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  1. Granted, but its so out of style no one talks to you.I wish Kurt Cobain was brought back to life in good mental, physical, and musical condition.
  2. Granted, but this creates a massive imbalance in the ecosystem, thus severely damaging the Earth. I wish I could turn invisible at will, and turn back at will.
  3. Thanks you for the enthusiasm! It is going to be voice acted, but at this point, I do not believe I will need any assistance.I may do guest stars eventually, though. If I need any voice work, I'll let you know. I also have the banners and avs covered, but if you want to make some, go for it. I'd love to have some community involvement with avs and banners. If it turns out I need any help on anything in the future, I'll shoot you a PM.Thanks!
  4. Behold... TEASER TRAILER: DUE TO SOME ISSUES, I NEED TO USE A PASSWORD. (SORRY) THE PASSWORD IS: bzpower https://vimeo.com/43087352 PLOT: In 2009, the worst comic series BZPower ever has witnessed was released. After intense riots and protesting, the series was outlawed by Tohu himself, and the characters left The Comic Land, ashamed and forgotten. Since these events, Tohu has passed away due to a mysterious illness, and one of his closest advisers, Halgorg, seized control of the nation. Since then, the Comic Land has become progressively more Orwellian, and the future looks bleak, and all the while, foreign negotiations with a nearby island are failing, and The Comic Land lives on the edge of Nuclear Brinkmanship. ...Meanwhile, Toa of Power, (Leader of Oober Noob) has left his remote hideout to reunite the cast and try to redeem the series' reputation. Their return to The Comic Land threatens Halgorg, who sees them as the only ones foolish enough to start a revolution without meaning to. He orders the captain of the secret police, Jorwel, to destroy them in the least suspicious way possible. However, the team from Oober Noob won't allow that, and eventually become the willing leaders of a revolution. Who will win, the evil forces of Halgorg, the noobish forced of Oober Noob, or will you loose interest before it ends? ORIGINAL SERIES: In all of its horrid glory: http://www.bzpower.c....st=0&p=6268426 FAQ: Q: Dude, why are your sprites totally bogus? A: Well, concerned viewer, thanks for your question. My series was an attempt to pay tribute at the horrible comic series we all made at some point in our BZP careers. The horribleness of the sprites, if you can even call them that, was intentional. It makes then unique, gives them a sort of charm, and its much easier to animate. Q: How long will this series be? A: I'm thinking roughly ten five to seven minute episodes. Give or take a few. Q: Do you expect anyone to remember this series? A: No. That's why I'm posting a link to the original comics. Q: If it comes out in July...why are you posting about it now? A: I'm posting about it now because I want to take viewer feed back on the preview material I will be posting, and I want to get an idea on how large my audience will be. Q:This plot seems a little heavy for BZPower... A: I assure you, dear viewer, that the plot won't be a political science lesson, and that it will live up to BZPower's high standards of content. This is not a political satire in anyway. I strongly agree with BZP's rules on politics. I think though, that we can all agree that totalitarian dictatorships such as North Korea and the Galactic Empire are pretty horrible. NEW CONTENT (BANNERS, AVS, MORE TRAILERS, BEHIND THE SCENES, CAST INTERVIEWS) COMING SOON! If you have any questions, please ask!
  5. I was more suprised by the speed of death (when I first learned about it) rather than the fact that we'd die without them. But yes, it is obvious.
  6. If the human body did not posses enzymes, then we would die within a few minutes. This is due to the fact that enzymes speed up chemical reactions that our bodies use to function.Leif Erikson, a viking, landed in North America roughly 500 years before Columbus did.Though we all know of the famous 90's grunge band Nirvana, there was actually a band called Nirvana that existed in the 60's.There were actually two capitols of Antioch
  7. Within You and Without You- The Beatles(Width sounds like With. Kinda lame, I know)
  8. Turnaround- Devo(The original post by Omishad was in response to a previous entry. The song posted had the word "round" in it.)
  9. 1. Have you changed since BZP came back?Yes. This is my first post in over a year. I have grown, matured, picked up guitar, and other things2. How have you changed?Mostly maturity. I have other interests now as well. Bionicle does not have as much of a place in my life anymore. I am a teenager now, and other things have sprung up.3. Have you noticed anyone else change?No. I probably will at some point.
  10. Merry Christmas! I hope it's great!

  11. I'm willing to forgive you if you don'tdo something like that again...

  12. Reason being you've actually made topics people are dicussing....but Toa Dovyadas is right..

  13. Well, this profile is worth five stars!

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