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  1. Been playing Overcooked solo recently. My hands hurt and my brain hurts. And also Hitman. Great game to just walk around and take in the scenery. That's the point of it, right?
  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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      What's the new red?

    3. Zeddy
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      I'll inform Tahu immediately. You can be in charge of getting the paint.

  3. What are some of your favorite Hanz Zimmer soundtracks?

  4. Hi, please see the S&T rules: no topic revival past 60 days. Feel free to start a new topic if you have to. Topic closed.
  5. Yup, ineverlikedfelt you can continue in that topic. You might even find an answer. Topic closed.
  6. Went with Dume and Nivawk. There were a lot of good entries here, but I'm really liking the sleekness and the curves and the solidness of Nivawk's design.

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      nothing much, you?

    3. SPIRIT
  8. Zeddy

    Agent Carter

    I have mixed feelings about that finale... I'm sad that it's ended and season 2 is nowhere in sight, but also excited for Agents of Shield to finally start again. For me it was probably one of the better shows I've seen, and I think like Breaking Bad since they had a clear time frame going in they were better able to craft a decent (great), no-loose-ends type of story. I'm just gonna sit here hoping and praying that they renew it coz we need more shows like it on TV.
  9. I think BZP was where I first discovered Bionicle's storyline? So I would probably just be buying sets for the fun of it rather than a story reason... Also would not care about Lego that much in general.
  10. I think back in 2006 Zaktan was my favorite character, so that's where the z-ness comes from. Then I was Toa Z, and Adventurer called me Zeddy once and it just stuck.
  11. I think I gave up after Bionicle ended, and would occasionally check back but I think the forums were offline then? So that was even less incentive to come back. I would pop back in every few months or so but didn't do much... so I guess that makes my period of inactivity a few years.
  12. Zeddy

    BZP Meetup

    I finally made it to one lol Pomegranate, TMD and B6, y'all are cool people. Hope to meet more people at the next one, whenever it is.
  13. I'll be around too, if this is still happening
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