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    I play on the Xbox 360 (favourite console ever), and my favourite games on it are Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST. I do have Xbox Live.<br /><br />My favourite films of all time are Star Wars 1-6 and Transformers 1 & 2. <br /><br />I also like Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Clone Wars series and of course Lego.<br /><br />My favourite band atm is Disturbed (fav song Prayer), but other bands I enjoy listening to include Linkin Park and DragonForce.<br /><br />I collect both Star Wars Lego and Bionicle, although I have to say Star Wars sets are a priority to buy for me. However, I have every single set since 2001 of Bionicle except most of 2005 sets (that was my Bionicle dark age), a couple of Bohrok and some Rahi.

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  1. Rookie

    Okay, 360 Poll Time!

    ODST, definitely - you get all the Halo 3 maps on it and the complete multiplayer experience. Plus it has a better campaign and has firefight.
  2. Rookie

    Toy Story 3

    Saw it today, and it's officially the best film ever made by Pixar, and by extension the best Disny film evar. IMO In terms of Lego, I need to buy more TS sets. I only have the two promos that came with the Mirror from last week and the Army men battlepack. I seriously need to get Lotso's truck, RC set and Pizza Plant truck before the end of the year. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «The ending was very emotional, but I was manly enough to resist crying. It also shows a full cycle - the toys get a new owner when Andy grows up, so when she grows up, they'll probably get another owner. There was also a SW reference - the baby doll grabs Lotso and dumps him into the dumpster, which is very similar to Vader throwing Palpatine into the Death Star core. Nice touch. What made really laugh was the cymbal monkey - it had bloodshot eyes and looked very creepy...but it was funny. I also liked the aliens a lot, wish they mad more lines, quite cool how they end up saving everyone with their almighty fabled claw. Rex, Chunk, Stretch and Twitch need to find a way in my collection, nao. Twitch could be used to create a Tritovore minifig.
  3. I think it's going to be the best serial of the year. I really like the direction where the story is going. But the death of Karzahni was unexpected, he was one of my favourite sets back in the day. Oh well, he was reduced to a walking vegetable thanks to old Terry, so I'd rather he be dead than walking around saying stupidly crazy things like "I have to feed my pet rock now, see you in two clicks rofl lol". I can imagine this turning into CSI Spherus Magna, starring Kopaka and Pohatu. Pohatu: Karzahni was killed by that Toa of Air, Lesovikk. But we can't track him Kopaka: Looks like he has us totally blown away. YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. I entered BS01 contest 5, so I thought I'd make a note here (huge success). The Toa Trap I think it's a cool title, and it works. If only Admiral Ackbar was there to warn our friendly gravitic Toa. Varian sounds like a feminine name to me, so I decided to make fun of that fact at the end. I was also tempted to make up a new Dark Hunter and mask, but I fought down that temptation and smited it. Looking at the other entries, people were creating their own masks and characters. I didn't see the point in doing so myself in the end because there are plenty of pre-existing Dark Hunters and unused masks that have yet to properly appear in the canon. One working title I had was 'A Fistful of Widgets', but I wrote out the part where Varian demands a lot of money, so I scrapped that title.
  5. Just listened to a preview of 'The Catalyst', which is going to be on LP's new album this year. Yawn. I really didn't like it. LP were cool all those years ago, but started to go downhill with the release of 'Minutes to Midnight' (there were some good songs on that album though). If the rest of the album is like that song, it isn't worth getting IMO. On the bright side, just downloaded 'Asylum' from Disturbed's website, and it is immense. I'm hyped for the album now. And I'm due to see Toy Story 3 this week. Excited for that.
  6. It means Tuma had his revenge. Or Mata Nui accidentally mutated his feet into air particles, rendering his ability to stand futile.
  7. Is that a crack in time and space?
  8. Redneck, standing by
  9. Rookie


    Try telling that to the Comedies forum
  10. Rookie


    Took me 3 hours and a bit.
  11. Heh, I like your avatar, it's like a mirror of mine.

