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  1. Oh, man, you're trying to get psychology on me. Let's pretend you've managed to do that. First of all: I clearly understand that there're people with absolutely different interests. Secondly, I do not lack understanding, and subsequently I am not annoyed with it. For the things we do not know in Bionicle I have a huge headcanon developed as many other people do. And I do love read other people thoughts about their own ideas and theories – many had very little in common with my own concept, still they were interesting to me. But that does not mean I would agree with any of them. Even when fans try to explain something they don't know about, there is always some field of freedom. You should know it. And this 'field' is defined by the original 'canon' mythology... well, maybe I should call it "direction of canon mythology"? >_< Sorry again, can’t find the right term. Thirdly… summing up said before I think you definitely didn’t get what I meant, so if you don’t mind I’ll skip your words about "process of discovery" and repeating "lack of understanding". I have little problem with that. Well, it does make sense since it's the same thing which makes fantasy characters see visions. And so it depreciates calling it a "glitch". WHAT. I'm sorry again and again -- I did not say anything like this. What I was saying is that I do not want them being explained scientifically. And this is actually the thing I don't like here on BZP in last few years. Sometimes you're going too far in technology and science, as if forgetting Bionicle original unity of both technology and natural/unnatural powers. I can say that in general you are right. I can try to explain my sudden heart-cry: What does annoy me (and makes me unhappy, ho-ho) is quantity of theories written in "omg-this-is-cool-and-we-should-make-it-happen" mood. Maybe they are greatly developed but that doesn't make them good. And I'm a bit afraid that when (or "if") Greg would return to continue Bionicle storyline, another bunch of -- I'm sorry -- stupid ideas again will get into canon. There're enough of them already. And that why I'm very frustrated while reading another one "techno" theory. A lot of same themed ideas IS NOT interesting. Of course not. But that does not mean at all that all their powers should be technologically invented. Oh, he actually did it? Heck. Greg also made up that awful mind-blowing Red Star revelation. So as far as sci-fi goes... situation is getting worse. Almost forgot: some time ago I wanted to share with you my vision/theory of energized protodermis, that likes to watch and play with these funny little creatures of nature, being the entity of High Consciousness/god/a Creator, something that lies between or at the edges of reality(ies), and it's "liquid" form being a projection dripping through the chasm of reality. But I guess, now it's just meaningless. So. Now I free you from my negative IMHO, just hoping for your answer on some of my thesis.
  2. Why can't you make ideas about mythology and creatures or powers beyond any understanding? Of course making them serious, on hard basis. No. Firstly, to say such thing as "it's magic, it just works" is a childish way to speculate. And I did not mean to ask anyone to stop arguing and discussing because "just let it be as it is". Okay, I can put away word magic and use special abilities if its more acceptable for you. =) Bionicle always (yeah, even Metru Nui part) have been mostly tribal fantasy world with technical elements. Not everything here was artificial as there were a lot of powers that seemed to be natural. For me it is the huge opportunity to get ideas of how works as well as technologies are for you. Actually, I dare to say, explain everything strange with technology is in some way cheating, a try to avoid difficulties. It isnt uninteresting, when you use it properly. When one begin explain absolutely everything with science, this changes the way we see the whole setting. E.g., Vakamas visions. Seems everyone is okay with glitch explanation, to me its wrong to accept it like that. Well Why visions should be a glitch, a mistake, a bug in programming but not a REAL visions? I could understand if that was the only thing technofied, but as I watched new theories in last two years there were a lot of attempts to make Bionicle universe completely sci-fi. And here we have another one. I just hope that BZP wont bother Greg with getting this canonized one day. To imagine things is great, until it becomes too serious. p.s. Im sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, "eengliss" is not my native language. =)
  3. I always imagined Great Beings being the next evolution step of one of Spherus Magna species. Very far step of course, but not artificial. Point of view of everything fantasy/magical in Bionicle being just "something artificial" is too boring, uninteresting and clichéd. Mata Nui, why this stuff is so popular?.. =(
  4. We sure need a story about that! As far as I remember, that's not correct. Elemental Kanohi provide it's user with much weaker elemental powers. That was even somewhere confirmed by Greg. 4th is possible in a way of fact of recolouring - I mean, why not? Other parts are surely possible but kinda weird. Disguising him- or herself with another colour or shape of Kanohi would work with being from different universes, but these guys live in they own world for hundreds and thousands of years. What I'm trying to say is that they could tell people from other "tribes" not by colour, but by behaviour, for example. Same for the masks. It could work for a short or first time, of course. I've once heard a question of almost the same type: "Tell me please how many Toa of Gravitation you'd need to create a quasar?"
  5. ~TSO~


    Thanks) Actually, head was the main purpose of all work, I was trying a new way of drawing it. XD Well, it was supposed to be a bit shorter. =) Maybe I overdone it a little.
  6. ~TSO~


    Thank you) I'm planning to draw a male vortixx for at least two years. XD One day that will happen, I'm certain.
  7. ~TSO~


    Just decided to post here something at last. Didn't do it for a long time. =) <click to view fullsize>
  8. 2Ka-Chan: Thank you! )) If you interested, my name in Maj-gallery is "lanqurain31". There're many of my works.

    2Night Terror: I made it by myself. It was a simple wallpaper)

  9. Now that I look at your av... Where did you take it from? I can't remember any picture of TSO with glowing eyes...

  10. I give you 4 stars for the wicked Alien/Roodaka drawing :D

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