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  1. I have left BZP for a better place. If anyone is interested in following me, send me a PM.

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  2. Thanks! Nice to see you around again, Hovoki. Good to be back! This is great stuff, is it a continuation of sorts? I'd love to read up on the past exploits of the Barraki or the Playmobil fleet. Not really; I wanted to try something entirely new. Though chances are the history of the Barraki and the Playmobil fleet will wind up being important eventually... Yep, at least for the time being. I prefer it for funny stories myself, at least. I don't quite have the capability to write funny things into prose. I'm sure he'll show up quite a bit in the future. =p ===== RULE #3: Prisoners attempting to escape will be pursued by guardians who may use lethal force at their discretion. In the event that a prisoner is caught by a guardian during an escape attempt without being killed, they may be subjected to punishment as the guardian sees fit, including, but not limited to, being tossed into the pool filter, being forced to brush Nocturn’s teeth, or being donated to a local church’s nursery filled with excitable three year olds. Chapter 3: Filtered July 5, 2015, 3:51 PM The Deep End of the Pool Nearby the Pool Filter Nocturn: Now, foul monstrosity with no poseability! Your reign of terror ends here! Playmobil Pirate Commander: Arrgh! Like heck it does! I’ll cut you up and serve you to the fish! The playmobil commander charges Nocturn with vengeance in his eyes, only to be grabbed by Nocturn’s tentacle and dangled in the air Commander: Argh! Get this slimy thing off me! Nocturn: Ha ha! Vile miscreant! Not only is threatening a licensed protector of justice a crime punishable by up to two months in the pool’s deep end, but this pool is filled with chlorine! There are no fish to feed me to! They all died a looongg time ago…during the accident... *sigh* Commander: …what does that have to do with- Nocturn: Now, taste defeat like all other villains! Nocturn swings his tentacle and flings the pirate commander into the water in a heroic manner *SPLASH!* Pirate: Blaaarrrrrggghhh….*gurgle gurgle* Nocturn: Ha ha! Justice wins again! Tahu Nuva: …I guess tossing someone off a boat and letting them drown is justice now. Tahu Mata: Justice is often times misintentioned…or completely misrepresented. Pridak: Oh, hey. You guys are all right. Kalmah: We saw what was going on and decided to come help. What happened? Hydraxon: Some of the neighbor’s playmobils got into the pool, again. Also, can I get some help? Tahu Nuva helps Hydraxon reattach his leg, probably more forcefully than necessary. Hydraxon: OW! Tahu Mistika: Just be glad it’s not a lime green limb. You’d be bouncing around on one foot for the rest of your life. Tahu Mata: So, wait. Those playmobils come over here often? Hydraxon: Yeah. They’ve been showing up pretty frequently as of late. Something about wanting to take back the high seas. Nocturn: Ha ha! But no sea shall ever be high enough to overcome the spirit of a true hero! Tahu Mistika: And, uh…who, exactly, are you? Hydraxon: Oh, right, you guys haven’t met, have you? Tahu Mistika: …not to my knowledge. Are you one of the G2 sets? Hydraxon: No, no. He’s one of the 2007 winter sets. Got tossed into the pool just 3 months after he arrived along with the rest of the Barraki. That was probably…about a year or so before you got pre-ordered. Tahu Mistika: …and he’s been here ever since? Hydraxon: Guy’s a convicted serial killer. He’s in here for life. Truth be told, he shouldn’t even be allowed to roam around the pool, but the chief of security thought he’d make a good candidate for a reformed prisoner. So now he’s serving as a part time guard that…apparently took on a job as a hero of justice in his spare time. Tahu Mistika: …oh, uh…wow. Tahu Nuva: And, uh…who, exactly, was the chief of security that allowed a prisoner to be a security guard? Hydraxon: The jailer, of course. Tahu Nuva: …so…you? Hydraxon: Me? Ha. No. I may be a jailer in those stupid comics, but here, I’m just a counselor. Tahu Nuva: Well, that makes sense. Tahu Mata’s a hero in the comics, but in real life, he’s just a cheating poker player. Tahu Mata: Hey! Pridak: Well, I guess nothing’s going on here. Come on, guys. Let’s see if we can’t get Mantax’s chess pieces out of that pool filter. Hydraxon: Counseling’s up for the day, as well, so I’m going to get out of the pool and head inside. You three, you’re scheduled to be out of here in a couple days. I’m sure you’re ready to get back into the apartment, so don’t do anything stupid and get your sentence lengthened. Nocturn: And I! I am…somewhat tired, actually. Think I’ll go take a nap. The Bionicles leave in various fashions of heroism and thinly disguised contempt. Tahu Mata: …well, I guess that’s that. Tahu Nuva: You know, I forgot to ask who that chief of security is. Tahu Mata: Huh. So did I. Oh well, we’ll be out of here soon. Who cares? Tahu Nuva: Well, I sort of do. I have a complaint to file about the quality of the inmates here. Tahu Mata: …you better not be referring to me. Tahu Nuva: And another complaint to file about the conditions. Only having a pool filled with water for the fire Toa has gotta violate some kind of discrimination laws. July 5, 2015, 4:05 PM The Deep End of the Pool Nearby the Pool Filter Pridak: …hmm… Takadox: What is it? Pridak: Oh, hey, Takadox. Mantax got stuck in the pool filter trying to get his chess pieces out. I’m trying to think of a way to get him out… Mantax: Please hurry up with that. There’s all these leaves and dead bugs and…various insundry pieces of flotsam and jetsam. Takadox: That…does sound thoroughly miserable. Anyway, some new prisoners got tossed in here. They’re here for life, too. Pridak: …for life? Wow. Who are they? Takadox: The Piraka. Zaktan and his old gang. Pridak: Huh. Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to get tossed in here. What they’d do? Takadox: Apparently they were found guilty on 5,769 counts of treason. Took our makeshift court 5 years to finish the trial. Pridak: …well that would explain why it took so long for them to get thrown in here. But treason, hmm. I guess they wanted to kick Turaga Vakama out of the ruler’s spot? Takadox: I would imagine so. Though…they were apparently working with someone. Won’t say who, but they had been writing letters back and forth to someone else. The Turaga’s apparently really nervous about it now. Pridak: …nervous, you say? Takadox: Yeah. Worried he’ll get offed by whoever their friends were. Why? Pridak: …Takadox…this is our chance! Takadox: Huh? Pridak: This is our opportunity to prove that we’ve changed! Prove that we’re not the villains we used to be! We’ll go rough up those Piraka, find out who they were working with, and tell Vakama! Then he’ll realize we’ve actually changed! We’ll be heroes and out of prison! Takadox: …so…our plan to demonstrate that we’re good guys is…to assault and illegally interrogate others? Pridak: Yes! It’s brilliant. Come on, Takadox! Let’s get started! Takadox: …uh…ok…I guess? Mantax: Wait! Guys! You’re supposed to be getting me out of the pool filter! Guys! Come bac-augh! Bug in my teeth! Get it out get it out get it out… To be continued… -MT
  3. Thanks! Nice to see you around again, Hovoki. Thanks to you as well! Glad to see it's enjoyed. RULE NUMBER TWO: If you are thrown into the pool, do not drink the water. It contains chlorine. Drinking pool water has been scientifically shown to cause an increase in depression, so you’ll have to see a doctor. Unfortunately, since we recently fired our latest doctor, there is no doctor to see. You’ll just have to be really sad. And no one wants to hang out with a really sad Bionicle. Chapter 2: A True Hero June 15, 2015, 3:40 PM The Back Corner of the Pool Pridak’s Lair Pridak: ...hmm… Kalmah: … Pridak: …call. Kalmah: Three kings. Pridak: Oh for the love of... Kalmah: 13 straight hands. I’m on a roll. Pridak: ...forget it. What was I thinking trying to play