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  1. IC (Vanndred, Viido), Taris Spaceport, Docking Bay 745: "I didn't know this area was still being used." "That's the thing, uh... it's not. Being here is technically an Imperial safety violation. Mind your step, this area is supposed to have corroded beams under the corridors, its why I never touch the ground." Vanndred hesitated, looking at the dusty floor. Viido had led him and Jenth to where he promised he had something that would help Vanndred move his operation off-world, and had led them to one of the less maintained sectors of the spaceport. The chistori tread carefully ahead, tucking his helmet under one arm. In his backpack he held his remaining gear, and a month of medical supplies. With adequate information, he could have any reasonably stocked clinic synthesize the treatment for his chronic illness. Maybe a change in climate would help; something hot and dry. Just as long as it wasn't some desert world, like Socorro, Tatooine or Jedha. "I'm guessing you use this area for smuggling operations?" The toydarian turned around as he hovered in place, smiling. "Vanndred, my friend, I do not know any smugglers, only independent, self-financed freighters with varying cargoes!" He punched a button on the wall and a hangar door slowly crept open. Vanndred snorted. "Of course. What hunk of criminal junk do you want to take us out on-" It took him a moment to recognize it. It was an old ship, partially covered with a tarp, but he recognized the make and markings. Industrial gray finish, single stabilizing wing, and a stark, aggressive frame. A Pursuer-class enforcement ship. The Eclipse Predator II. His ship. It still had the purple markings he had painted on the sides and top. "Viido, what... I thought you said you sold her?" The toydarian shrugged. "I technically did, but the buyer returned it. Something about the onboard computer being a pain to work with. I planned to keep it in my back pocket in case anything went sideways with the local Hutts, but I might as well play my cards now." The bounty hunter whipped his head around. "Computer problems?" He glanced back to the ship, then at Jenth. "We might need your droid expertise sooner than I thought." OOC: @sunflower
  2. IC: Skorm (Kini-Nui, Ambling Alp) Skorm sneered. Another ending. He squinted at the sun. "I don't know if it'll be enough, but I can definitely throw some power into this laser, especially with this sun. We should do this fast, before much more dust gets kicked up by these two." The kanohi on Skorm's face glowed as he split apart. Sko turned to the bow of the ship, while Orm cracked his neck. "There will be an occlusion just before firing. I can use that to get in there, get these rocks. Or at least look for them." They could end this. End of the line... OOC: @Void Emissary @Toru Nui
  3. IC: Skorm (Kumu Landbridge) "Ladies, radiation isn't a concern for any of us at this point; Irna, you're hardened against it, and Kei, one of us can absorb it if we need to." An uncomfortable look came over Skorm's mask, and his head tilted. His Occan glowed, and Skorm separated into two beings: Sko remained seated behind the wheel, but Orm turned and reclined across the front seat of the Muaka across all three in the vehicle. Sko muttered something under his breath as he adjusted his posture and put both hands on the steering wheel. Orm smiled as he put his hands behind his head in Keitara's lap. "Y'know, I had never given it much thought before we met that overgrown crab, but I can block radiation by putting up a layer of shadow. Safe and cozy, if exhausting." The shadow elemental crossed his legs across Sko's lap, eliciting another grumble. OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Conway
  4. IC: Skorm (Muaka, Fau Swamp) Skorm had a slight smile on his mask as he let Irna and Kei have their moment. He continued steering the vehicle through the swamp. A strange sensation pricked at the edges of his senses, and he stuck his hand out the window, and he felt it like raindrops: radiation. They felt like pinpricks, physically harmful to his shadow half. Wincing, Skorm withdrew his hand and altered course. "I think we've been drifting west, correcting to the proper course, headed straight for the landbridge." OOC: @Conway @TL01 NUVA
  5. IC: Skorm (Fau Swamp Edges) "Better than I thought, not as good as we hoped." Skorm frowned as he forced the controls. "Either we're draining power faster than we anticipated, or the conversion to the servos in the struts isn't as efficient as we thought." He looked out into the dark, hazy swamp. "Not exactly a place I'd like to stop and do field repairs, personally..." OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Conway
  6. IC: Skorm (Muaka Transport, En Route to Kumu Islets) Why was Skorm out here? Besides supporting Kei and Irna. It wouldn't be easy to claw answers, if there were even any to be found, out of the Aspects. He stole a glance at the other two in the vehicle; he saw both Kei and Irna smiling. Shifting the transport into a new gear, Skorm smiled as well. With partners like them, he felt like he could take on a few titans. "We're coming up on the swamp. Time to see if the walker mode works..." The Twi-Toa yanked on a lever by the seat and the vehicle slowly ground to a halt, sending up sprays of mud. The cab moved on its articulated struts, and several indicators came on as the wheels clamped into place. Slowly, the transport started crawling forward as it entered the muck of the Fau Swamp. OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Conway
  7. IC: Skorm (en route to Kumu Islets) Skorm slid back inside the driver's seat of the Muaka from where he had been perching on the sill of the door. "Maybe half a day, judging by the map. Probably a good idea to preemptively charge them." The small-framed toa grabbed a few spent lightstones and handed them over. As he put the transport in gear and started gaining speed, he reflected on how cover in this case meant toxic, possibly radioactive swamp. And that was the easy part. "I'm still shaking dust out of my armor from that storm. I was hoping Tekmo would show up after the storm, but I guess he truly got lost. I'd bet my mask he headed towards the swamp, though. Elemental sympathy." OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Conway
