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  1. And now that I have built Trinuma, I now have most of the Order of Mata Nui!! Muahahaha.Actually, really love Hydraxon. And Icarax's spinning shield is epic.
  2. They just arrived on Friday! They're in perfect condition. Thanks again Kiba!
  3. IC (Anshar Rune)"Sorry, Manbro. Telekinesis is not my strong card." The Kage apprentice scuttled back, scrambling away from the beginnings of their raft as the jungle rancor swiped at the trio with its webbed claws. Webbed claws. The rancor was famous as a predator with a diverse arsenal of tricks. While the acklay was known for its lightning fast charges, the Corellian sand panther was known to stalk the deserts, blending into the environment in order to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, and the sand shark was known to sweep the beaches for swimmers, the rancor had no specific hunting style. It was the ultimate adaptive predator, an assertion supported by how well the creature had taken to worlds from Dathomir to Felucia. Jungles, plains, mountains and water. No place was out of the rancor's reach.Webbed claws. Rune hung back as Vel unleashed a telekinetic burst at the predator's eyes. "Wait! No lightsabers! I mean, don't kill it! If you keep it's attention diverted, I might be able to try something!" Without really waiting for a proper reply, the Kage apprentice took off, running around the flailing rancor in a wide arc. "I really hope Manbro and Aloe Vera can hold its attention." Rune whispered a basic Nightsister spell to himself, scittering up a tree like a spider. He stopped at a reasonably high branch, roughly parallel to the rancor's back. Fifteen metres from the beast. It would have to do. Anshar Rune began to inhale and exhale steadily, silently calling upon the spirits, the Winged Goddess and Fanged God, to attune himself with the world around him. The apprentice's breathing intensified in staccato bursts as he attempted to sync his breathing with the rancor.
  4. I'd say most lords would be in their mid-to-late twenties or early thirties. Apprentices are evaluated based on their ability to control their power, and on their mindset. A lot of it depends on personality and aptitude. Very individual. We're talking about a Sith Order that is only around 15 years old, which is why the few Darths that are around are those with extensive prior training in other Force traditions.
  5. It's more the refusing to speak to them that bothers me. You don't get ahead in very many organizations by refusing to communicate. The lack of communication thing is a killer for teamwork.Speaking from personal experience, introvert =/= completely socially disfunctional.
  6. Well, first of all, reanimation of the dead isn't a Sith Lord-level skill. Even among the Nightsisters we have only one known (venerable and quite powerful) user of an ability like that. While I have no issues with her using Force drain, per se, I think you could consider giving her two or three actual Nightsister spells, rather than generic Sith force abilities. It'd only make sense if she's been training as a Nightsister for most of her life.Secondly, I would prefer if you outline the faction in a slightly more concise way; say, perhaps "Sith (Nightsister)" in the faction. Third, she does seem a tad young... Just a tad, I'm sure there is a logical explanation. When was she promoted from being an Apprentice? She got promoted to a Sith Lord despite being hostile to her classmates and refusing to talk to anyone on the Renaissance?
  7. Well, they can shrug off blaster bolts without blinking. Tough hide.Will post in about an hour.
  8. Structure your posts so you take it one bite at a time in order to conserve your soul energy and prevent RP fatigue?
  9. You should be getting them very soon, I sent it out last Thursday. Haha, hopefully. I haven't actually checked my mail for the past few days, due to being away, but I know that sometimes packages get held up at the border for ~four days (to ensure that the packages are safe). So stoked! Are they bagged?
