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  1. Good 2 know that picture of me and that Viper is still on the internet after all these years, hahaha
  2. Alexander Hamilton (also, cats)
  4. You know what really grinds your gears? Levers. Thanks to those gears, the ground beneath your seat rose up and flung you and Makaru into something very like a roller coaster car. You thought you heard voices coming from somewhere, but then the car lurched forward and you were off down a psychedelic track of strange grinning faces and flickering lights. "Makaru, put your hands in the air!" you screamed. "There's no way of knowing which way we are going!" he screamed back. "No, seriously, put your hands in the air!" you yelled. The two of you raised your hands just in time to catch a low-hanging ledge, which only dislocated your shoulders a tiny bit given the speed. The car zipped off the end of the track and into an Olympic pool's worth of hot boiling lava. You clambered up onto the dimly lit ledge and focused your eyes. You stood stock still in shock. An equally surprised being stared at you from the shadows. It crossed its front legs. such sphinx, it said. very riddle wow
  5. The 'I' on the sign was stolen by Steve Carlsberg. What an obnoxious person.
  6. help i've forgotten how to do self-promotion
  7. Amazing Rahi? On your island? It was more likely than you thought. You wriggled back and forth gleefully, even though you weren't playing bingo.Your fair-weather friend of a Blocking Lava Ape was pretty amazing, after all, and he was readily accessible. Back in your camp. You hoped. Even so, you felt compelled to kick it up a notch, to get something truly amazing..."Hey," you said to your fellow Supertramps, "think we can teach Ludo to play the Imperial March on the bagpipes while riding a unicycle?"
  8. "DOO DOO DOO-DOO-DOO" you finally hooted. Those darn grumps.The formatting of this Survivor match had suddenly shifted, you noticed keenly. The dance party and stabbing had both died down, and now you were pretty much standing around on the beach waiting for the next challenge like the lazy bums that you were.You did really want to go commit some third-degree shenanigans (and check up on Ludo), but you also really wanted to stick around and see what vital information could be gleaned from being in such close, non-stabby contact with the other team. You had heard murmurings about a distillery, for instance.Your mind wandered as you stared up at the sky, and pretty soon you were curled up into a little ball and rocking back and forth over the fact that your lyrical twists and turns of phrase would never be as clear or sharp or punchy as Neko Case's. So you were easily distracted. Who wasn't?You decided to play some tetherball on account of your fro.
  9. Arpy

    Le top 10

    10. Aubrey Plaza 9. Rose Byrne 8. Florence Welch 7. Alaina Huffman 6. Imogen Heap 5. Neko Case 4. Stevie Nicks 3. Stevie Nicks 2. Stevie Nicks 1. Stevie Nicks 0. Misha Collins You're welcome.
  10. Ä̢́Ḷ̏L̪̔ ͉͋H͎̑Â͕I̍͜L̩̿ ̠̽T̲̏Ĥ̗Ḙ̕ ̬̔M̐ͅI̯̍G͇͆Ḧ́ͅT̹̑Y͖͘ ͓͒Ǵ̗L̰̀Ô͇W̭̏ ͚͛C̳̊L͚̈Ō̹U̲̕D͖̅ Ä̢́Ḷ̏L̪̔ ͉͋H͎̑Â͕I̍͜L̩̿
  11. Arpy

    BrickCon 2013 more like

    Well of course you've seen worse. Few things can compare to the likes of Stevie Nicks. BrickCon this year is going to be off the hook. Also, we should reenact the SSII dance party.
  12. Violently stabbing to violently dancing to violently stabbing again. It amazed you how rapidly your fellow survivors could veer from one extreme to another. You guessed that violence was the common theme.You did the only thing you could do to break the vicious cycle. Your voice got all gravelly."Mahna-mahna."
  13. StevieNicksCon 2013 if I have anything to say about it (I did not take my engraved bricks at all seriously this year)
  14. Good to see you building again! It's super cool that you got the struts to turn and everything. The sculpting on the front is ace, though I'm not sure about that one black tube.The back being flat works, but maybe some curved System pieces turned sideways would work instead of the liftarms to get more of a taper.
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