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  1. Sybre

    Heh, readded you because you're active again!

  2. I've been switching between Daily Lives of High School boys (waiting on episode 8) and Mirai Nikki, and I'm glad that the anime adaptation of Mirai Nikki seems to be going well, and isn't that bad. The 1st OP is great, the second one is alright.
  3. I played most of the campaign through yesterday, and I loved playing Night Shift, but, there was a glitch where I turn to the Osprey and it's just a pure white screen. I got over that though. And I loved using the sniper rifles in the game, Night Shift is probably my most favorite level in the whole game. I haven't tried multiplayer yet, for obvious reasons.
  4. So all of you guys just bought this for the PC? Sadface
  5. I liked it, reminded me very much of System Shock 2, but the 2nd game was lacking in story, but nice improvements in gameplay. I can wait for Infinite though, because I'm looking forward to it, but it's not a number one priority. It looks like a good game, and I hope its a great successor storywise from Bioshock. EDIT: I'm a rescuer, I'm too merciful (as if being too merciful is a bad thing) And I received the platinum for Bioshock 1 a few days ago, I just need multiplayer trophies to platinum Bioshock 2.
  6. Just keep in mind the beta was on low settings. I remember beta testing BF2142 back in 2006. It had many more glitches than the final product that came out a month or two later.No, it means he's burnt out on shooters. Done, finished. BF3 will probably be my last FPS too.So then Dark Souls? :3
  7. I really wouldn't say it has CoD-like mechanics, but thats just me. And like everyone else has noticed, the PC graphics are stellar. Too bad my battlestation is just a laptop ._. Well it seems I did miss the beta. At least I'll be extremely excited when th egame itself comes out.
  8. Plague doctors had beaked masks to keep any scented substances in, because the belief at the time was that the bubonic plague could spread through miasmatic bad air.
  9. I pre-ordered BF3, hype me up. Also, I have had no internet access (except for school) for 3-4 weeks so what did i miss for Battlefield?
  10. BOXN

    Dark Souls

    It was an impulse thing, and I was getting killed numerous times by the Taurus Demon, so I did such and such. Are there any other merchants in the game?
  11. Has anyone else played this great game yet? I've stumbled into Blighttown by accident and it was the cause of my many deaths, but I switched around to exploring the Undead Burg and I'm doing well on it so far, killed the first Black Knight I encountered, but I'm having problems getting past the Hellkite Drake, any tips about it? I just want to get past it so I can access the bonfire, I'm not planning on killing it yet. And I killed the merchant for his Uchigatana, so I can't buy anything from him.
  12. Seen screencaps of it, looks unusual in a good way, but some of the ISO's i downloaded for it were corrupted, so I couldn't play it.
  13. Honestly, I respect MW3 fans more than Battlefield fans. I just can't bring myself to like anything made by EA these days, because of how arrogant their management is and how poorly their developers are treated. At least Activision has the decency to respect their competitors.DICE made the Battlefield series, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick wants to take the fun out of making games, etc etc. anything Dylan said. Hype and hope bro. DARK SOULS GAME OF THE YEAR OF ALL YEARS!
  14. BOXN

    Deus Ex

    Well I've read a lot about the first game and it interested me greatly, but I haven't played it for three weeks because I'm letting a friend borrow it. I'm going for the Pacifist trophy on the highest difficulty, along with planning to not get caught by security cameras, along with turning off the auto-aim, objective locators and any assistance. I wish I could turn off the HUD though. Also, Square Enix published it, they didn't develop it, just saying because you implied that Squeenix was the dev.
  15. Your banner=awesome.

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