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  1. Sounds eventful :) Good to see your back anyways.

  2. It's going faster than I would be comfortable with... I'm reading Shakespeare's Hamlet at the moment; reading it is incredibly worthwhile and fun ^^

    On the 23rd July, I went to a concert in Kavarna and I saw Leaves' Eyes, Epica, Doro Pesch, Tarja Turunen and Atrocity (in order of appearance :D)

  3. XD thanks :)

    So how your vacation last time I talked with ya?

  4. That's a wonderfully cute picture ^-^

    How are you going?

  5. Hey dude! :D Remember about my halloween pics I said I'd send. Well I couldn't but I do have this gothic pic for ya XD http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=88142&st=6440&p=7019020entry7019020

  6. Quite the epic comic if I might add! ^^

  7. hrm, i think i reconize your avatar. would that be cale from the oh-so-aweomse comic series known as looking for group?


  8. WOW...Your Epic is just...EPIC!!! ^_^

  9. I've been okay, I guess. Not very active, though... :P

  10. Goodness, dude, sorry to have lost corespondance with you! How have you been? ^^

  11. Hello... I haven't been to your page in awhile. :P

  12. What's worse, I'll need to progress more in chemistry since it's required for my medicine diploma, along with biology (which I excell at, fortunately ^^)...

  13. One year older xD Besides that, not quite good, unfortunately... my semestrial exams are going to be smack packed in the 2 first weeks of June, and that means I don't have enough time for my friends or to prepare properly... Currently I'm revisioning redox reactions and ion exchange reactions, plus anything related to nitrogen... Chemistry sucks at times >

  14. Hey dude long time no see? :) How are ya?

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