  12. Rookie

    The Brick Is A Lie

    "WOBBUFFETT!" Just kidding. How's about "Give me your [insert random item body part or item here]!
  13. Just showcasing my sets here too. 2001 -Tahu -Onua -Kopaka -Lewa -Pohatu -Vakama -Matau -Nokama -Nuju -Tarakava -Nui-Rama -Nui-Jaga 2002 -Tahu -Gali -Lewa -Kopaka -Onua -Pohatu -Nuhvok -Lehvak -Kohrak -Gahlok -Pahrak -Exo-Toa -Boxor -Kohrak Va -Gahlok Va -Pahrak Va -Nuhvok Va 2003 -Makuta -Takanuva -Jaller & Gukko -Takua & Pewku -Guurahk -Lerahk -Kurahk -Panrahk -Turahk -Vorahk -Gahlok-Kal -Pahrak-Kal -Kohrak-Kal -Hafu -Macku 2004 -Vakama -Nokama -Matau -Nuju -Whenua -Onewa -Turaga Dume & Nivawk -Nidhiki -Krekka -Bordakh -Vorzakh -Keerakh -Nuurakh -Rorzakh -Zadakh -Nuhrii -Ehrye -Orkahm -Vhisola -Ahkmou -Tehutti 2005 -Vakama -Whenua -Onewa -Nuju -Nokama -Matau -Boggarak -Keelerak -Roporak -Sidorak -Keetongu -Roodaka -Norik -Bomonga -Pouks -Iruini -Norik Hagah -Iruini Hagah -Visorak Gate 2006 -Brutaka -Axonn -Vezon & Fenrakk -Umbra -Zaktan -Vezok -Thok -Hakann -Reidak -Avak -Jaller -Hahli -Kongu -Hewkii -Nuparu -Matoro -Balta -Piruk -Velika -Dalu -Garan 2007 -Ehlek -Kalmah -Takadox -Pridak -Carapar -Mantax -Nocturn -Karzahni -Gadunka -Hydraxon -Lesovikk -Maxilos & Spinax -Jaller -Hahli -Kongu -Matoro -Hewkii -Nuparu -Defilak -Dekar -Morak -Thulox -Barraki Deepsea Patrol 2008 -Lewa -Kopaka -Pohatu -Antroz -Chirox -Vamprah -Icarax -Mutran & Vican -Toa Ignika -Tahu -Gali -Onua -Krika -Gorast -Bitil -Takanuva -Vultraz -Mazeka -Jetrax T6 -Axalara T9 -Rockoh T3 -Kirop -Radiak -Gavla -Tanma -Solek -Photok 2009 -Skrall -Vorox -Strakk -Gresh -Tarix -Malum -Fero & Skirmix -Tuma -Metus -Atakus -Zesk -Berix -Raanu -Tarduk -Mata Nui -Stronius -Gelu -Ackar -Vastus -Kiina -Cendox V1 -Baranus V7 -Skopio X-V1 -Kaxium V3 -Thornatus V9 -Click -Toa Mata Nui 2010 -Tahu -Gresh -Takanuva -Nektann -Rahkshi -Skrall Hero Factory -William Furno -Jimi Stringer -Rotor
  14. As the show-off I am, this is a list of all my Star Wars Lego sets so far. Bionicle and Star Wars are virtually the only Lego sets I collect these days. 2000 -Gungan Patrol 2002 -Tusken Raider Encounter 2003 -MINI Jedi Starfighter & Slave 1 -MINI Millennium Falcon -MINI MTT -MINI Podracers -MINI AT-AT -MINI Republic Gunship -MINI Y-Wing Fighter (parts from sets above) 2004 -Mos Eisley Cantina -MINI AT-TE 2005 -TIE Fighter -Jedi Starfighter & Vulture Droid -Droid Tri-Fighter -ARC-170 Fighter -Clone Turbo Tank -Clone Scoutwalker -General Grievous Chase -MINI Jedi Starfighter 2006 -Slave 1 -V-Wing Fighter -B-Wing Fighter -Jabba's Sail Barge -X-Wing Fighter 2007 -AT-ST -Grievous' Starfighter -Droid Battle Pack -Clone Battle Pack -Sith Infiltrator -Republic Cruiser -Naboo N-1 Starfighter & Vulture Droid -Jedi Starfighter & Hyperdrive Booster Ring 2008 -Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid -Rebel Scout Speeder -Imperial Dropship -Republic Attack Gunship -AT-TE Walker -Separatist Spider Droid -Droid Gunship -MagnaGuard Starfighter -V-19 Torrent -MINI TIE Fighter (x2) 2009 -Armoured Assault Tank -Clone Walker Battle Pack -Assassin Droid Battle Pack -Count Dooku's Solar Sailer -Ahsoka's Starfighter with Droids -Darth Vader's TIE Fighter -Hyena Droid Bomber -Republic Attack Shuttle -Separatist Shuttle -Echo Base -Corporate Alliance Tank Droid -The Battle of Endor -Pirate Tank -'Home One' Mon Calamari Star Cruiser -Anakin's Y-Wing Fighter -Chrome Darth Vader -Silver Stormtrooper Magnet -Imperial Speeder Bike (x4) -Clone Walker (x3) -Battle Droid on STAP (x5) -MINI V-19 Torrent -MINI Grievous' Starfighter 2010 -Rebel Trooper Battle Pack -Snowtrooper Battle Pack -Freeco Speeder -Swamp Speeder -TIE Defender -Hoth Wampa Cave -Cad Bane's Speeder -Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle Other random minifigs I have recieved from friends include Jango Fett, a young Boba Fett, Watto and Zam Wessell.
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