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  1. It's not actually pearl gold; it's a different shade with a reddish tinge. To my knowledge that colour has never been used anywhere else. I'm not sure how helpful this will be to mention, but I wouldn't consider it an essential part of a "complete" collection any more than other prototypes. -L
  2. I'll echo Sudoburger's BrickLink recommendation. It's a bit of a time commitment, but if you open a BrickLink store and sell everything individually, you'd likely find buyers much more quickly and sell for higher prices on a per-set basis. I'd be surprised if you find a buyer for a collection of hundreds of sets, both because of the sheer quantity and the price tag. It would be impossible to come up with a valuation of the whole collection right now, but if you can put together an inventory list, I'd be happy to help you price everything out. Might be interested in a few things myself. -L
  3. Around US $100 would be fair. I paid about that for mine a few months ago, and I've seen them go for similar prices. -L
  4. According to his profile, he hasn't posted since 2012, when he posted a picture of his collection and said it's still not for sale. So I'd be surprised, but it wouldn't hurt to message him and ask. -L
  5. Movie edition Kraahkan and transparent red Kanoka, and if memory serves, he traded me a transparent orange Kraata (he had four at the time) for the last, or at least one of the last, wild Kraata he needed to complete his collection. I might be mixing him up with another member on the TOK, it was a long time ago. Good old days! -L
  6. I was reading through this old (circa 2004) topic to find pictures of some old collections. I think you guys will appreciate these, if you haven't come across them before: ccso35: Reya: MrNobudy: Reya and MrNobudy both sold their collections years ago. I ended up with some of Reya's rare pieces. I think ccso35 still has his. -L
  7. Very neat! It's different from the version that came from the Binkmeister bag, which had a raised circular part that I think functions as a magnifier. If anyone is looking for a European copper Huna, this store has several at a very reasonable price: https://store.bricklink.com/MLteam?itemID=252024529#/shop?o={"invID":"252024529"} It occurred to me that many of the listings in Europe were likely to be the European version, so I messaged a couple of sellers to ask. This one said all of the ones in stock are opaque under a light. I ordered a few so I'll confirm once I get them. -L
  8. @InconspicuousSharkI think you're right. The thought was that pearl Keelerak shells might have been found in the Visorak Battle Ram set, but are no records of sales on BrickLink. And pearl gold being in later releases makes a lot more sense since everything was pearl by 2006. Thanks! I've made those changes. Also, does anyone know when the five-hole Kraahkan was first found? I just changed the description to be ambiguous, but the first post used to say that it was from Icarax in 2008. Icarax came with a four-hole Kraahkan, Makuta in 2003 with the six-hole version. It seems to me more likely that the five-hole would be a mismold from the six-hole in 2003, since it's more plausible that a mold would erroneously miss one hole than produce an extra one. -L
  9. Thanks for keeping this topic going guys! I get an email every time someone posts so it's been on my mind to update the first post for a while. Finally got around to it today. Absolutely flabbergasted at the going rates for some of these pieces, especially the protodermic Kanohi Nuva and 2001 misprints. -L
  10. Letagi

    I lied

    I'm going to BrickCon after all - turns out there will be people from Edmonton there that I know so I won't be wanting for company. In keeping with tradition, I'm accepting suggestions for this year's brick badge. Past badges have included "Fashionable AFOL," "This character limit suc," and "The character limit still su." -L
  11. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    I never said I was going. Given how significant a factor the social aspect is in my con attendance, the current forecasted BZP turnout, and the ludicrous quantity of academic writing I have to do this semester, I think I'll probably skip this one. I am suitably ashamed of myself. -L
  12. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    It'll probably be the wizard himself, Ley Ward. -L
  13. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    Is anyone going? The attendees list is conspicuously empty of mentions of the regulars. This has me greatly concerned. -L
  14. but but the dank memes tho -L
  15. The Xindi arc is so interesting because it's by far the longest story arc in the entire franchise (unless you count the Dominion War in DS9, but that was punctuated by a lot of non-war episodes so it wasn't a smooth arc). Enterprise is also neat because it gives explanations for a lot of the inconsistencies in earlier series, such as why the TOS Klingons don't have forehead ridges (the only other mention of which is Worf in DS9 saying he doesn't want to talk about it). I think you'll really enjoy the rest of the series. I certainly did. -L
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