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  1. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I shrugged, pretending not to see Hyan-Fei's expression by looking down at my knees. I wiped some debris off my lap, the traditional Long clothing, coloured with Chand markings I had made myself, "Nothing you wouldn't expect - old fire pits, maybe some discarded material - though not much. Or Soko tracks," I looked away. How I had not come across any of these things which lined up with the timeline of the Mountain's Death, I had not yet figured out. "If we are lucky, and if she-" I slipped, but corrected myself, hoping Hyan-Fei would not notice, "- they - would have left some guide stones somewhere, to let stragglers know what to go." OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  2. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae looked at his compatriot, then put his hands together. This would not be easy, and there was a good chance somebody uninvolved would be hurt. Such was the consequence of something as important as their work. They had to succeed in their mission - the promise of a job well done would come with an impossibly important prize. It would not help them in the long run, to hurt any of the Ussalry. But today, all they could do was hope to try again after yet another failure. Pae brought his hands up, creating a small iron dome around the pair, then he pushed downwards, creating a floor, and one long thick iron pillar down through the levels below to provide some stability for the new shelter. Then, he dropped to one knee, and closed his eyes, feeling out for metal in the walls and on the roof. He could tell that there were indeed beings outside as Nika indicated, but could not quite make out many details about them. He felt his teeth clench - an involuntary action he typically never fell into. The long length of time for the team's work had begun to wear down on even him. Nevertheless, Pae could sense some of the more structurally important beams of the building. All he would need to do, was bend them outwards, and the roof should collapse while he . Anybody on on the rim outside could be in danger of falling to the streets below, but anybody on the flat surface should fall inwards. But, the difficult part would be bending only the tops, and then pulling down the horizontal beams immediately after to catch anybody up there off-guard. The timing would be very difficult. He took a deep, deep breath, feeling his "fingers" wrap around the metal in question, "Prepare to get on my back." OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  3. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I took the chopsticks handed to me, and took my share of the fish. I quickly put my fists together, gave a bow, and muttered a quick prayer in thanks at my luck of having found Hyan-Fei and thus, a tasty meal. I finished my prayer, and spoke aloud, "...and thanks to you, Hyan-Fei, for the catch," I dug into the fish, and suddenly felt relief at the taste. It was the best meat I had in weeks. I thought about what Hyan-Fei had said while I scarfed down my first few bites. I had yet to search the coast. For much of the early days after the Mountain Died, I spent most of my time hiding with Naina, and evading the monsters as much as possible. Afterwards, I continued in desperate lines back and forth in the lands of my people. My mother had swore once very seriously she would never leave the plains under any circumstances, and it was well known to those around her that she was a woman of conviction. I simply could not believe that she would have left unless physically forced to. But, I found no evidence of her - not living nor dead - and had thus pushed my search out farther and farther. I suppose, if the world had ended, then maybe mother really did leave. Of course, I had to tell myself this, as I was not willing to accept that death could have found her. I spoke, "You're right. We could take a snaking path towards a port town," I drew such a pattern with my hand, "Pick up anyone left behind, or lost."
  4. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae spun a small disc of iron just under the pair's feet, and began to expand the disc upwards, creating a rising iron pillar. He and Nika got close to carefully avoid the tough edges of the hole in the ceiling. They passed through cleanly and stepped onto what remained of the building's floor. Now, he set to work again, creating walls to block the way, and tearing apart the ceiling. After this floor, they would be just underneath the final ceiling, "They're likely on the roof. I shouldn't have looked in the safe room." OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Snelly
  5. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Irnakk's Tooth "Ipsudir Garsi took my eyes, and tossed me out the gates of my burning fort, as if my life would be punishment for standing in her way. My life will soon become her punishment instead. If she was too weak and foolish to finish the job, then she did not earn the deaths of my husband and our children." She tilted her head to one side, "As for what is to come, I hope you can prove yourself worth your name. If you can, then I would be willing to commit myself to your causes as well." OOC: Sorry gang, somehow forgot we were waiting on me here. @Visaru @NorikSigma
  6. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness I looked up at Hyan-Fei, now completely stood up. I felt an eyebrow raise, but couldn't stop a bit of a smile from forming at her sudden declaration. It made sense; no matter what either of us were doing while on Odaiba, it was safer that we stayed together. But, I found myself listening to the fire and the gentle river, wondering to myself if I would lead Hyan-Fei astray by letting her come along without telling her everything. It wasn't just any survivor I was looking for, though that would be good too. My mother was out there, and much like she had her secrets, I had mine. One more reminder even after all these years that she was right, and I was wrong. I let none of this internal doubt make an appearance however. After-all, how could this bring Hyan-Fei into any more danger than she already was? And besides, I had grown weary, and even lonely - though I did not realize it yet. I made my choice. I gave my new companion a confident nod, and smiled, "Well, somebody will have to ride Naiana while I heal. And despite the ribs, you may be surprised to find I'm actually a fine horsewoman," I gave Hyan-Fei a bit of a suggesting look, "I'd be willing to teach you. It would make us much more swift on the open plains." OOC: No worries! @capMARVELOUS
