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  1. awmg your the most evil of all the members

  2. religion is nothing what you say. i just wanted to point that out :)

  3. nope i was usually something lhikan related

  4. ferrets are the second most amazing animals in the entire world!

  5. yeah us and our imaginary fights oooh good times....good times

  6. dang! all uh meh friends are leavin!

  7. we miss you barraki strike!

  8. hey man whats up your name is wicked awesome even if it meens nothing :P

  9. yeah i have! that was an awesome book too

  10. shine

    make ´em wonder what you´ve got

    make ´em wish that they were not

    on the outside looking bored


    let it shine before all men

    let´em see good works, and then

    let ´em leave shine a comment :P

  11. amen brotha i spit on grammer :D

  12. what is up my brotha from anotha motha?!

  13. what is up my brotha from anotha motha

  14. mm sorry i've just been absent.....like school! :D except i'm missing fun stuff.....dang

  15. no can you remind me?

  16. :) *divulges that he secretly had the muffin loaf disguised as regular bread and aki izayoi just took a decoy :D *
  17. insolent boy this nave of fashion basking your glory

  18. omg monk is flipping awesome you rock socks

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