marks and a top layer for the outline. I decided against including a image with the shading as I thought it took away for the simplicity and I guess the 'flatness" of it.
  2. Yup pretty good fix. I would maybe keep the mask of creation on him though.
  3. So I was working on a new avatar/emblem thing, the center piece of which was going to be a great Kanohi Huna. At some point I decided to add some markings along the mask. After messing around with the layers I came up with these: What do you guys think?
  4. Well, There she is. I don't think it quite deserves the title "Coolified" though...It was my first shot at this PowerPoint art thing so... Yeah.A special thanks to Bonseiii who made the PowerPoint art style so well known here on Bzpwer.Well I made some general improvemants and got this.
  5. *Finally notices after 15 days* I would have got one if it hadn't been closed by the time I found it.

  6. I'm getting one of those heads.how about you,Blade?

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