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    Bionicle(DUH!),My comics,Sonic the Hedgehog,Harry Potter,Chao,Lotr,Pokemon,Michigan and American chillers,X-Men,X-Men,X-MEN!!!!and all other Marvel.Yu-Gi-oh?Yeah!Mage kinght My game counsells:<br><br>PS2.Gamecube,Nintendo 64 and GameboySP!<br><br>I also like Jak and Daxter and Neo Pets!And Homestar Runner!Halo...RPGING...Ratchet and clank<br><br>My Favorite Forums are: Artwork 2,Epics,and Games & Trivia<br>AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!<br><br>I also like the Inheritance series

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  1. @Your location: It must not be my brain, then. :P

  2. Barraki =BK=

    2008 Preview

    im just wondering whether or not that if the books simply focus on old mysteries, then is the main story going to be told more thoroughly in the comics or in story serials?
  3. Barraki =BK=

    News And Notes

    09 stand alone would be so awesome! Heartwrenching bionicle book? sounds cool. cant wait. BK
  4. Barraki =BK=

    A Fistful Of Krana

    Ah, I dunno... I for one like to listen to Pirates of the Caribbean whilst I write... excellent music. Glad to hear Vezons not through with... Right into a wall... youch. More about Krana, Toa, and Bahrag! Rock on! Now onto those mysteries: 1) What are the stars above Metru-Nui? 2) Are there other ways to access the energy of a Toa stone besides a Suva? 3) What the heck are the bohrok supposed to clean Mata-Nui for? As a matter of fact, I'd like the whole mystery of the bohrok solved... that would own. =BK= -International Pohatu Day, It's Pohatastic!-
  5. Barraki =BK=

    Havin' A Heat Wave

    Hm... The Toa don't kill thing has always bothered me... Just like, if you have someone that is visibly evil, that has threatened you and your people, don't just stand there and ask him to repent or be knocked unconscious. Ya need ta take that guy out. What if, by not killing a certain someone, a whole civillization would die out? I can't wait to see BL7 and how Greg works this in... =Bk=
  6. Barraki =BK=

    July 1st

    Hey, Greg! I think that Building tips would be an awesome adittion. Maybe some Bionicle Trivia that people not on BZP may not know scattered throughout the magazines, like maybe up along the sides and such. Stay awesome, greg! =BK=
  7. Barraki =BK=

    News And Notes

    Man, I really hope the Inika do good! COmic 3 sounds nice! Cant wait. Yeah, I talk about BIONICLE with my bro and some friends, to answer your question, Greg!
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