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    I have been a Bionicle fan for over a decade now. 10 years ago, I joined this site as Gali Nuva Girl. I did a lot of Bionicle fan art growing up, and some of it got posted here.

    I love fantasy novels, comic books, and of course anything animated. I sometimes play video games such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, but I don't play as often right now because I'm working on some of my own projects, and one of them is definitely going to be posted.
  1. Say hello to my Bionicle original characters, Tisha and Pomette! They met each other years ago when Tisha was trying to learn stone carving. Pomette was the first Matoran to help her learn. They became close friends after that. Their story is also influenced by the Steven Universe because they figure out how to “fuse” into Pomatia (pictured on the right).
  2. If I was told this was going to be a thing 10 years ago I wouldn't have believed it! if done right this could help break down some barriers in the toy industry, such as the gendered nature of dolls and action figures. Lego's participation is a good sign because they did a LOT of research for their Friends line. I know it's not perfect; there's always room for more diverse characters and stories that welcome everyone. This could be a step in the right direction and that makes me really happy.
  3. Thanks! I always liked the Toa Nuva weapos! Though I've also found that Kurahk's staff piece is also works well for a custom staff tip. You know, ice aesthetic and all. I don't usually do gender bending either. However, I do want Lego to take the old Bionicle gender binary and smash it with Onua's hammer! I did a few more sketches but they aren't all scanned yet. That and a lot of not-lego drawings for school and personal stuff! so until the rest are scanned here's a colored version of Pohatu.
  4. No, paint chips off the legs pretty easily so I'm going to keep them unpainted. Awesome, skull fish it is! Beware the terror of Ga-Okoto!
  5. Already did a better picture for Kopaka, but I never scanned it this morning:
  6. WHOA!!! I'm really impressed! Also who knew that her attachment parts for her staff looked better when they matched the other end of the trident? She looks like she came from under water instead of space-time when she was summoned to save Okoto! Love the clownfish design for the skull spider mask, too! Are you going to decorate the legs or is it going to be a skull fish....?
  7. Not sure if this is gonna be an art topic or just for these, but here we go! Keeping it simple b/c I have to go to school soon! Samurai Tahu Fem Lewa Ninja Lewa and Gali Wastewalker Pohatu Knight Kopaka (with a really bad pose)
  8. I know the staff can change it but I guess I'm kind of shy about asking directly! It's not too big of a deal though. EDIT: Topic title has been changed, so yaaay! *unikitty dance*
  9. Thanks! I can't take credit for the cover- that's from Lego's video itself. Also the topic title should say "Reviews Of The Animated Lego" (oops!)
  10. So after hitting my head against a wall about making this a review show with animated portions, I opted to make it a podcast instead! Click the images to listen to them on soundcloud. Be sure to leave comments below and they might be featured on a future episode!
  11. Preparing for an epic journey through my art!

  12. Thanks! I did use a lot of green with a combination of brown and purple in the shadows and yellow for the highlights. I think that adding some cast shadows would have helped push it further though.
  13. The oscars, where Disney wins by default! I swear it's the reason people voted for Frozen, I even saw quotes around the Internet from people in the Academy that didn't even WATCH any of the animated films. These people get passes for cheap/free access to the theater, it's a disgrace that they still don't take animation seriously!
  14. That is like saying a physical or mental disability doesn't add depth to a character. And I would argue the contrary. That kind of trait doesn't have to be a RESULT of the personality to AFFECT the personality. A person who lives their life with a physical limitation will be a different person than somebody who lived their life without said limitation. Just look at Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her blindness is a defining character trait. It's the reason she learned Earthbending from the badger-moles, which is part of why she became a master Earthbender in the first place. And if it weren't for her blindness, she wouldn't have been subject to the kind of pity and coddling that gave her such a willful and rebellious personality. Likewise, let's look at Kopaka. He's clumsy, probably due to a lack of coordination. And even if that doesn't on its own make him a complex character, the way he RESPONDS to that limitation does. Instead of just acknowledging that aspect of himself, he is ashamed of his clumsiness. He tries to cover it up in order to put on a show of perfection. That already makes him a more complex character than he was in 2001, in my opinion, because his actual self-image becomes important to his characterization. I have a feeling his character development will involve learning to relax that pride and acknowledge his own limitations. You're right; Toph's a good example of a character whose personality developed around a physical obstacle. However, we haven't seen much in the way of how these flaws affect the characters outside of Kopaka pretending he didn't slip. That's because we haven't seen much of the Toa in general. Makes me really wish Lego would release that fourth animation, but it's barely past the beginning of the year so I'm just being impatient. I know right, I can't wait either! I could tell they were doing something like this when I read about Pohatu's fear (dislike?) of the dark. Dark hallways have always creeped me out, starting with the one in the Haunted Mansion ("oh god what's holding that candle??? Is it going to come after me like everything else in this building wants to???"). Darkness for me means the unknown, which is infinitely more scary than things I can see or touch. Just as I didn't want to hang around in dark hallways, Pohatu can't reliably lead the way if he doesn't know what's lurking in the shadows. I'm not sure what character development will come out of it yet though. On the topic question though - I think both are gonna be bleeping good. I didn't get into Bionicle in 2001 until I had read the first comic - I loved the first page, loved the character dynamic, loved the mystery. However, the sets were secondary to the story. Sure I liked the original designs but I preferred the weapons and armor from the Toa Nuva, the pose-ability from 2003 on, and a select few action features (gears, discs, and spinners) Meanwhile, 2015 has me excited for both story AND sets. I know the story isn't exactly the same but the balance between similarities and differences are enough to keep me intrigued. I think the real test is if the dynamic among the Toa resembles anything like the past story content. My excitement over the sets is what has overtaken the original. The new sets have everything I liked from the past along with some things I've wanted like back armor. 2001 was iconic and nostalgic; 2015 is vibrant and promising. I'm going to love both of them for now.
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