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    I play on the Xbox 360 (favourite console ever), and my favourite games on it are Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST. I do have Xbox Live.<br /><br />My favourite films of all time are Star Wars 1-6 and Transformers 1 & 2. <br /><br />I also like Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Clone Wars series and of course Lego.<br /><br />My favourite band atm is Disturbed (fav song Prayer), but other bands I enjoy listening to include Linkin Park and DragonForce.<br /><br />I collect both Star Wars Lego and Bionicle, although I have to say Star Wars sets are a priority to buy for me. However, I have every single set since 2001 of Bionicle except most of 2005 sets (that was my Bionicle dark age), a couple of Bohrok and some Rahi.

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