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  1. I don't know if conditions were not favorable for Constraction when G2 launched, since Hero Factory had come off a five year run itself. I know its easy to knock on Hero Factory for not reaching the lengthy time that Bionicle G1 had... but 5 years is a long time for a non-licensed non-Ninjago/Bionicle theme to last at Lego so Constraction surely had some legs left. The problem though is Lego just, botched G2's marketing. While I have never verified the idea that Ninjago sudden cancellation than relaunch sucked marketing cash from G2, it certainly seems plausible that Lego sucked the budget for one theme to prop up the misguided cancellation of another. Or maybe Lego assumed G2 could be an automatic success on brand recognition alone? An odd choice seeing then most of the original G1 fans were either in their earlier 20's or mid to late teens in 2015 and certainly not the target demographic Lego needed to make G2 a hit. This though 100%, its clear G2 was not bringing in the cash and got axed due to that. A shame, but it is what it is; and we still got two more years of Bionicle sets out of it than we had when G1 ended so I honestly can't complain.
  2. Its honestly considered a faux-paux on Wikipedia to make a claim like that without a reference. Again, hopefully the Bionicle Day events next month give us a more solid piece of information to clarify that since as it stands, that feels like a very unverified claim. Now I have heard the whole 7 Books of Bionicle thing before... so again hopefully Bob is willing to share some stuff on it.
  3. Loss of resources (not enough pure protodermis and no Kanoka discs) is the main issue. Most Kanoka protodermis was sourced in liquid form and refined in Ga-Metru as outlined in the 2004 Metru-Nui guide, solid protodermis didn't seem to be used for it. Yes Vakama was a skilled mask maker, but he wasn't a skilled protodermis refiner or a Kanoka disk maker. We see on Mata-Nui the Matoran are using bamboo discs in-lieu of Kanoka for that reason. We see these parallels IRL too, all Damascus swords are imitation materials now made via folding metal since the original process to create Damascus steel is now lost, there are plenty of great blacksmiths around still but they don't have access to the original Damascus steel anymore. Kanoka production did not restart until back on Metru-Nui following the events of Mask of Life, so it made no difference that Vakama was the best mask maker around he simply lacked the equipment to actually make any new masks.
  4. Mask making was not an active process on Mata-Nui, the lore pretty clearly establishes that the art was lost after the Great Cataclysm and never practiced on the new island. Since the silver highlights were a paint application the canon explanation for the loss of silver was due to weather chipping off the paint and revealing the bare mask below. Any mask worn on Mata-Nui is one kept from Metru-Nui, even the replacement unpowered masks we saw some characters wearing by the time of MNOG 2 or the Copper Masks of Victory which were once used for the Alkini championships in Metru-Nui and brought to Mata-Nui as a Kohli trophy.
  5. Yeah that is the official explanation, but I call it a "fashion trend" since Metru-Nui is the only place we ever saw it in use. Mata-Nui, Voya-Nui, Karda-Nui, etc. never seemed to use a silver highlight on powerless masks. Again though, its a case of lore being built around a physical set feature that only existed in one year.
  6. True, that is assuming the blueprint itself hadn't been altered and modified over time. They are made out of Lego after all.
  7. Honestly, I would say the Av-Matoran are the best representation of the "Great Beings' as built Matoran" again due to the similarities to the Agori... but, did we ever really see a vanilla Matoran anywhere in the whole saga? 2001 Mutated shrunken Matoran 2003 Rebuilt Matoran 2004 Metru-Nui Matoran 2006 Mutated horribly rebuilt Matoran 2007 Mutated by pit mutagen Matoran 2008 Early prototype Matoran bigger in size due to Karda-Nui energy Sure there is no story of mutations in the Metru-Nui Matoran, but how do we know if that is actually the case? Metru-Nui was certainly advanced enough to probably do a rebuild similar to the 2003 Matoran's, so its possible over thousands of years of living in the city the Matoran were also tweaked and modified over the years both to keep up with the city's fashion sense (where else have we seen silver mask highlights on a Matoran?) and help improve them for work. The only thing that supports the Karda-Nui Matoran being the vanilla model over the Metru one is that Mazeka and the other ancillary Matoran in 2008 also share the Karda build. This gets more complicated when we consider the movie models of the Matoran only had unique models for the Karda-Nui style ones in Legend Reborn, and the Miramax trilogy used a base rig for all Matoran that had extra detail parts that were never available in set form or so highly modified from the set form they are unrecognizable in the film (like Hahli and Hewkii's chest plates). With that said, first all the story stuff about mutations and all that is just a thinly veiled way to try and handwave why Lego sets just look different from year to year. My guess is there is really no true "factory fresh" Matoran left in the whole Matoran Universe by the time the events of the story take place, and all Matoran populations are going to bear some mark of mutation, rebuilds, or even just aesthetic styling different from other populations.
