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  1. I still receive emails when I get messages

  2. who are you and why did you add me to your friends list?

  3. Eep! you musnt PM me for a while

  4. you are now my friend >=D get to work slave >=D

  5. except for Saturday's nights

  6. Sorry man, I didnt know about you when I changed my name =(

  7. Yeah I know him, Cholie PMed me his prof =P, I must change my name soon!

  8. Happy valentines =D

  9. Man, my name attracts a lot of people

  10. That song is lame >_

  11. Completely voting Strawberry Shortcake, it is a really sticky song :wacko:

  12. Now that you're premier you should start a blog =D

  13. I think they sell some Ice Cream donuts at Dunkin Donuts! =P

  14. oh thanks! You are now my first female friend added to the friends listr =D

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