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  1. I like how all the hate for Eljay's comic is left alone.But all the dislike for Pumpkin's comic is instantly deleted.Seriously.There's a long rant on the previous page that basically bashes anyone that did not like the first entry, and it gets to stay.Someone wants to make a rebuttal to that? NOPE. It gets deleted.Maybe the staff really like BAC?Now, I'm not going to take sides here. This whole thing's a mess, honestly.In the past day that I've followed this topic I've just had to shake my head at everything that's been going on.Three entries are being blatantly ignored for what seems to be a brutally biased war between two "controversial" comics.One is an average sprite comic that apparently contains racism and sexism (even though I can't find any sexism in it whatsoever, I mean really. It's a girl's hat. Whoa, big deal.) and the other is... Different in style, I guess, and somehow a complete masterpiece to many. Whatever. To each their own.(I guess that phrase does not matter here)Now, I'm here to support the comics running in this contest, but obviously this isn't a contest anymore.And if this is how situations are going to be handled in the future of this website, then personally, I'm done with it.It's all become a complete waste of time. And being a member of this web site as long as I have been, I'm actually pretty disappointed with what's become of the comic community. Everyone got to share their opinion, especially the bac supporters for some reason, so I felt like sharing mine. =DAnd if it helps keeping this post from getting deleted...GO ENTRY 1! YOU ARE THE BEST! Whoever disagrees is just a sexist/racist/etc!(honestly, if i were staff, the way i would handle this is by disqualifying both controversial entries. that'd shut everyone up and let the underdogs have a chance)Alright, that's about it.See ya BZP. You were fun to visit... maybe a few years ago.

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  2. Well, with the subject of music being brought to attention, I guess I might as well put in my two cents.I am actually the music director for the BioCraft project.Anything concerning music usually runs through me.


    I have been working on music for the project throughout the past year or so, so I'm taking care of the majority of the movie's score. As announced several times on our channel, we will be releasing a soundtrack around the time of the movie's debut, consisting of 14 original tracks I've mixed and composed myself that are featured in the movie. As I believe this has been mentioned before, we've released two tracks on our channel already.Of course, I'm as open as the other guys to considering music from fans.

    I just want to clear up any misconceptions that we don't have music covered at all.So yeah, thanks for all the consideration. XPI might be linking a soundcloud with previews of the BioCraft music sometime soon.Just so I personally have something to give to the followers of the project.



  3. Okay, I will say. I liked that "low budget" joke.But the only other reason I'm posting is because I feel bad for your lack of posts. :PJk, welcome to the comics forum, where posting is infrequent, and that's sadly how it is, little bro.-V-

  4. Thanks Invi! I figured I didn't get Spidey's text done too well. The comic was slightly rushed, afterall... :/Sorry again for the lack of new comics, everyone.With my attendance to college coming next week and everything else going on in my life to this day, things have been pretty heavy on my shoulders. I've been stuck on time tables lately, and I've generally been losing motivation on making comics at the moment.I will still try to make comics whenever it is possible for me,and I'm still set on the goal of finishing V.3 by the end of the year.But at this rate, it doesn't look like I'll be sticking to the schedule I set up for 3 comics a week.More comics should come along sometime soon, though.Thanks for sticking with me for so long, everyone, my readers and whoever actually follows.-V-

  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the birthday wishes,I'm going to miss messing around with the rest of you guys of Pandemic on skype, and working with you all on TTV and BioCraft.Gosh, those skype conversations get too interesting. To say the least.I'll be seeing you guys sometime soon, though.But yeah, this is my last run on BZP. College is coming, and I have a comic series to finish, and a life to continue living.I had a great birthday, and thank you all again for the birthday wishes!-V-

  6. @JoeBeez: Glad to hear I've inspired you! Can't wait to see what you bring to the comics forum. ;)Thanks guys! Yeah, Carnage is going to have a lot more of an interesting role in the next couple of comics.Sorry for the lack of comics in the past week. I've been busy as heck, and I've had no time to really work on V.3.This might be a recurring thing, so the comic schedule may be broken for the time being.But I do have a new comic today!Comic 266: Plans Slowly UnfoldEnjoy!-V-

