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  1. PURPLE HAT! -Brick Daddy, you've been accused of breaking the legal limit for cool. How do you plead? -Smoooth.
  2. Oh, I hope XBOX copies this, even if their version will weight up to three kilos.
  3. Aravagantos


    Inuit ninja from Greenland are well documented and continue to exist to this day. Where do you think the idea for Ninjago came from? And I'm quite sure there must have been docens of people that needed to be ninja-killed atop of Mount Fuji.
  4. Aravagantos

    Yum, Doritos

    Oh, come on, the snail invasion to steal our Cheetos was just last week!
  5. Aravagantos


    There's this girl in my Engineering academy that looks just like a girl from my English academy. Do I ask the latter if she has a cousin or something with an uncanny resemblance?
  6. Count yourself lucky it was just a percentage over a price. I divided by zero the pressure inside a conduct, and half of Spain nearly blew up.
  7. Aravagantos

    Shooting Games

    If I'm remembering correctly and you can turn off the blood in it, I'd recommend Star Wars: Republic Commando. Battlefront II is bloodless and also quite good, unless you have low tolerance for stupid AI teammates.
  8. This idea sounds like it would be a contest with a "use HF pieces" restriction.
  9. Aravagantos


    I started collegue today. Way more nervous than sad.
  10. Aravagantos

    O B E Y

    Obedience brings victory, and victory is-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.
  11. Aravagantos

    Sizzle And Steak

    Well, 2010's ending allows to explore the "advanced beings in a primitive island" thing to some extent. Maybe you could that, Greg, if only to give the diehard 2001 fans something else to complain about.
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