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    Okay, got abit more time, so i'm gonna update this.<br /><br />Firstly, i love motorsport, name any motorsport series and driver and i prolly know that championship/driver. Currently obsessed with le mans series, F1 and champcar, but i also watch WTCC,BTCC, GP2,V8 supercars, nascar, BrisCa, Indy car, ALMS, grand Am, and all the support series that race with them.<br /><br />Another thing i'm.....i woud not say obsessed....at this point any way, is skiing, i like it that it's another sport that means you going very fast and there is lots of action, my favorite is the down hill ones, and my favorite skiier at the moment is Marco Buechel, and i also like the Snowboard X sport. Also action packed.<br /><br />I am obsessed about cars as well, espacially super cars, very fast, sleak looking cars, that try to make them to go as fast as possible when it's still legal, I.E on race tracks and country roads and that.<br /><br />Yeah, i also like lego, bionicle, but it's such a boar waiting for the barraki to get to this part of the world, so at the moment i'm excited about the 2007 motorsport series.<br /><br />In my spare time you will find me (well, you wont!) hanging round with my mates talking about motorsport and cars or just having a discussion about the world and it's problems.<br /><br />I am not relgious at all- i have never been, none of my family has ever- and no offence to relgious people, i don't really want to be relgious. I have enough on my plate with my exams coming up as it is!<br /><br />I read quite abit- i read the edge chronicle series, i fantastic series in my oppion, could not put any of the books down- so i'm dissapointed there is only gonna be one more book, coming out this year. I also read the bionicle books- the ones i can get hold of in this area- have to get most of them of amazon. I also read car and motorsport books- catching up on the latest news, like in the most recent auto course book.<br /><br />Music- well, my musical back ground is not great.<br />No really interested in music<br />I am not learning it for my GCSEs in school.<br />I can't play any instrument<br />I'd prefer listening to car engines then music sometimes.<br />I can stand 22 noisy F1 cars going ast me, but feel sick at music concerts with the beat pulsing through you.<br />Never the less i listen to some music, and dare i say....quite abit of '70's music.

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    have not got aol
  1. Congrats on the proto boost, mine seems to have gone down oh well. Ha, that's funny, poor matau!
  2. Well, i've entered, did not know you would be! Good luck! I chose the song Africa by Toto as it has good lyrics.
  3. Fiorino

    Back From Denmark

    Sounds good, glad you had a good trip, good to see that bionicle is gonna continue for a few more years. Long live bionicle!
  4. Very funny, good moral *wacks self* Wha'?! Don't eat in front of a cucumber? Thats very useful in a useless kind of way. Anyway, keep up the good short stories!
  5. So we are not aloud to do this in BBC MOC's then? Ihave never used them before, but i've seen them been used in that way
  6. Fiorino

    Bye Bye Pluto

    ahhhhh, poor pluto! oh well, it has benn a planet for 52 years, time to stop hogging the lime-light. r.i.p- pluto!
  7. Fiorino


    i don't think i will ever get out of this colour, i found the normal black so dull and boaring.....no offense to you non-coloured text people.
  8. Fiorino


    yes this heatwave has finnished, well there being no clouds for miles around part, its cloudy, and raining but still warm. ahhh the sun's coming out again! the tempreture is 21 degrees c. gotta go to the dentists today to have a checkup, hopefully everthing goes alright! EDIT- wooohoooo managed to get matoro inika and nuparu inika today, be sure to read my review on nuparu, in the official set review topic. guess thos is the last time i will get on a blog without beng a premier, tommorows thursday, and apparently when everything goes back to normal. i have enjoyed this. going to play with my micro machines and bionicles abit more today, a probably thrash afew more geoto's, there going down man! going to another btcc round next weekend, if you have no idea what btcc, and live in the u.k, shame. its the british touring car championship, and i always go to rounds. hope you have enjoyed looking into my life, ciao for now, but i hope, this is not the last time i get to blog,i would love the people at BZP to give this pleasure to everyone, not just premiers, but it probably won't happen. see ya! hallo- EDIT
  9. Fiorino

    Another Day

    another day, of my big six week holiday, starting to order stuff for my b-day, a couple of bionicle books, the cars pc game, a toa inika t-shirt and toa matoro but i am sure that list will grow before the actual day bussy week coming up on the 16th august its my mum's birthday, the 17th my cousins birthday, then the 18th mine, then 19th is the day we go on holiday for a week and the the 20th is my mum and dad's aniversery, so i probably won't be on here for along time. does any one know whats going on with completly of topic thing, pages are dissapearing day by day, but this does not happen on any other topic. aerodu are still thrashing geoto! come on! lets destroy geoto before the end of this week!
  10. Fiorino

    Heat Wave

    geting fed-up with this ever lasting heatwave, got burned on my legs on holiday, even though i am a leo star sign, i hate this kind of weather. first blog entry, as i say i have been away and missed a week, went go-karting while i was there though, good fun, really practise for me though as i was racing to other kids one 8 the other 6, who kept crashing in front of me, i lapped them 3 times! wooohoooo cars is nearly out here in uk, so is the game! going to see the movie soon, seen the trailer and it looks really good. be warned there is "fast action" in it, ohhhh, i am scared played with my micro machines today, also played abit of AQ, aerodu is winning the war by miles! sorry about the long post, but i am hyped about people seeing my life, and me doing my first entry! ohh, while you looking at this, check out my new "my interests" area where you'll find out more about me! also check out toa mirok's ask keetongu, newly updated chapter 4! see ya round, toa kongu hordika waz 'ere
  11. Fiorino

    July 1st

    sounds good greg! looking forward to exo-force books, they should be good, as for your question, i'd like to see stuff that happens behing the scens, to speak of! like how you (lego) go about designing a range like the inika, i'd also like to see more sneak peeks of new sets, it seems to go very quiet towards the end of a year, wat do you do? good luck for the sucsees of the inika!
  12. Fiorino

    News And Notes

    this sounds good, i am sure the inika will blitz the vissie sales, as for your question, yes i do, my best freind is actully a member hear but has not yet posted in the forums, come on toka racer!
  13. Fiorino

    Notes From Billund

    oh,oh man! this is awsome news, glad to hear about the sucess of the piraka, but i bet the inika will go the same way.....up and up we are barley into this year and your already tickling us with little teasers of whats to come 06 is brilliant and 07 sounds just as good or better, oh, the waiting is killing me
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