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  1. My hopes for this contest is that the winner doesn't win just because their comic is hand-drawn,

    since people generally make a bigger deal about that than sprite comics only for the fact they're

    not usually found in the comics forum so often.


    But anyway, making sprite comics or hand-drawn comics is based on personal preference.


    Stop making such a big deal about it just because someone told you the truth: sprite comics (atleast how I make them) are NOT as easy to make as you think. It's not just "COPY-PASTE SPRITES THAT ARENT MINE ONTO RANDOM BACKGROUNDS LOL". For me, it took quite some time to put together my sprites, make MY OWN sprites to use, make MY OWN backgrounds, and by hand edit the comic's lighting, effects, and generally spend hours on end on those extras to make the comic look good by today's standards. I love the look, I love spriting, I love digital art in general, and that's why I prefer making them over hand-drawn comics.


    I'm all up for hand-drawn comics. I can appreciate them, and heck, I've even MADE some by myself IRL.

    I can consider the fact it also takes time to make them, and I know how so first hand.


    But please. Don't try putting one style superior to another just because you feel your side is unappreciated, using statements you keep basing off of your assumptions. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion, but as said before, you're being really biased against sprite comics, and frankly, after 6+ years of making sprite comics myself, that bugs me.


    The two are alike in some ways, and of course, different in many.

    They are both STILL forms of art, whether you choose to accept it or not.



  2. MY EYES,MY LOVELY EYES,WHY DID I HAVE TO CLICK YOU'RE SIG?!?!?!XDlol,i knew venom did that when he wasnt making a comic

    I do. I just can't help myself. :P


    Kidding of course. But I do hit the gym once in a while... Ironic.

    But seriously, I wear good shorts, not god-forsaken speedos.




    That's not me anyway, it's the other Venom. :P



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