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  1. This thing. Granted, I wasn't making it as an MOC; was more just sticking together pieces I had lying around from other things.
  2. Well, I have a four-page essay due Thursday, have to read two books and write another essay by August 20th, and then read three other books and write stuff about them by September 7th(ish). Could be worse!
  3. it was alright, I guess, and there were a few cool moments, but mostly, I feel like it didn't quite live up to what TDK set it up to be.
  4. danwojo913

    sup guys

    so I haven't seen TDKR yet; was busy helping my cousin move some stuff across the state. so quick updates on me, since I don't think I've really talked to anyone in awhile: first time since 7th grade I got all A's for the entire year scored a 2130 on the SAT: critical reading: 660, writing: 690, math: 780. saw Avengers - awesome. and that's my boring life. what's up with you guys?
  5. "I was told we had six more weeks to wrap things up!" "Nope, it's today." oh you subtle remarks at syfy.
  6. one of my friends was trying to tell me that Aquaman was the best superhero ever, and he was like, "name someone that could beat aquaman in a fight!" I practically screamed "ANYONE" but I've always liked either Hulk or Wolverine best, even though I don't dislike really any superhero (except aquaman )
  7. Someone a few posts back mentioned they couldn't find the original topics for the contest this debate originated from - here they are:http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=333412 - Name That GB (original topic, contest ended February 14th 2011)http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=333677 - Who It Isn't (Greg's response to the contest guesses)yeah, they're on the archive. so they'll log you out.
  8. Where else would it snow but outside?
  9. danwojo913

    Katy Perry

    That's sad. Autotune should never outsell pure genius. Thing is, the Beatles existed in a time where consumers bought full albums instead of just singles, cause many artists believed that albums were made as one and should stay as one. (better example, Pink Floyd). Today, a lot of artists just release singles, and then a compilation album every so often. So comparing sales of singles between today and 40 years ago really doesn't show much.
  10. so I made this, but it's awful big to embed, so I linked it. it's an entirely normal model in blender, with a little particle system set up to make fire in the hand. all the stylizing was done in blender's compositor, and it's mostly just a bunch of contrast adjusting with some gamma changing and a vignette added. I think it came out pretty sick, but obviously I made it, so...
  11. Over the past few weeks, I've been working on something in Blender that I think I'm finally ready to call done. You all know how those crazy Mayans love to mess with people. I mean really, is the world just gonna end four days before Christmas 2012? ...Is it? That was my basis behind this.
  12. danwojo913

    Iq Test

    We took IQ tests in my psych class. Not real IQ tests, online, but apparently one of the best online tests. I got a 172
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