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    Okay, decided to enter the longest profile contest. Here goes:


    I am a devout Christian, and I believe that every detail in the Bible is true. I am also a PK. (Kudos to you if you know what that means.)


    Movies are awesome. Some of my favorites are:
    1. The Wolfman
    2. Clash of the Titans
    3. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    4. Get Smart
    5. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Video Games:

    I like Video Games. I can play M, though I'm not 17.
    My gamertag on Xbox Live is Crossfreedom. Send my a Friend Request, hmm?
    1. Halo 3
    2. Too Human
    3. Super Smash Brothers Brawl (IT BE MADE OF WIN. :D)
    4. Prototype
    5. Soul Caliber


    I'm actually a lot more interested in sports now. I was on the football and basketball team this year. Here are my favorite sports, in order.
    1. Fencing
    2. Football
    3. Basketball
    4. Soccer
    5. Tennis


    My long-term goal on here is to become an Admin.
    (Yes, B6, I want your job. :evilgrin: )
    I have a lot of friends, but some are:

    1. TMV-Spirit Nui
    2. Kumata Nuva
    3. Dr. Alex Humva
    4. Toa Korkoa: Toa of Plasma
    5. Rockhound
    6. Spink
    7. Robo
    8. Nero
    9. Ori
    10. Uepari
    11. TMS
    12. KCAI
    14. Zev
    15. Elmara
    16. I like Pie
    17. Emporer Whenua
    18. Lady K
    19. Gata
    20. Lashes from Nine

    Some people I look up to on here are:

    1. B6 (Until I steal your job. :evilgrin: )
    2. Macku: ToB
    3. Turakii
    4. Omi
    5. GregF
    6. Sisen
    7. Taka-Tahu-Nuva
    8. Spink
    9. Robo
    10. Toaraga

    I LOVE music. I have written five songs currently, sing, and am learning to play keyboard.

    My favorite bands are:

    1. Abandon
    2. The Classic Crime
    3. Anberlin
    4. Downhere
    5. Leeland
    6. Acceptance
    7. Sanctus Real
    8. Seabird
    9. Tenth Avenue North
    10. House of Heroes


    It's useful. Faves:

    1. CSI
    2. Criminal Minds
    3. Food Tech
    4. Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe
    5. Stuff on the History Channel

    I'm interested in my heritage. I'm a whole lot of things, though: Irish, Scottish, Cajun(French Canadian, mind you), English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Mexican, Cherokee, Choctaw(Possibly other tribes, too), and French. Mostly, I'm English, German, and I think Irish.

    Well, this franchise stole every dollar I earned, and my complete attention, as well as much of my social life for nearly ten years. In 2009, it became a little weird for someone my age to be heavily interested in LEGO Bricks. So I made myself quit. I no longer have interest. The only reason I'm on this site is my friends and COT. I don't regret this. I've been able to focus on people, instead of toys, and I've started dating. I'm a lot more popular now. So, if COT one day isn't enough to hold me here, I'll say my goodbyes, and be gone.


    MAY: I'm going to fine arts. I'm in JH Male Vocal Solo, Large Human Video, Songwriting, and a Skit. Here's hoping I make it to nationals in Fine Arts :)

    Aw. :( I got Superior in all four, but I ain't going to Orlando. Ah well, here's to next year. :)

    June: If I seem sad, not as happy, something like that, there's a good reason. Not gonna put it, because it's personal. If you really want to know, pm me and I MAY tell you.

    July: Had my Birthday, was fun. Not much else.

    August: Going back to School on the 24th. Grr. It's been a good summer, though.

    Yeah, haven't updated this in a while. Well, I'm in DC on vacation, everything's going pretty good. :)


    As I don't have a blog, I'm doing this here. I'm going to write a few sentences on each person in my list o' buddies, located in my sig. I'll update every couple of days. If I don't, pm me with a hammer. :P

    First up,

    TMV- Spirit Nui

    When I joined BZP, I quickly learned about RPGs. First one I joined was called No Limits, run by a guy known as Ori. Me and TMV's characters became friends, and so did we. I've known him for two years now, and plan on meeting him someday. He's nice, funny, a great friend, fun to RP with, and a great guy. I love ya, bro. :)

    Dr. Outbreak:

    Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. All of these incredbly varied words describe one person. Who is it? Alex. This can also be put another way.

