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  1. Thanks! Someone on another site called the MOC "good Sauron," but to be honest that wasn't a connection I'd made prior! Yep, Cam is correct about the flex tube ring behind them. I tried to line things up to hide it as much as possible, but with a lot of things to line up here it does peek through in places.
  2. Flickr Instagram "Across the world, I brought other broken souls into the light. I harnessed their potential. I toppled dynasties. I brought balance." "The time for pawns is over. Balance will be restored in the Eye." The saint. The herald. THE EYE. ----- Secret Santa MOC made for Anthony Wilson, aka The Secret Walrus, young prodigy of the Portland Castle Group. Full details can be seen on either of the sites linked!
  3. It's been confirmed there's no G3 in the works but Faber is just making and posting art evoking Bionicle. Really y'all, calm down.
  4. I was excited to see there's a way to embed instagram posts, but it seems to break badly and fill the frame with a mangled version of BZP's login prompt if you view the page without being logged in. Here's a thread that has such an embed: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/28089-el-royale-king-of-the-ring/
  5. oh hey BZP now has a fancy Instagram embed feature, let's try that out...
  6. Flickr Instagram
  7. Thank you for your critique. Happy to help! Listening to critique rather than dismissing or deleting it is important, but sometimes it feels like too many in the community don't realize that... thanks for showing otherwise
  8. In awe of the tininess of this lad's hands! Also, I feel like edited-on eyes detract from the style a bit; brick-build ones would add a lot.
  9. Flickr Instagram New year, new MOC time! Heavily inspired by King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country. That Galidor torso was a lot of fun to use here too.
  10. Thanks! Meaning like the little spider pet Black Phantom had? I actually don't remember too many HF spiders. A little bit of blockiness inherent in building off the big CCBS paw piece, yeah... thanks for the comment though!
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