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  1. *mails in registration* *goes to debate in S&T and Sets* *Waves 'Flag of Tillius'*
  2. Miru Arrekusu


    Flyleaf is like ownage wrapped up in a less than beautiful chick who can easily be justified by the awsoem guitar playing.
  3. Miru Arrekusu

    Name Change

    Never noticed. Ever. Never even thought there might be anything remotely different about three letters, dashes or not.
  4. Miru Arrekusu

    360 Or Wii?

    Just not the PS3. All I can really say.
  5. Miru Arrekusu

    Good Music

    I'm quite conetent with the music of today. It made me who I am. Maybe that's a bad thing...
  6. The Kill--30 Seconds To Mars. Get it before I do. Or Maybe I won't use it. I really want to express my MyChem fanboyness. Oh crunk, I don't know.
  7. OMG Planetperson. You ARE cool. I mean, that is like the best idea I've heard since the Seahawks game. XP, such an awsome idea.
  8. Miru Arrekusu

    Oh, Wow.

    XP, my team lost today as well. But to their credit, they only lost by one score. And the Chiefs aren't bad this year. BUT THE STEELERS, getting back on topic, were bad. Now they say that Big Ben is back, but what the heck did he do to prove it? Lost to the statistcly worst team in the world. Right-o, Benny Boy!
  9. The BIOMatrix has us under it's cyan thumb. The only solution, of course, is to go in there with machineguns and fight off the Bohrohk Agents. ...what?
  10. Nothing against Christian Music, but it's just like fifty million ways to say "I'm a believer, you don't like it, then I don't care." If that station was rock videos, then I'd hug everyone in the world.
  11. I got like 7 sever busy messages. Otherwise, just fine.
  12. Way to turn a coincidence into a fanfare entry.
  13. S...n...o...w... i...s a...w...s...o...m...e... Cold? You want cold? Try a high of 50F and a low of just-too-scary. Yes, it's Alaska, but still America. Poor Kex, you can only wish for cold.
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