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  1. How's the Wikipedia editing going? =P

  2. Drakhan

    A Fistful Of Krana

    Personally, I want to know more about the Brotherhood of Makuta. It seems to me that we're more in the dark about them than the Order of Mata Nui, and that doesn't seem right considering that the Order is supposed to be the one that's super-secret. I mean, look at what we know: we have three Order members in the storyline, but only one Brotherhood member so far (a lot of their servants like the Visorak and Fauxrok, sure, but it's not the same). We know of a handful of Order activities; primarily ones concerning the Toa Metru and the Ignika plus a number of likelihoods (see the Wikipedia article), but of the Brotherhood's activities we're mainly kept in the dark: they had an army, but for what purpose? They stole the Avohkii and want the Vahi, but what else? Did they have a hand in putting Mata Nui to sleep? Specifically, I'd like to know "our" Makuta's status in the Brotherhood; is he a leader that the Brotherhood is named after, or one among many that goes by a title of "Makuta"? I'd also like to know which of Makuta's schemes are his own and which are parts of larger Brotherhood plots.
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