  7. @Terra: Thanks! It's actually pretty simple to do when you use the right tools and have the right types of brushes.All I have to say is... Mess around with whatever tools you have in your spare time, whether they're in GIMP or Photoshop. That's how I learned a lot of my "techniques".Alright, here's another new comic to make up for the lack of updates this week!Comic 264: The Big Smackdown!Who do those eyes belong to at the end?*speculate* *speculate*Find out in the next comic! :P-V-

  8. Thanks, everyone. No updates yet, I'm having a pretty busy week.I'll definitely have three new comics done by the weekend, though. Bear with me!-V-

  9. I don't really know what to do about the effects, to be fairly honest. I know they definitely aren't amazing, but also aren't terrible to me. Part of this comes from my own personal style, and yeah, it admittedly don't think it's perfect, but it gets the job done for me. I'm honestly not really great at the more professional graphics, such as Generic Quest or Live, Learn and Lawsuits, but I honestly don't know how to do something like that. They must have spent a ton of time on stuff like that, and that's dedication, but I don't really have the skills or... to be honest... time to do it. My computer isn't perfect for this, because I have a bunch of other things clogging up my harddrive space, and while comics are a big part of my interests, my life doesn't always let that be a priority. I've actually had a HUGE amount of accidents occur during this time, and I honestly feel really terrible and really unlucky that things like this would happen at possibly the WORST of times. I know I had... what, six months for this, but I didn't really plan things out all the way. Most of the time when I was creating the series was during May/June time, and that's when I was having my school finals (wow, mentioning school in early August. God, I'm a nerd.), and it was a very stressful time for me. But still, your claim is valid, but I feel that in terms of the graphics themselves.... it's based on opinion.
    Okay finding a graphical style that works for you isn't exactly easy, that much is understandableBut please don't use the smudge tool for motion effectsOr anything else really
    Eh, I guess it's because it was the easiest way to get some sort of motion effect when starting out with GIMP.I used to use it alot. Then I learned motion blur.-V-

  10. It's always great to put storylines into a darker tone.......... :sneaky: I like the style you have going in this series so far.Probably because it reminds me of my style. Fitting comedy with a growing dark plot and the like.Always nice to see another one of those going on in the Comics Forum. :D-V-

  11. ... Interesting? The concept is pretty cool, bringing a bunch of comic makers together into one comic to duke it out.I don't recall reading any planning about this, so hearing about it being "hyped up" for a while is a little bewildering.The resizing in the first two comics looked pretty strange, but it looks like you fixed it in the last one. Props.The special effects look okay, could be better but it's the effort that counts.In the end, that's what it is. The effort that counts. Good job.-V-

  12. Thanks guys! Glad you like the comics!@Acer: Zomg you actually posted in my comics. Thank you very much, small bro.I'm keeping the comics going for as long as I can, and you're going to love the ending.As for my banner, I will be putting up a code for it on the first post shortly.But first, a new comic!Comic 261: Oh No...-V-

  13. @Var: They're two separate words. >=[Glad you liked the comic! As for the text... Hm. That's weird.I figured this would've been fixed already since I actually increased the size of the text I'm using. Curse you, text editor.@Eljay: Lol, Aunt may. And thanks!Here's the next comic to follow up to the new schedule!Comic 260: A Grand MeetingEnjoy!-V-

  14. Huh. That last comic was... Interesting. Gavla's appearance was definitely far from expected.I appreciate the fact you're doing plot-driven comics, Terra! The style reminds me of my first comics.Since it seems you're looking to changing some things in your next season, I would recommend working on the text.I suggest making it a bit smaller so it fits in the panels more easily, and make sure none of it gets cut off from the panels and that it doesn't blend in with the backgrounds. This will make your story-telling a lot easier for yourself and the readers. Trust me.Good work overall.-V-

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