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  1. Cade

    Ros 10

    It's probably Zaktan. And what was the "question" that was supposed to be answered.
  2. Cade

    "for What It's Worth ..."

    Eh, people like that pop up all the time. And yet a day later they will be asking you questions again and saying that you are awesome. Ignore them.
  3. Cade


    Wait a minute... doesn't that mean that the yellow and blue matoran who ordered the Hagah Plasma Cannon is a Ce-Matoran?
  4. What does the member mean, the blue STARS Piraka?
  5. Cade

    Deep Into The Legend

    I hope that when Greg does get a serial chapter down, it gets up soon. We're halfway through May and not even halfway through the winter serials.
  6. Ah, the eternal front-page premier member. =P how ya doin'?

  7. Do you know why you are always at the top of the front page on Premier Memberships?

  8. hey! ur not taka nuvia is mata nui! thats the only reson i visited ur profile if u didnt have a close name i wudent ave so mark me of as a visit if u want

    ~MT OUT~

  9. Congratulations for becoming a Premier member! (You must be very shocked and even more puzzled that someone actually congratulates you for such achievements...)

  10. Cade

    Mr. Big

    Ohhhh........ o_O
  11. Hi Have u ever heard of NFSMW OR AKA Need for speed most wanted I LOVE THT GAME theres a new one coming out its called need for speed Undercover!

  12. Cade

    Brickmaster Code

    Then you can just google it for the instructions.
  13. Cade

    Mata Nui Revealed

    Guys, stop asking so many questions. He can't answer them all.
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