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    I'm a HUGE Star Wars and LEGO fan who also loves photography and playing video games. I also work for LEGO Brand Retail and love getting to meet new fans every day.

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  1. Perfectly executed! The Nui Rama were the first Rahi I got in 2001, so it really brings a smile to my face seeing the amazing job you did updating the design! I love how you built it in the style of an official model too; that's one of my favorite ways to build.
  2. Inside I used the smallest of the CCBS torsos since my aim wasn't to custom make one, it attatches two of these on the arms to give him broad shoulders. I wanted to create a short, wide-chested, broad shouldered character in CCBS since it's durable and offers a lot of posability. Just a simple character really .
  3. I recommend them 100%. The graphics novels, despite their smaller page size, are the best and most efficient way to enjoy the comics; and as stated before, they have more content than the individual issues. I collected all nine in paperback as they released and read through them many times without any glue issues. That being said; treating books kindly will increase your milage.
  4. Finally! The perfect use for the large cup of trans-light blue studs I got from the PAB Wall! The Protector of Ice shall never run out of ammo. I like the two-tone mask a lot, it makes me very excited for the other color combinations; particularly the Protector of Earth's. But I'm not so much a fan of the arms, I'll definitely be adding these to give him forearms.
  5. I really love the mask and goggles, the shape of the Pakari really lends itself to the facial addition. I'm also really digging how you used the "boat studs" to attach the staff-head to the rods; awesome!
  6. I've been using that same technique and it's worked well for me, especially when masks have a longer "chin" area. If you position the connector directly under the head it reduces height (image). I've also used these pieces to attach Mata heads (Image here)
  7. I absolutely couldn't have put it better myself!
  8. "From the shore of Mata Nui to the mysterious island of Okoto, OnuaNut has followed the travels and heroic deeds of his favorite Toa: Onua. Being such a fan, and having been nicknamed "OnuaNut" for so long, not even he can remember his given name! It matters not for OnuaNut though, this Chronicler of Onua has his trusty Staff of Comedy and a fierce fandom to get him through." Front Side Staff Stored Staff Stored (Back) Pose 1 Pose 2 Pose 3 I've been tinkering with my Self-MOC for a few weeks now, but I'm finally happy with the result. I wanted to use CCBS in order for him to blend in with sets going forward, but use the Mata head and his signature silver Pakari to tie back with the pre-2015 BIONICLE. I also chose a very minimal color scheme for the same reason. The Pearl Dark Grey parts are meant to represent light armor, while the black is just his normal body color.
  9. Racing down the tracks of the Super Smash Bros. Hype Train!

  10. For me, it usually goes about as well as describing Doctor Who. The end result is normally: A few weeks ago I told the story of the Toa Mata to my wife, explaining that the Toa were like pills sent into Mata Nui's body to fight off the infection of evil and ultimately revive him. She thought the concept was really cool and was then open to hearing more about it. She also found it beneficial to know that there was a deeper story to the LEGO robots I keep building .
  11. While I think it's a neat idea that both generations of BIONICLE could be joined by the Vahi, I don't see it happening. It's been very well stated that this is a reboot, and I do think it'll stay that way. At most, they may come up with the idea that this is an alternate reality like the ones Takanuva visited, but that's a stretch. The Mask of Time is a cool concept, and based on what we've heard I think we'll see one, just not a half-Vahi crossing the generational gap.
  12. OnuaNut


    That's a great point; I'd forgotten how many new parts got put into the Chima sets. BIONICLE should certainly have the budget, going forth, to support new parts. I really like the idea of recolored masks. Since we're starting from scratch (at least in terms of connection points) it would be wonderful to once again have color options for the masks; and with the Mask of Fire already beaing molded in Red, Gold, Trans. Clear, and Trans. Orange, I would hope that recolors are on the designers' minds.
  13. I have to say, story and lore have been the most important to me. When the sets didn't excite me (like with 2005-2007) the comics and other story media kept me firmly interested in BIONICLE; throughout the series I constantly re-read the comics and sought out new story developments.
  14. Not actively, but it's still a project I still really want to do in the future. A small part of the reason I put the idea "on the shelf" was due to a lack of gold parts, I'd like to keep going with it once I acquire more. Ideally I would do less black, no yellow, and more gold and "Keetongorange".
  15. OnuaNut


    So much for the "weekly" part of my blog, right? For this post I want to talk about the CCBS, which until a month or so ago, I really only had a casual experience with. Now, I'm really enjoying it. Although it seems to be limited in terms of limbs and shells, the system itself has been surprisingly versatile to this Nut of Onua. After acquiring a few sets/parts from The LEGO Store and garage sales, and making a few Bricklink orders, I've managed to build a nice parts collection to build with. Currently I've made three finished MOCs (Including my Self MOC) and two which I'm still tinkering with; I hope to post pictures in BBC soon. I replicated the gear system from 2015 BIONICLE and incorporated it into one of my CCBS MOCs. My favorite aspect, by far, of CCBS has been the ability to make sturdy, posable contraction figures which house gear functions. Both BIONICLE and Hero Factory had been lacking in that department for years. Having collected BIONICLE since the beginning, to me, gear functions have always gone hand-in-hand with the theme. I think that's why 2005-2007's sets were lost on my a little bit; they started losing that key element of functionality (and I don't count the yearly projectile weapons). I've only replicated the gear-box and I'm already wanting to make more functional characters, so it will be quite exciting to make more when the new sets release with the actual part. If I have any complaints with CCBS, it's the reuse of shells and chest pieces. I fully understand that this is partly an issue of cost and that re-using these parts allows the theme to grow in other ways, but after a while they start to look all too similar (even with all the recolored elements). My hope for the near future is that we can receive at least a new chest piece or one to two more armor shells to bring in some more options. Thankfully BIONICLE 2015 has already introduced some great new pieces to build with; I especially love the new shell clip-on part. Here's to a happy MOCing future with CCBS; I'm sorry I didn't jump in sooner. Cheers!
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