  8. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) The Twi-Toa nodded. "Will do." A week ago, his whole psyche had been shattered and rebuilt. Had he healed already? No. You've only managed to embroil yourself in an escalating series of encounters, desperately attaching yourself to them to find meaning. Yes. You have found friends; friends who value you and want your wellbeing. Skorm smiled. A week ago, he had nothing to his name; not possessions, but people. Today, he had Tekmo, his first friend, and now he had Irna and Kei. Skorm looked at Tekmo and nodded. "Yeah, lets get to work then." OOC: @Conway @TL01 NUVA @Toru Nui
  9. IC: Skorm (Metru Koro, Irna's Hut) Skorm shrugged. "Possible; I think he left the Koro, though. There was another one, on the Taku, that I sensed; haven't seen them since we jumped." He sighed; "Might be a little difficult, is all I'm saying." OOC: @Conway @Toru Nui
  10. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro, Irna's Hut) "The Krom Sphere... truth be told, I was salvaging the Ghosts' ship when you all retrieved the Sphere; I don't know too much about it, except that it apparently animated the dead. It might have been the start of this whole mess. The Aspects of Makuta, though..." His kanohi furrowing in thought, Skorm pushed himself off the wall. "I don't think I would be of too much help explaining them. I though the Makuta were folk tales as well. Then again, I thought Mata Nui wasn't quite so... literal, either. Kei has a Kraata, yes; I've never seen them until I woke up here, attached to some of the local Skakdi raiders. They, and the Aspects that spawn them, are beings of elemental Shadow." To demonstrate, Skorm held out his h and, creating a small, ephemeral orb of darkness, rolling it around in his palm. "Not necessarily evil, but any elemental being would not necessarily share the same worldview as us. The Kraata seems to be created by Aspects, linking an attached being to the siring Aspect's will. Now, Keitara may have gotten her slug after we all arrived in the same event that caused her to lose her memory, but..." Crackles of dark energy pulsed through the orb as Skorm closed his fist. "Kei isn't the only Av-Toa around with a connection to elemental darkness and memory problems. I think the Aspects have been active in the world we knew for longer than the last week. It's why I'm going." OOC: @Conway @Toru Nui
  11. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) "Then I will defer to your obviously greater expertise. As for Kei..." Skorm's smile disappeared. "Last I saw her she was with you, and she collapsed. She's obviously going through a lot; not being able to remember who you are, losing yourself... that's something I could be an expert in. I think getting out there will be good for her; get away from all this," he said, gesturing to the ruination around them, "and onto whatever's bugging her will take her mind off things. She likes solving problems, and I think helping her along with this one will get her through this." OOC: @Conway @Toru Nui
  12. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) Skorm suppressed a shiver in his spine when Irna put her hand on his shoulder "M-maybe we can make a trailer. Between Kei and I juicing the engine, I think the interceptor will have enough power to haul something. For the sea, Tekmo, could you create a boat or raft?" OOC: @Conway @Toru Nui
  13. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) "Irna!" Skorm's expression brightened when he spotted his comrade. "I was just catching up with Tekmo. He want's to come with us. I don't have a problem with it; just considering the logistical issues of hauling four of us across the island and sea when all we have is a two-seater buggy." OOC: @Conway @Toru Nui
  14. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) On his shoulder, IV suddenly was very interested in the scenery. Skorm smirked. "Something about being carsick, I think. Anyway, we should make our way to Irna's place; I think Kei has been sleeping there, and we need to go over the plan with her. And she's good with tech, so she might be able to come up with a solution for my two-seater having to take four people across the island and what I presume is the sea." Skorm looked away to the horizon, his eyes taking in the rays being shed and scorching the wastes around them, broken up by lonely clouds as the two toa walked through the scarred Koro. "I really wish we had a map of this island." When they were outside of Irna's hut, Skorm lifted IV off his shoulder and onto the ground. "Go get Kei, she'll be happy to see you." IV scurried into the hut, clicking and chirping. Skorm's smile faded back into seriousness as he turned and leaned against the side of the hut, crossing his arms "What happened to you? I haven't seen you since we split before the battle." Inside Irna's hut, IV scanned the interior, searching for the person both it and Skorm had classified as 'friend'. Spotting Keitara, IV activated its wing modules to fly up to land beside her on the bed. IV chimed a preprogrammed soft wakeup alarm; a relic from its time as an assistant to a now-dead Ghost. IV felt things were right. OOC: @Toru Nui @TL01 NUVA
  15. IC: Skorm (Metro-Koro) Skorm snorted. "Maybe you can, I don't know. You'd have to ask Kei, this whole thing is her vision. Irna and I are coming along out of..." Uncertainty flickered over Skorm's mask. "... for moral support, I suppose. But I feel like if she finds the answers she's looking for, I might be able to find out what happened to me." The interceptor rustled, and IV poked its insectoid head out of the passenger compartment, warbling. It beeped excitedly, buzzing out to meet Skorm. The Twi-Toa smiled, offering his arm. The fohrok-va landed and scurried onto Skorm's shoulder and into his drawn-back hood. It issued a rapid-fire series of beeps and squeaks. "Oh, he did now?" Skorm chuckled again. "Let's go ask them. They're around here somewhere." OOC: @Toru Nui
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