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    Well, it has been a long time since I last updated this. I will try to make this easier to read than my last one.<br /><br />Personal Information:<br />About all you need to know about where I live is that I am an American that lives in a southern state on the East coast. I moved a lot when I was a kid, so I have lived in many different places in the U.S.<br />I am a Christian. I don't mind people who believe in other things. It is a personal choice for everyone, and I made my choice.<br />I own six dogs.<br />I am currently a high school senior who does very well in school. I just got a $30,000 scholarship and I am planning on going to a university. I am about 15-20 people away from being top in my class, but I have won a few awards over the years for being the best at math.<br /><br />Interests:<br />Bionicle- I am into it because of the story, but I do own a complete collection of sets.<br />Star Wars- I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans you will ever meet. I know more about the fiction than the franchise though. I can't tell you about every line of action figures released, but I can tell you about the characters those action figures are made out of.<br />Video Games- I love video games. I own all of the current systems. I tend to like action/adventure games and platformers better than other types of games. Some of my favorite video games are:<br />LittlebigPlanet Series- It is sort of obvious, since my avatar is my Sackboy. I spent hours on the Playstation Blog just so I could get a code for LBP 2.<br />Ratchet and Clank- I own all of these games. A Crack in Time is tied for my favorite with R&C 2. I cannot wait for All 4 One.<br />Halo- I am not a big shooter fan, but Halo is one of the exceptions. I am more into the expanded fiction than the games though. I got the limited edition of Reach, just so I could get the book that came with it.<br />Pokemon- I am not the biggest Pokemon Fan out there. My first Pokemon game was Diamond, but I have been hooked since.<br />Star Wars Games- These are not always that great, but I do like some of them, including Republic Commando, Battlefront series, Lego Star Wars series, and KOTOR series. I cannot wait for TOR.<br />And various other games, including the Patapon series, Valve games (with Portal being my favorite), Nintendo games (Mario, Metroid, SSB, etc), Minecraft, Starcraft, World of Warcraft (but I only play this every once and a while), and many more.<br />Games that I am currently looking forward to include LBP 2, Patapon 3, Portal 2, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, and The Old Republic.

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  1. Given that I don't have an Instagram account and don't currently plan on getting one, I'll post my thoughts here instead. Do I fully believe that G3 is coming next year and this post is proof of that? No. I think it will be safer to temper my expectations at this point. That being said, I would totally be behind Bionicle getting a G3 in 2020. I just hope that they don't retread past mistakes. For the story, I hope it gets delivered in a more convenient form than G1 like a TV show so it can reach a broader audience. Plus, I hope it does not suffer the "too little, too late" problem that G2 had thanks to its slow first year and lore-phobic tendencies. Set-wise, I hope that it doesn't suffer from the G1 clone set/generic build problems. I also hope that they don't upsize the entire line as they did in G2, where the core line was now the size and price of G1 Titans and the small sets now the size of the G1 core line. As much as I love the G2 Toa sets, I can't deny that they were pretty expensive to collect. Or I wouldn't mind a completely new approach to sets in the line, like having more System brick integration (it's not like all the mech pieces from lines like Ninjago can't be used to build a decent stand-alone figure or don't already mix in a bunch of CCBS parts), or having the main line be minifig scale (granted this is more of a personal preference stemming from the fact that Hero Factory Invasion from Below line is one of my favorite buildable figure waves ever and my love of the settings in Bionicle). Moving on, a big reason why a G3 launching in 2020 would be great is the writing on the wall that the initial incarnation of Ninjago is wrapping up this year. Between the current sets being a celebration of the line up to now, the original writers moving on to other projects, and the teasers for the next season indicating a conclusion of some kind, all signs point to this being the case. I don't doubt that there will be a Ninjago revival sometime in the future, but I feel like the line will have a hiatus before its relaunch. That leaves a slot open in the market for an action-based story-focused Lego line, and what better way to fill them than a new incarnation of Bionicle? G1 filled that role before Ninjago anyway. If G3 launches with a decent TV show to fill the Ninjago void, I can see this iteration succeeding where G2 failed. And in some cases, it can succeed in areas where G1 failed as well.
  2. I would definitely pick up a Bastion and other Omnic Characters if they came out as Buildable Figures.
  3. I do appreciate non-Lego building block brands for doing brick built sets that Lego itself can't or won't do, like building set versions of competing toy brands or obscure/mature themes that Lego would not touch. But there is no room for straight-up knock-offs or bootlegs. It's great that Lego got this victory.
  4. Awesome. Instant buy for me. Some of my favorite soundtracks of all time.
  5. I sort of dropped out when they started having non-general retail characters. I wouldn't have minded if they were just exclusive versions of the characters, but they had to have entire characters locked behind exclusivity. The inclusion of Supergirl only in the rerelease of the PS version felt very consumer unfriendly, and I could not get the Green Arrow figure anywhere.
  6. I super love the style of the Miramax movies, and I have never seen a MOC capture that style so spot-on. I legitimately thought some of those pictures were screen captures of the movie for comparison for a few seconds. I really want to just build your version myself to have it sit on my display shelf. How did you do the spine?
  7. Instant buy for me. I've always wanted clean versions of those tracks.
  8. Looking forward to getting these. I hope that they do some new buildable figure lines that don't tie into the current movie again, though. I really want a Boba Fett, and with the new chest piece introduced by the Jyn figure, I think a decent one of Princess Leia in her Endor Rebel uniform could be made. I just think that there is a lot of good figures that could be made out of the older movies and TV shows.
  9. I am really looking forward to this. One complaint I saw elsewhere is that some people are upset that it is not exactly like the show, which I couldn't disagree with more. The show already covered its own story, so there is no real reason to retread old ground. And if the movie were just going to retell the same story, it would have to be heavily abridged. We don't have to look far for disasters like the Last Airbender movie to show why condensed retellings of TV seasons do not work. We'd just end up with a worse version of the show. I like that we are seeing the Lego Movie universe's interpretations of these characters and a new story to go along with it.
  10. For anyone who did not play it on the Wii U: This game is great and totally worth picking up. It does lack co-op, which is strange for a Lego game, but it is still great.
  11. The sets were fun, but I did not care much for the cartoon. I hope the pieces that originated in this line, especially the mini-ball joints, live on in other themes.
  12. Here ya go. http://www.shapeways.com/product/EYS9XLFMA/bionicle-mask-of-ultimate-power?li=shareProduct Also, despite how great these pictures are I am still a very untalented builder. If anyone who can make him decides to make step-by-step instructions, please let me know. Thanks a ton.
  13. Where can I get the mask? I assume it is 3D printed, and I do have access to a 3D printer, so I would appreciate a link.
  14. A cartoon and a strong push to start off with would be great, with a focus on storytelling. I am no sort of G2 hater, but I do feel like its very slow start helped sink that ship. In any case, it should only return if the people running it come up with a good idea and a strong vision for it and not just because people demand it back or for nostalgia's sake. I'm willing to wait however long that takes.
  15. Good luck to anyone entering. I really hope the winner will be kind enough to upload scans of the artbook (or Lego to release it digitally). The great concept art is one of my favorite things from G2.
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