poker against a squid of all things? I swear, you guys have eyes in the back of your head. Kalmah: Tentacles, actually. I can sense the relative amount of confidence you have in your cards. It tells me whether to- Pridak: ...what WAS I thinking? Mantax: Oh, you guys are finally done! Wanna try a new game? Pridak: No. I’m sick of playing cards with this cheater. Kalmah: I did not cheat. The rules of poker say nothing about reading emotions with tentacles. I googled them myself. Pridak: ...cheater. Mantax: Well, no worries there! It’s not a card game at all. I managed to sneak this bad boy out from underneath a deck chair. Pridak: ...you mean...you actually LEFT the pool? Mantax: Yeah. Kalmah: Brave. You would’ve been sliced to bits if Omen caught you. Mantax: ...yeah, well, he didn’t, so there. And besides, I came right back. Now, who’s ready to stop worrying about some poorly tossed together moc and play some CHESS! Pridak: … Kalmah: ...chess? Mantax: Yeah. Check this out! Mantax pulls a miniature chess set out and displays it for the other two Barraki to see. Sadly, all the chess pieces begin to float away. Pridak: … Mantax: ...hmm. Maybe we’ll have to weigh them down with something. Kalmah: Or I could just hold them down with my tentacl- Pridak: NO. I’ve had enough of your tentacles. I’ll find something to weigh them down with myse- ???: Hey, Pridak! Pridak: …? Kalmah: Oh. Ehlek. Takadox. Nice to see you...well...actually, wait, that doesn’t work. Ehlek: … Kalmah: ...ok, to see you? No, that’s not really it either. Takadox: … Kalmah: Tolerable to see you? Hmm, nah… Mantax: …uh, guys, my chess pieces are- Kalmah: The mere sight of you does not horribly offend me. There. Ehlek: ...well, uh...I suppose that’s better than the alternative. Takadox: Hey. A bunch of fresh meat got tossed in this morning. Wanna go rough ‘em up? Pridak: And get yelled at by Hydraxon again? No thanks. Takadox: What?! Ehlek: This is unlike you, Pridak. Since when do you pass up opportunities to beat up newbies? Or are you still scared of Ome- Pridak: I’m not. I’ve just been...thinking, that’s all. Kalmah: Well it’s nice to see you trying something new for a change. Takadox: Thinking of what? Pridak: Maybe it’s time we tried to turn things around. Y’know. Stop trying to be the bad guys for once. Do something good for a change. Ehlek: What are you saying? We are villains. Being the bad guys is kind of our thing. Pridak: Yeah, but...look where it’s gotten us. We’re stuck at the bottom of some algae filled pool, doomed to an existence of playing cards with cheaters for the rest of our existence. Maybe we should try doing some good...for once… Takadox: Not like it matters much at this point. We’re stuck here forever. Once Turaga Vakama declares that you’re in the pool for life, you’re not leaving. Pridak: Well, hey, he said that, but who knows? Maybe if we finally clean up our act, he might change his mind. Ehlek: … Kalmah: … Takadox: Well, you’re the boss, so...I guess we can give it a shot. Pridak: Glad you agree. Now, let’s- *SPLASH!* Pridak: ...what was that? Ehlek: Looks like something got tossed into the shallow end. Pridak: ...hmm. Takadox: ...should we go check it out? Pridak: ...yeah. C’mon, guys. Let’s go. Kalmah: Very well. Off to see what new is in the pool. Mantax: Wait! My chess pieces are still...oh no...they’re being sucked into the pool filter...oohhhh… June 15, 2015, 3:48 PM The Shallow End of the Pool An Interrupted Counseling Meeting Hydraxon: Quick! Move to shelter! Tahu Mata: What on Earth is going on?! Hydraxon: We’re under attack! A large plastic cannonball is fired through the water and nearly takes Tahu’s mask off *SPLASH!* Tahu Mata: Geeze! Tahu Nuva: What is that? There’s...a giant ship floating on top of the water! Hydraxon: It must be...the neighbor’s playmobils! They’re out for revenge! *SPLASH!!* Tahu Mistika: It’s...a pirate ship? Hydraxon: They’ve brought out their biggest guns, it seems. Everyone! Get to shelter! Playmobil Pirate: YAR! Die, Bionicle scum! *SPLASH!!