  8. Actually with everything Christian Faber has begun hinting at regarding scrapped Hero Factory stuff lately... yes. Even if English and other Earth languages were not the actual "primary" language of Hero Factory, it seems they certainly could speak it after expanding Earth into their service district in 2011 then broadcasting Hero Factory FM in English in 2011. So canonically they can speak English (although it seems very weird all their iconography and text both in the comics, show and sets is in English too since they are an alien robot group and Earth was just one of many planets they served... but eh it is what it is).
  9. Either never start on the post-2010 finale serials, or finish them. Its weird how many cans of worms those stories opened then promptly left hanging. Skip the Bohrok-Kal set wave or redesign the Bohrok-Kal to make them not pure clones of the Bohrok and give them a more unique design. No pop-alternative music and rapping in the 2006 advertising. Sure it impressed the edgy pre-teen I was at the time, but in hindsight its pretty bad (dare I say, "Its cringe"?). No 2008-2011 socket design, go straight to the CCBS style sockets or retain the original socket style.
  10. I think the reason 2005 gets harped on has more to do with how 2004 ended, we saw were the plot was going with Legends of Metru-Nui depicting the end of the Great Rescue. Had that scene been saved for Web of Shadows instead of Legends, I think 2005 would improve ten fold simply due to rearranging a few of the story bits. It robbed a lot of the drama 2005 did have, by instead showing us the arc's resolution before the climax took place a year earlier. But there is a lot '05 did right. We got introduced to the Toa Hagah and the greater world outside the Mata-Nui/Metru-Nui set up. The titan sets are amazing (I own all three myself). Play scale sets were introduced and while they weren't great, they were a neat experiment in something new for Bionicle to try out. While I think the Vakama turns evil thing was rushed, there is a lot of potential there had it been fleshed out more in the movie and books.
  11. It already happened about as much of a crossover as I think we could ever expect, a nice subtle easter egg (or a few!) in Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks sets: Let's not forget the Bionicle easter eggs in stickers is going on strong, take this from the Harry Potter theme's Chamber of Secrets released this year. Nixie the Astronomer would be proud:
  12. It is commonly reported that brown sets were the most sluggish seller in the original Bionicle line up of six colors. I think the evidence is there early on that Lego was aware that brown wasn't that exciting of a color, hence why Pohatu had has famous upside down torso to make him more unique in the line up. This idea is further supported in 2006 when we saw G1 phase out brown for more yellow and oranges instead. Only the 2009 waves had a brief return to tan, but other than that we see yellow and orange in some variety replace every previously brown character from 2006 on out. So simply put, some of the oddities were a case of Lego trying really hard to lean into the gimmicks to make brown sets different, either via toy design or storytelling means by giving the stone characters a stronger role into the story. Especially in the early 2001-2004 years, although I would argue the homogenization of Onewa's Toa form with the other Metru/Hordika shows that Lego was less willing to take the same risks later on as they had made with Pohatu earlier. I think though you are honestly reading far to into some design choices, like Onewa's pitons or Pohatu Uniter's spear. That is honestly just a case of toy design at play, so them sharing some similarities to the other Toa of their wave is not to far out of the ordinary. The whole Ekimu/Protector of Stone eye color thing sounds like an animation goof and not an actual story purpose, and I think Quake Beast with its purple was intended to be a counterpart to Onua and the earth elements and not stone. I also would argue that once the G1 switch to yellow/orange was made we really can't call any character a "brown set" unless it was a legacy character linked to stone (Pohatu or Hewkii) or linked to sand or stone in story, even though it is clear that other yellow characters (Bitil, Mata-Nui, Rakshii Stars) all filled the shoes of the previous brown sets.
  13. The lack of some of the mold marks makes me think it must be a knockoff then, but still an interesting possibility all the same. To avoid double posting, you can see a lot of the masks that might have been in old Lego Customer Service data such as this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17hRhzagTGwiSroqkkpgHo8u1oHHnEy4t/edit#gid=1296009750
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