    Smart, funny, talented, a writer, better-with-computer than-I-will-heck-ever-be.

    When I met this guy, I joined a very successful rpg called Outbreak. You may know me as Gabriel from it. If you don't, don't ruin my day by saying so. :P I soon thought Alex was a self-righteous god-moderator with bad gramarz( :P), but then I became friends with him, as evidenced by the fact that he's my co-host in Timefall. I love ya Alex, and get your flippin' computer fixed. :P

    Midnight Sun:

    When I first met her, she was known as Mazo, or TMS, or, as I call her, Caitlin. I met her in an rpg called Outbreak, and quickly became good friends with her. She's my buddy, my outlet for boredom, my rp-er person, and my third in command in Timefall. She's cool, nice, funny, says the right stuff, helps me out, and like me, a music lover. I think you is awesome, so stay that way. See ya' round. ;)

    NEXT UP:
    Hykado Wind-saber, coming

    ...Eventually. Buddies is now on hold.

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  1. Just saying, I was looking through my old PMs, and you ridiculed me for saying a bayonet is not a weapon, but rather a spike attached to a gun. 5 years later, I have come to correct you. Idiot, the term "bayonet" can also refer to a dagger of sorts. My soul can now rest in peace.

  2. IC: The Captain and others toasted, then sat down to enjoy their meal. Trade had now been established with four nations- Ignomia, Vardal, Zhao, and Kaenath. Badois was becoming a very popular nation.
  3. IC: "Quite simple really," began the Captain. He went on to describe a basic trading relationship, including an open-door policy to merchants and cultural exchanges. No real commitments would be required, and it would prove mutually beneficial.
  4. Weeeeell. Since I didn't know that and they've been going, can they be grandfathered in? I have spare EP if that'd help.
  5. IC(Zhao): "Indeed this is a day for celebration!" exclaimed the Captain. "The King will be overjoyed," he continued as he began to eat, "That we have found friends so close to our borders." IC(Badois): When the first of the scouting reports returned, the King drew up two new projects. The first was of a military nature- with such a vast array of foreign nations, it was important that appearances were maintained. To that extent, the Impérial Alchemist, Victore Davois, was tasked with developing enchanted weapons for the Impérial Forces that would never dull, rust, or break. (10 EP devoted) Next, a project of infrastructure. To take advantage of the fertile volcanic soil as well as connect the new settlements with each other and the rest of the nation, the King ordered farms to be built in the south. (10 EP)
  6. Humva, I should have another settlement at the mouth of the river slightly southwest of my other new settlement. The river that splits in three. And I suppose that means the area between is under my influence. Also, when do my mines finish?
  7. IC: With a nod the Captain took a goblet, thanking his host. "Now," he began, "About the matter of trade..."
  8. IC: The men seated themselves along one side of the table, the Captain taking the seat nearest the head but leaving the head of the table open for their host. "I imagine the scent is our meal, my friend," smiled Beladonte. "If so it smells marvelous."
  9. IC: "Captain Francois Beladonte, at your service," replied the Captain, as they entered the building.
  10. IC: "As you wish then, and we humbly thank you for the use of your home." As the buildings, with their distinctly alien architecture came into view, the Captain waited for the Speaker(who needs a name) to indicate which of the dwellings belonged to him.
  11. IC: "Interesting. Are we to travel to Ironhold, or conduct our business here?"
  12. IC: "Hmm, interesting." replied the Captain. "How is your society structured?"
  13. IC: Examing the reptilian creature, unlike any he'd ever seen before, Captain Francois replied. "Comfortably warm, though slightly less than here. Enough wind to make the heat enjoyable. Is this a typical day for this time of year here?"
  14. IC: The captain, Francois Beladonte, nodded to his men who began orderly following the speaker. It would be noticed that not all of the Badoise were entirely human. Two of them, in fact, had furry, double jointed, cloven hoofed legs and short horns extending from their foreheads. Interesting, at the least
  15. OOC: Badoise, not Badoisian. IC: The leader of the group of sailors did likewise, and addressed the bower. "Greetings from the Imperial State of Badois. We thank you for the warm welcome we have received."
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