* Hydraxon: Swim! Swim for your lives! Tahu Mistika: Not to worry. This propellor should help gain momentum. Tahu tries in vain to spin his propellor. Tahu Mistika: ...I swear, Lego was trying their hardest to make us 2008 versions useless. *SPLASH!* Playmobil Pirate Commander: Argh! They’re tryin’ to escape. Quick, men! Open the sail! We’ve got a strong breeze at our backs! Tahu Mata: They’re getting closer! Hydraxon: I know! I know! Keep swimming! Tahu Nuva: ...I knew I should have signed up for Gali’s swim lessons… Playmobil Pirate Commander: FIRE! *SPLASH!* Hydraxon: AAAHHHH!!!! Tahu Nuva: His leg! It got his leg! Hydraxon: Augh...arrrggghhh… Tahu Mata: Leave him! He’s dead weight now! Tahu Nuva: But- Hydraxon: Go! Get out! You’ll never make it dragging me along! Playmobil Pirate: We got one, captain! Glancing blow on the leg! Playmobil Pirate Commander: Arr! Line up for a finishing shot! Playmobil Pirate: Aye aye! Hydraxon: ...oh no… Playmobil Pirate Commander: Fire at will! Playmobil Pirate: FIRE! *SPLASH!* *CLANG!* Hydraxon: … Tahu Mata: … Tahu Nuva: … Playmobil Pirate Commander: ...what happened! Status report! Playmobil Pirate: ...sir! It seems like our shot was...a miss? But how- ???: I’ll tell you how! Because a true hero of justice…. A green and blue Bionicle flies out of the water and lands on the pirate ship in a heroic manner. Nocturn: ...knows no fear! Tahu Mata: … Tahu Mistika: ...who’s this guy? Hydraxon: Oh no… Pirate Commander: Argh! Who’re you? Nocturn: Why, I am Nocturn! The great four armed five toothed hero of justice! No evildoer shall stand in my way! Tahu Nuva: ...what is even… Tahu Mata: ...you know...that has to be a pretty sturdy ship to hold someone of that weight. Nocturn: Now, villains! It is time to pay for your crimes! Pirate Commander: ...pirates...get him. Nocturn does a bunch of cool looking moves in the name of true justice. Pirates: Argh! Pirate Commander: …! Nocturn: Hear me, evil pirates who would seek to inflict harm upon helpless victims! Justice will not stand for your actions! And neither will I! Pirate Commander: ...very well. You have forced my hand. Draw your sword, fool, and we shall settle this like men! Or, at least, manly toys. Nocturn: Ha ha! You underestimate the power of justice…justice does not carry just one weapon... Nocturn draws three different swords in a truly just fashion. Nocturn: ...it carries THREE! Pirate Commander: … Nocturn: Now...taste what a true hero can do! Pirate Commander: ...Let us have a showdown, then! RAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! Nocturn: HHHYYYYAAAARRRRRR!!!! The two meet in an epic clash of justice and slap fighting Tahu Nuva: ...what is happening at this point? Tahu Mistika: ...I have honestly lost track...but let’s help get Hydraxon to safety while they’re distracted. To be continued...in a truly heroic fashion! -MT
  4. RULE NUMBER ONE: Don’t Misbehave, or it’s the Pool for You. That was the first thing every newcomer to the apartment learned. Every toy, be it a Bionicle, a Hero Factory set, or even one of those horrifying Star Wars constraction figures were under the same rules: step out of line once, and it was the pool for you. It was how the Turaga had managed to maintain order in a world of strife among Lego brands, especially since the reboot of Bionicle. Keeping peace was no easy task when, at any point in time, you could have five Tahus, four Jallers, and three Nujus running around the apartment. So simple, yet harsh, rules were implemented. Break them, and you would end up in the rarely used community pool outside. Repeatedly break them, and you would find yourself there for a longer period of time. For most sets, a short stay was enough to convince them of the values of rule keeping. A select few, however, were not ones to be convinced easily. They were the hardened criminal types, the toys you did not want to mess with. These violent, unredeemable miscreants had been confined to not just the pool, but the deep end of the pool, forever. Here, they would be kept from causing