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  1. I tried to bring Lluvy back with a carp, for experimentation's sake. It did not work. On the bright side, I've created zombie fish.

  2. I really miss Pohuaki sometimes and the scene where he was pulled away made me all kinds of sads
  3. Lluvio

    Oh, Hey, A Blog?

    lolbzp is back guys
  4. Lluvio


    Is that body a pop-tart?
  5. you're the best guy

  6. Lluvio

    Tsunami Warning

    Learn how to fly. Only then will you be able to save humanity! tl;dr become an emolga
  7. I'm loving the name Julius. Easily my favorite Hero as well.
  8. Stone with Night Vision? I like it. Granted I have no idea what's going on with the bzprpg lol
  9. At first I assumed this was about I Wanna Be The Guy
  10. The best part is that it's not even the Ice-themed Hero who has that weapon.
  11. This cool entry... It is entry 666.
  12. I've got... The basic shotgun from Zombie Master, partnered with Kurt from Glee, and a '97 Toyota Camry. I have a feeling Kurt would get intense during a zombie apocalypse.
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