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  1. I bought premier membership because I was a very strange child. I don't think they even had blogs yet, but there was a LEGO brick with "BZPower" printed on it which sealed the deal for me.
  2. farm lass..... faaaarm laaaasssss......

  3. After Mata Nui leaves, so begins the transvaluation of all values. Without a god above, the task of the modern Matoran must be to find the god inside the individual-- to become a ruthless, Nietzschean Uber-matoran, unconstrained by morality, killing and conquering with the coldblooded beauty of a lion on the savannah .... Either that or hold out hope for an even BIGGER robot, maybe with the whole universe inside it this time. Different strokes.
  4. What is contrived about it? That's the whole reason OP's having his problem, there's no incentive within the G1 universe and lore as of current that necessitates Turaga Nuva. Anything that would prompt the Toa Nuva to become Turaga, then, must be something that's made-up out of the blue--thus, contrived. Making new Toa is the only logical reason I see in this thread, but does Spherus Magna really need more Toa, especially with the revelation that Glatorian can use elemental powers? Can't they just retire?
  5. Honestly if you told me that one of the Kal's powers was "UV Damage," I'd probably believe you. Not much weirder than "vacuum."
  6. Ideally, I'd like a story that's vaguely in the same universe as G1 but doesn't attempt to touch all those messy loose ends at all. Set it eons in the future, Agori and Matoran have merged into a single race, the old Mata Nui robot is grown over and merely a part of the landscape, etc. A fresh start, but with a touch of uncanny mystery if the characters ever go underground and find the ruined, eons-dead cities in the domes... If you wanna bring back the original six Toa, make them either reincarnations of some kind, or hint at the idea that they've been in the wild elements doing their own thing for thousands of years. I don't imagine Christian Faber has any interest in getting tied up in whatever happened to Lewa after he got captured by those Jungle Agori in 2011.
  7. So, this appears to depict a Toa canister drifting to shore....
  8. Put this on when painting so you don't have to wait for it to dry.
  9. My favorite analogue that he gave is that the Toa literally show up in pill-shaped capsules. EDIT: The movies were heavily influenced by other film properties, moreso than the original 2001/02 media. The shape of MoL's story borrows a lot from Lord of the Rings, which was concluding that year, and the latter movies owe a lot of debt to Star Wars. Turaga Lhikan training the Toa with eye-masks is one example, Vakama turning to the dark side the same year as Return of the Sith is another.
  10. I don't know. But I'm drawn to the occasional familiar name I see on here.
  11. I can confirm that. Not sure why they walked back on the white color scheme, it was pretty cool.
  12. I'm inclined to say yes, though looking at the main forum right now—1:45AM, my time—I can see three members active, two of whom (Phyoohrii and Planetperson) I recognize from the old days of BZP. I also see 361 guests online, though whether those are bots or actual humans I can't say. So maybe the forum's still got some juice in it! I've watched a lot of forums die and this one's doing pretty well compared to them, probably just because it used to be such a titan. Even if the titan is dead, there's still lots of meat for the flies to buzz around, y'know? I agree with Akaku that consolidating the forums might be the way to go. Right now the main board gives the impression that things are really dead even though new posts are being made all the time, just because of how many greyed-out threads there are. If you consolidated things you might be able to downsize the remnants of a giant forum into a tiny, cozy place that caters primarily to the loyal community members who are still around.
  13. That question was already answered, in the worst possible way. To quote Greg, they were "a glitch."Thaaaats....... Not the worst possible way it could have been answered. It's marked down in a way to seem maybe a bit cryptic, and it may have ultimately been lazy, it's not uncommon for Greg to have been lazy with his story writing in the past, but the whole concept of 'A Glitch' happening in the BIONICLE Universe is actually intriguing to me. I think, on its own, it does sound like a fairly interesting concept. The problem I had with it was that, throughout the second movie and pretty much the whole of the 2004 story, Vakama's whole development revolved around his visions NOT being a glitch. When others accused him of basically being nuts and that there was something wrong with him, he lost confidence. When he learned to trust his visions as something more than faulty wiring, that they were real, he got his confidence back and evolved as a character. For Greg to later go back on that and say, "Yeah, it really was a glitch," kind of negates his whole arc for that year. At least for me. Agreed. One workaround might be that it was only a glitch mechanically speaking, and that his prophetic glitches were still predestined at the end of the day. Of course, that implies the existence of Destiny in the greater supernatural sense rather than the "Matoran Universe running like clockwork" sense that it gradually became. Personally, I wish the Great Beings hadn't been demoted from gods to scientists, because then we'd be able to explain destiny stuff away with "the Great Beings did it." Now we either have to chalk it up to randomness (which it clearly isn't in-story) or just say "the Even Greater Beings did it." Maybe the Even Greater Beings are just Greg and the LEGO marketing division?
  14. Didn't Krakua end up defending Metru-Nui during Makuta's reign? That always seemed like it was intended to be his time to shine, but then maybe Greg couldn't make it work and gave up on him.
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