trouble for the other Bionicles. Forgotten, and locked away; no one would remember them… These forgotten plastic souls...these Prisoners of the Pool...this is their story… Chapter 1: What’s in a Name? June 15, 2015, 3:12 PM The Shallow End of the Pool Cereal Thieves Anonymous Meeting Hydraxon: Thank you all for coming. As you know, this is part of a mandatory two week training program designed to help our delinquent citizens be reformed into better members of society. I will be your counselor; Hydraxon. Tahu: Do I need to be here again? Hydraxon: ...sorry, who were you again? Tahu: ...Tahu. I’m Tahu. Most famous Toa? Maybe you’ve heard of me? Hydraxon: Oh, yes, I know full well who you are...it’s just, um...there’s three different Tahus at this meeting, and… Tahu: I’ve got a propellor on my arm. Which one do YOU think I am? Hydraxon: Oh. Propellor. Of course, that means you’re the Tahu nobody likes. Tahu Mistika: Hey! Tahu Nuva: ...I like him just fine. Hydraxon: Right, yes. You guys like each other just fine...but it’s the new guy that’s causing problems, isn’t it? You all keep picking on him. Tahu Mata: Yeah. Guy shows up out of the blue one day and thinks he can be a Tahu too. Well, we’ve got news for him. Being a Tahu means meeting strict requirements. There’s a certain prestige to being a Tahu, and you have to earn it. Hydraxon: ...but...him? (gestures to Tahu Stars) Tahu Mata: ...ok, most of the time you have to earn it. Tahu Nuva: I think the bigger problem is that not only did he come in claiming to be a Tahu, but he’s come in saying that he’s THE Tahu. The new, official Tahu, now that we’re all rebooted and forgotten about. He thinks he’s the new important Fire Toa. Hydraxon: That must be difficult for you. Tahu Mistika: It is! Imagine if a new Hydraxon came in and told you he was the new Hydraxon, and he was taking over your job. How would you feel? Hydraxon: ...all things considered, if it means I don’t have to put up with you lunatics anymore, pretty grateful. Tahu Mistika: Hey!...again. Tahu Mata: Maybe being called Hydraxon doesn’t carry much weight, but being named Tahu actually means something. We’re the face of a franchise, or, at least, we used to be. Hydraxon: Look, I can recognize that you’re upset about all this. But you have to try to work things out peacefully, or else...you’ll just keep fighting and getting tossed into the pool. And you don’t want that, your friends don’t want that, I certainly don’t want that… Tahu Mata: Then what do YOU suggest we do, huh? Hydraxon: Maybe it’s time to swallow your pride and recognize that other, non-G1 Bionicles can be called Tahu too. Tahu Mata: Pfft. If you think we’re backing down to some kind of low life, G2 sympathizer, then you can forget it. Hydraxon: *Sigh* Tahu Mistika: We gotta protect our rights! Hydraxon: Look. Obsess over your name all you want. I really don’t care. Just stop stealing reboot Tahu’s cereal. It’s all we’ve got left for now, and there haven’t been any opportunities recently for the flying Gukko Squad to head out for the supermarket without being spotted by humans. Tahu Stars: Pfft, whatevah man. You’ve got no power ovah us. Hydraxon: … Tahu Nuva: ... Tahu Mata: … Tahu Stars: ...what? Did I hurt’cha feelings? Got no comeback, tough guy? Hydraxon: No, just...I’m not used to being threatened by midgets. Tahu Stars: HEY- Hydraxon: Well, this has been informative as always. Your sentence will be up in three more days, and you can leave the pool then. Tahu Stars: Oh, yeah? And who’s gonna stop us from leaving now? Hydraxon: ...try to leave now, and you’ll get stomped into mulch. Tahu Mata: Oh, is dat right, tough guy? Well, it’s not about the amount of plastic in the fight, but about the amount of fight in the plastic, y’know. Hydraxon: There won’t be a fight if I’m forced to call you know who for backup. Tahu Mata: ...you don’t mean… Tahu Mistika: You can’t possibly mean... Tahu Nuva: ...him? Hydraxon: That’s right. Tahu Mata: …*gulp* Tahu Stars: Whatsa matter wit’ you all? Y’all got scared witless by this half baked threat? Tahu Mata: ...stars...back down. There doesn’t need to be any fighting. Tahu Stars: Not you too...man, am I the only one wit’ any guts around here! Come on, Hydraxalicious! Fight me! Hydraxon: Oh, I’m just your counselor. I won’t be doing any fighting. Tahu Stars: ...aw, too chicken to fight me? Hydraxon: ...something like that. He, on the other hand… (gestures behind Tahu) Tahu Stars: ...he? Who ya pointin’ at… ???: … Tahu Stars: ...watcha want, tough guy? I’m gonna- *WHACK!