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  1. Pictures? I'm sure we'd love to at least look at this work.
  2. Heehee. Now I have someone else to bug~
  3. That...was the intention. But hey. ^^

  4. I started today and we've gotten about two-odd hours of snow, but none of it stuck. -.- Also, my school's girl's basketball team was up at your school playing a match for the regional tournament, so I was up there for about two hours. You weren't on AIM so I couldn't let you know. D=
  5. I didn't realize you were rockhound btw It's me static man

  6. Calliou

    So Brickfair

    *Rockhound clicks *like**
  7. Calliou

    Weekend Ride!

    Baby, oh baby. Can I just keep drooling over that one? =3 Also, does it come in black? [/badmoviequote]
  8. I used to do that with my dog until I realized he was just going by tone instead of the word(s), and he would just try different things until he got it right. Tambien, a el le gusta muchisima la comida. xD
  9. Hey there, new guy who I've never, ever heard of before. At all. I swear. I must say that your signature is a work of art and I think we could become good friends. Also, you picked the best state on earth to live in. Add me on AIM or something and we can talk Sounders.
  10. Calliou

    It's Raining

    Disgustingly so.
  11. Added in case we play in the BZPRPG together or something~
  12. I use Chrome for speed and basic browsing because it's faster and more efficient. I use Firefox for when I need specific add-ons and/or doing larger-scale work over the Internet because it has better options for that kind of thing. It all depends on what you want from it.
  13. Calliou


    Awesome picture and good choice of the correct type of Football. =D
  14. Calliou


    Jaja, él está hablando español. Qué raro, en verdad! Yo también puedo escribir, entender, y hablar el español, porque hasta ahora he tomado como tres años de la lengua. A mí, me gusta mucho usar español porque no pienso que muchas personas puedan entender eso que estoy escribiendo ahora. Este verano, voy a quedarme en Perú sobre seis semanas para ser como un alumno intercambio y estoy muy emocionado para hacer eso. =D
  15. No, TMS, it's not BZProvince. It is an RPG run by a group of staff members, and it has different threads for different topics. You know what? Friar Tuck did a lovely summary right here: Clicky. *snarls quietly at Overlord*
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