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  1. A two pixel middle line wouldn't look that bad
  2. Very nice! The number of colors do seem a bit too much thoughYou could still retain the same amount of detail with less colors with the use of dithering. It looks very similar, if not exactly the same regular size. Also all the front facing sprites could be 1 pixel wider, but that's just me. Of course these are just suggestions, do whatever you please These are great
  3. Chrome

    Cure Your Boredom

    Tone Matrix [media=400,400]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/dragoneon/Temp/matrix.swf[/media] aM Laboratory SPACE TO CLEAR
  4. Try to make the matoran poses more fluid. The legs and arms seem very stiff. Give them bendable knees and elbows!
  5. Chrome


    Thanketh ye! No wonder it never looks right...
  6. Chrome


    Moo - It's a mystery! Brickeens - You don't look dead either
  7. Chrome


    Blog renovations done! Sidebars looking spiffy Now where have all my past entries gone...
  8. it was indeed four hours into the next day :o

    but thanks muchly

  9. Happy Birthday :)

    Unless it's already the next day in your timezone :o

  10. Horrible, I'm one year closer to death :o

  11. so what's it like being so old

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