* June 15, 2015, 3:18 PM The Deep End of the Pool Spying on the Events Currently Transpiring Takadox: ...is that the fresh meat? Ehlek: Yeah. Got tossed in this morning. Stealing cereal, I think. Takadox: ...huh. One of ‘em’s getting smacked around by Omen. Ehlek: Pfft. Probably tried to run for it. Takadox: Well, that’s one decision he’ll regret. C’mon, let’s go tell Pridak. Ehlek: ...ugh. Why don’t you go tell Pridak? Takadox: Because I don’t want you roughing up the new guys without me. Ehlek: I won’t do anything while you’re gone. Takadox: ...you are the one that somehow managed to download 10 GB of Shia LeBouf gifs onto my hard drive when I left my computer alone for five minutes. I don’t trust you with anything. Ehlek: ...oh, yeah. That’s fair enough. Right then, to Pridak it is. Takadox: I still don’t know how you managed to get all that in there… Ehlek: I “just did” it. Takadox: ...and I still don’t know why we’re friends. ....to be continued? -MT
  5. After a few minutes of considering their options, two of the chefs boldly stepped forward. Smoke Monster tried to eyeball similarities between the two containers of milk, but sadly, failed to recognize the inevitably of human Matoran error. The milk couldn't measure out to exactly one gallon. Displeased with his efforts, the great dessert spirits whisked him away. Upon seeing this, Shadow FF threw his hands up and yelled "Forget this! I'm out." He then promptly walked out of the room. Kanohi Ko-llector, however, had the right idea. He realized that two of the three cup containers would equal six, and six minus five would leave one, the exact amount he needed. Thus, he proceeded to fill up the three cup container, and then pour it into the five cup container. He then filled up the three cup container, and filled the five cup container to the max, thus leaving only one cup's worth of milk remaining in the three cup container. The milk amount of create the perfect recipe was his. Right Answer: Kanohi Ko-llector Wrong Answer: Smoke Monster No Answer: Shadow FF Only one chef remained, and due to the lack of remaining players will of the great spirits, there was now only one trial remaining. If this test could be passed, the recipe for the legendary brownies would be his. Kanohi Ko-llector walked into a large kitchen, filled with a number of cooking appliances. Baked goods were being cooked in seemingly every corner of the room. A voice boomed "you have clearly displayed your wit by progressing this far. Now, all that is left is to prove your handiness in cooking. Tell me...where in this room is 85 more than 100?" The items in the room included an oven, a sink, a calculator, a cooking timer, a measuring cup, and a crock pot. -MT
  6. Waiting on one last person; I'll give them until the end of the day. -MT
  7. Choices Crepe: Ghidora131 Pie: Kanohi Ko-llector, Toa Smoke Monster, Shadow FF Once more, the chefs had let their decisions be known. Selecting their baked goods, they placed them inside the opening. Three of four made the right choice, but never fear. Ghidora131 was teleported out to a dimension full of milk and honey where he would be comforted by an infinite supply of crepes. Meanwhile, the remaining three chefs had realized that math teachers like pie. The next room saw a new challenge, one that was unlike what they had come across before. In the midst was an almost complete recipe for delicious milkshakes, but sadly, the recipe was missing one key ingredient; milk. The milkshake recipe calls for a single cup of milk, but sadly, only a 5 cup container and a 3 cup container were on the table. Words were displayed on the wall: "Finish the recipe to proceed without spilling." It appeared that the room was looking for the chefs to deduce how to obtain a precise cup of milk with the two containers before them... -MT
