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    Ontario, Canada
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    Used to go on this site everyday like 5 years ago, but then Bionicle ended and I kinda moved on. Decided to come back to finally finish my krana and krana-kal collection, which has always been my dream.

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  1. Hi, Toa Lhikan Hordika. I am interested in buying some of your krana in order to finally complete my collection, I'll make a list of them: Orange Xa, Bo Metallic Green Za, Bo, Su, Yo Red Ca, Ja, Yo Green Xa, Ca, Bo Lime Green Xa, Za Light Blue Xa, Vu Tan Xa, Su Dark Gold (Bronze) Ca White Vu Black Ja, Yo Light Gold Yo Gray Xa, Yo Pearl Ca, Su Dark Blue Ca Purple Xa, Ca, Ja If all of these krana are $1 then if I added them correctly the total should be $31. Let me know what you think.
  2. i have that Rise of the Toa Nuva book.

  3. 'memba me???

    i havent been on for sooo long now!!!

    hope we can do something like enter a bbc contest together or do some bionicle gane on the forums

  4. Yeah I'll join. Name: UNIT #SRNKNN Vahki type: Infiltrator Forum Division....is what exactly? Staff of Presence
  5. Ah yes, but less sleep = more crankyness more crankyness = worser christmas worser christmas = mad parents mad parents = more goundings more goundings = see your friends less i forgot where i was going with this *slowly walks away*
  6. ~Sernakann~

    Yes Man

    Lets not get into this stuff on BZP.
  7. ~Sernakann~

    Yes Man

    I'm still having nightmares of the old lady. >_<
  8. I gots my first date today (not just my first date with her, but all together), any advice?
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