  7. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ta-Koro "It's all we can do." Tuara didn't want to press any further for now, choosing instead to focus on clearing her throat with some tea. In her mind, there was little doubt Agni had every right to be angry. When all was said and done, what had happened was really one of the worst outcomes imaginable. It had driven Tuara to some of her truest lows during her withdrawals in the apartment. Tuara winced internally at this thought. The one thing she had to do, to give herself a fighting chance at having a life, was one of the closest times she felt to losing it. Tuara stood up, and walked over to the window, standing between it and the piano. There were sunbeams now, seen so clearly with dust in the air. Too much dust. It made the home feel stone still, like nothing lived in it anymore. She felt herself scowling, and raised her drink up to her lips, shaking a little. With another breath, she calmed down. Some things, it seemed, were permanent. On her heels, Tuara turned a bit towards Agni again, changing the subject as much for herself as for him, "So, what's next for you? How is the Guard going?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Things had really gotten bad, and all for another dead end for the team's impossible mission. A loud bang sounded down the hallway behind him. To Pae's ears, he guessed it was somewhere between 20 meters and 50 meters. In the chaos, it would be difficult to tell - and irrelevant. Because, as Nika indicated, the Ussalry was right on top of them. Pae first, using his fists, brought up iron walls on both sides of the pair about the same size as the hallway itself. It certainly wouldn't stop the Ussalry with their own Toa and gear on their side, but it would at least slow them down. Then, he reached up and using the metal beams in the roof above them, tore open a hole big enough for the pair to get through - even if it meant a few scrapes. There were two more floors to go, in order to make it to the ceiling. Pae readied himself, in the event that any of the lawmen would appear overhead. OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404
  9. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae wrenched open the floor beneath his feet. Stone and steel was torn asunder, and as the dust fell to the floor below, Pae saw nothing. Inside the pit he had created, full of rubble and now destroyed furniture, was nobody. Perhaps their mark had fled, or their intel about the location of the safe-room was wrong. However, it was only a split second before Pae turned around and began running with his Kakama again. They had to get out. Pae quickly began calculating an escape route, thinking back on Nika's location. Pae skid around the corner to see Nika running towards him. He stopped long enough to indicate Nika should jump on his back and simply say, "The target is gone." OOC: @Void Emissary @ARROW404
  10. The Dead Mountain will have some living being atop it's peak again, how nice (only time will tell how long that'll last - ha ha ha ha ha Long, get it????)
  11. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Irnakk's Tooth N'ashka grit her teeth, chewing thoughtfully on a speck of sand in her mouth. It was clear that she and Klidarg shared some common ground, but N'ashka had a more exact end-goal in mind. She stood up straighter and spoke carefully, "It's rare for one stranger to offer their strength to another without the promise of a prize of some kind. What do you want in return?" OOC: @Visaru @NorikSigma
  12. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ta-Koro Tuara watched Agni get up, and cut himself off briefly. Trusted who? It wasn't Joske or Dorian that they had misplaced their trust with. Tuara recognized what he was saying now, she had seen this before; but usually in the mirror. Tuara felt her heart fall slightly, seeing Agni like this. Normally between the two of them, it was he who remained level-headed instead of her. Not that Tuara could blame him, knowing all that had happened. She could empathize, it was how she herself felt not long ago. "Joske and Dor aren't the kind of people who are really controllable. I've spent enough time in my life trying to do just that, to know that's true. It's why people cared about them and cared about who they are. And that's not your fault. You can be as angry as you want, I know I've been furious since the night Dorian left," Tuara put a hand on her chest as her voice cracked a bit, thinking about her arm snap in the interrogation room eight weeks ago, "But I don't want to see you turn on yourself like that. I've done it to myself enough to know it doesn't end well." OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  13. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Irnakk's Tooth N'ashka waited quietly for Tarrok's response. There was only so much a voice could convey, and she knew that in this scenario, she'd need Tarrok to be the one to make the read on the Kaiakan. OOC: @NorikSigma @Visaru
  14. @ToaTom there's definitely lots going on around the game in various locations. You can always approach other characters or go for the classic "open for interaction" post as well! Especially since people are still joining in the game or getting characters back up and running with the new arc starting, people usually bite. Worth mentioning those two options if you don't end up planning to join up with an ongoing group or upcoming event. Welcome to the game, btw!
  15. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Irnakk's Tooth "Circumstance, and foolishness," N'ashka said. Not her own foolishness of course, but Ipsidur Garsi's, "I recognize your name, Klidarg. You've made a name for yourself, haven't you?" OOC: @Visaru @NorikSigma
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