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  1. The thought of Carmelita Spats being the one who turned into Takanuva instead of Takua is a scary thought indeed.

  2. There are lost of LEGO themes out there. BIONICLE was bes.
  3. It was Greg Farshtey, wasn't it? You're responsible for the storyline, aren't you? ADMIT IT.
  4. I saw it in 3D and in 2D just to compare the two and if I'm honest, there wasn't really that much of an obvious difference. But I've never been very impressed with 3D anyway, so...
  5. CM Kornbluth


    I had gone insane approximately 36 hours before I wrote this. Also I had been awake for almost three days straight.
  6. CM Kornbluth


    I went for a fleeting glance today and what did I find? A little red box and on it, said hay. This red box was remarkable by every means and yet somehow unremarkable by my own and it had no seam upon it which I took to be odd at first but then gradually accepted, as though it were some collegiate fact to be memorised and taken down and ripped apart and flourished at the streets. Yet somehow...somehow... Somehow the box was opened, merely by its thoughts, and when I saw it, I said hay. When it heard my nondialogue, it replied back in the words of its ancestor and the pineapple that lay inside it said unto me, "Welp, this is over now. Where to next?" Suddenly, though, the pineapple was a coconut and inside this coconut was a small young man named Phil but this was not a man, but a woman who looked like a man. Phil the Wo-man said to me, "Hello. My name is Henry." Then strawberries fell from the sky! As we all know, the pastpresentfuture is strangely devoid of strawberries. Theories abound! Castles o'er there? The bird went Falcon! And then went away. The pineapple return! It hovered o'er Ear and said to it, "Pick your corn, for it is ripedone!" A slight man called Martha Stewart then went out to the field to pick a peck of pickled posies with a woman called Peter Pan. "Panic!" said the man. "At the disco! Panic!"
  7. CM Kornbluth

    Kristen Stewart

    You had acting skills. Remember TOTA?
  8. Say...isn't it a little early to start listening to Christmas music? Don't worry, I've also been doing that lately. Also, the peppermint mocha is quite good.
  9. Ah, makes sense, makes sense. Well, alright then. Also, thanks. I forgot how good it was, both for plot reasons and artistic reasons. I've lost The Vile Village, though, so I'm missing a large chunk of it.
  10. What do you mean, how am I here? It was easy. I bowed down to the Obama Llama and he allowed me passage.
  11. I started reading it once but I never finished it and I soon lost it so now I can't read it. What little I read of it was good, though. I've also read Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorised Autobiography, which was confusing and answered nothing.
  12. Over the course of the last very few days, I have begun reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events again, and have quite enjoyed it. As a writer, I appreciate the themes and motifs, a phrase which here means "the various artistic devices the author uses to create a masterpiece," and have used the series as a baseboard for one of my own series, which uses A Series Of Unfortunate Events as a sort of inspiration. That, however, is quite another story. I just thought I should mention this, and if anyone knows how to easily come in regular contact with Aanchir, I would like to discuss the series with him and put our past transgressions, a word which here means "all of the troubles and narmtastic drama that has gone on between us," in the past where they belong. The End ?
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