  10. Oh, the little blue peg/pin combination.
  11. So, originally, Carawyn Jade was intended to be the apprentice of a character made by EW. Unfortunately, as it stands, it seems like EW won't be joining anytime soon. In light of this, I'm changing Jade to an orphaned Padawan. :'(
  12. IC (Twi'lek Padawan):Chuma Then sped through the jungle, weaving between branches, leaping through vines and jumping over roots with force-assisted speed. He intended to put as much distance between himself and the Sith Lord as possible. The Twi'lek's determined eyes blazed an unnatural sulfuric orange, striking a sharp contrast with his blue skin. He had to warn the others.Giving into rage, fear and the Dark Side was not something one could simply let go. Fuelled by adrenaline and fear, Bogan continued to gnaw at the Padawan's heart, even as his route led him to the path taken by Andros and the two Padawans whom had accompanied him.He bounced up slashing apart a tangle of vines with his orange lightsaber and landed in a somersault, before vaulting off further into the brush. OOC: Fight or flight. IC (Jade):Four minutes. Carawyn felt the satisfying rush of hot water meeting his scalp, drenching his dark blue hair and dying it nearly to a shade of black. The voice of Captain Tremaine echoed in his ears. The human had distinguished himself under the command of the Republic Navy's greatest hero, Wilhuff Tarkin. He had served at the defense of Dac, fighting off waves of Grievous' droid fighters in a prototype Lancer-class frigate. Captain Kaleo Tremaine, 35. Enjoyed grav-ball. Cheered for the Malastare Redblacks. Recently engaged to his university sweetheart. The Zeltron blinked against the water, mouthing along to his mental mantra. "Emotion, yet peace." It was the first line of the earliest known version of the Jedi Code. A simplified code that suited the Zeltron Padawan. Three minutes. Captain Marrow. Yes, a clone. But behind the face shared by trillions across the galaxy was a soldier who patrolled the lower reaches of Coruscant on a daily basis, protecting the offices of government and businesses that kept the Galactic Republic running. Jade had never known the clone personally, but he had fought alongside many like him. Clone or not, a life was a life. "Ignorance, yet knowledge." Two minutes. The Quarren street food vendor. Probably dead thanks to Nentir's stray turbolaser shooting. He may have had a family. Friends."Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony."One minute. Carawyn Jade rinsed the last of the shampoo out of his hair, and turned off the water after a minute of continuing to enjoy the hot shower."Death, yet the Force." The Padawan stepped out of the shower, drying himself off before drawing out his plain tan tunic and flexible brown leather boots. He had come to terms with the concept of dying himself. Fighting against waves of Separatist droid soldiers taught one that. But letting go of those whom he had command, however nominal, over was always much more difficult.As he tightened his belt and clipped his lightsaber to it, Jade stared out at the Coruscanti skyline once more. "Death, yet the Force."
  13. Granted. You are now trapped in a lamp for all eternity.I wish George Lucas made Star Wars' films that weren't motivated solely by greed/marketing/theneedforchildren'stoys.
  14. IC (Clone TIE Fighters): The TIE fighters hung like eight eyeballs in space, observing the Combat Wombat. A Venator had moved to the scene of the Lance's destruction, sending shuttles out to retrieve any survivors on the Arquitens-class cruiser. A voice crackled over the comm to the Combat Wombat's crew."This is a crime scene and emergency site. Please redirect your route away from this area to avoid debris and impeding the rescue efforts."IC (Jade): Jade stared blankly out at the Coruscanti skyline, ignoring the Jedi Knight. He remained silent, artfully drawing out a length of deep blue hair from the outlandish mess of gelled spikes and swirls that he had prepared for the infiltration. His fingers and natural blue nails played with the strands, binding them back into a Padawan braid, even as the gunship touched down in front of the Jedi Temple. Once the LAAT landed, the Zeltron Padawan rose to his feet. "Knight Nentir, with all due respect, we Jedi are the troopers' commanders and generals. And we were responsible with leading them. And they died in vain. Forgive me if I'm in no mood for jokes, tearing apart ships, or wreaking death on any being."He jumped lightly off of the LAAT onto the platform and strode briskly up the steps into the Jedi Temple. "It really isn't his fault. Nentir's a craftsman, a tinkerer that prefers gears and springs to real interaction with sentients. He doesn't know better." The Zeltron pulled a green arm-warmer off, balling it up in one hand. He was tired, and badly needed a change of clothes and a thorough shower to wash off the stink of the underlevels.
  15. Darth Lutra - No problem with the Jedi Weapons Specialist. +1PL - I don't recall the Padawan and Gurrox moving at all. The arm's been lying on the ground, which is why the Togruta had to fake a dizzy spell to fall on top of it and activate the commlink. It's too bad the lightsaber was kicked away.
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