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  1. Letagi

    I lied

    I'm going to BrickCon after all - turns out there will be people from Edmonton there that I know so I won't be wanting for company. In keeping with tradition, I'm accepting suggestions for this year's brick badge. Past badges have included "Fashionable AFOL," "This character limit suc," and "The character limit still su." -L
  2. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    I never said I was going. Given how significant a factor the social aspect is in my con attendance, the current forecasted BZP turnout, and the ludicrous quantity of academic writing I have to do this semester, I think I'll probably skip this one. I am suitably ashamed of myself. -L
  3. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    It'll probably be the wizard himself, Ley Ward. -L
  4. Letagi

    BrickCon 2016

    Is anyone going? The attendees list is conspicuously empty of mentions of the regulars. This has me greatly concerned. -L
  5. but but the dank memes tho -L
  6. The Xindi arc is so interesting because it's by far the longest story arc in the entire franchise (unless you count the Dominion War in DS9, but that was punctuated by a lot of non-war episodes so it wasn't a smooth arc). Enterprise is also neat because it gives explanations for a lot of the inconsistencies in earlier series, such as why the TOS Klingons don't have forehead ridges (the only other mention of which is Worf in DS9 saying he doesn't want to talk about it). I think you'll really enjoy the rest of the series. I certainly did. -L
  7. Technology is a dangerous thing. ...he says via his networked computational device. -L
  8. Also has a white Huna and yellow Ruru apparently. I assume that's fifi playing around with BrickLink again. He said a few days ago in his topic that he's not selling the yellow Ruru or white Huna and I doubt he's selling those other items for $0.01. -L
  9. Is the GitD Kakama disk on the Nuhrii prototype unique to that prototype? I don't recall it ever being in anything else. If so I'd be interested if it hasn't sold. -L
  10. Letagi


    I feel like the original constitution might be worth a bit more. -L
  11. Letagi


    dude it's not even cold anymore get over it -L
  12. Letagi


    Yeah, I meant you need a plan that doesn't rip you off if you leave the country. So you're in Edmonton. That's not the middle of nowhere. I know because I am also in Edmonton. Going off the oddly consistent blog entry titles, is this a group visit? -L
  13. Letagi


    For the record, that is not a standard charge for us Canadians. I think you need a better plan. Also wherabouts are you? -L
  14. Yaaaaas Re: Star Wars order. Why not a compromise? 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6 There. I solved all the world's problems. -L
  15. Okay, that's more or less what I figured. $200 for those three masks is very tempting. Do you have any rare Kanoka? -L
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