  8. All answers are in. I'll get the scene up after classes today. -MT
  9. Here we gooooo Choices Brownie Path: Indigogeek Cake: Kanohi Ko-llector, Toa Smoke Monster, Shadow FF, Ghidora131 Frozen Yogurt: FrozenPancake The chefs had made their choices. As the six made their choices, a large clunk could be heard. A dam was unleashed, and a wave of DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE SYRUP was unleashed. "Oh no!" Indi yelled. Thankfully, however, four brave chefs had made the right choice, realizing that a cake, unlike a brownie or frozen yogurt, has a covering. Indi and FrozenPancake were quickly swamped by chocolate syrup, and ate so much that they found themselves unable to move. The four remaining chefs found themselves protected by delicious frosting, and so did not gorge themselves on cheap syrup. Perhaps they would be truly worthy of the recipe. CHALLENGE 2 The next room contained a picture of a Turaga teaching some Matoran mathematics etched into the wall. Set in the middle of the room were several objects. A set of pies, an ice cream cone, and a warm crepe. The only thing else of note were words inscribed just above an opening in the wall directly below the math teacher. "Feed me." Clearly, this teacher was hungry for something besides knowledge. Or...was he? ===== If you're one of the four remaining, make your choice from the three desserts above! Hopefully we'll get all responses within 24 hours this time. -MT
  10. Welp, I've only had three people respond in the two day time period allotted... I'll PM everyone else and get a scene up by the end of the weekend. -MT
  11. Cool. Took a bit longer than I hoped, but here we go. Everyone who has signed up before is in. CHALLENGE 1 The chefs arrived on the distant island, ready to lay claim to the famous recipe. After a long trek, they found the opening to the cave where the recipe was said to be hidden. Upon entering it, they found themselves in a small, dusty room. A brief search revealed these words. "Choose the path that provides covering, as those who do not will have no protection from the flood." Three pathways presented themselves, one with frozen yogurt in a bowl, one with a cake with chocolate frosting, and the last of a brownie with ice cream. Clearly, each person could only take one passage...but which one? (Make your choice: Frozen Yogurt, Cake, or Brownie passage?) -MT
  12. So we have PLAYER LIST Naota Takizawa Indigogeek Toa Smoke Monster Shadow FF Kanohi Ko-llector (sorry for the delay, papers n' such got in the way) I'll do one more day for sign ups, and then we'll get started. Also, to answer the question beforehand, I'd prefer if everyone PM'd me their answers separately, just to prevent any possible confusion. I can imagine a scenario where a group has one person give an answer, and that one person accidentally gives the wrong one and gets 3 people booted off as a result of one failure. -MT
  13. Name: MT Zehvor Title: The Quest for the Legendary Brownies Topic: Link -MT
  14. Olook us plebeian regular members can make topics now. Anyway here's my fantastical game. Please vote for it so I can win delicious prizes yes. THE QUEST FOR THE LEGENDARY BROWNIES Once upon a time, there was a secret treasure, hidden within the great peninsula of Indi Nui. Legend had it that the recipe for the most delicious brownies ever had been locked away for centuries. These famous treats had been just rumors for centuries, but now...a brave team of chefs were standing at the opening to a large cave, ready to journey inside in order to claim the brownies for themselves. However, the creator of these famous brownies was not going to simply give up his tasty treats for nothing in return. Legend told that the great Turaga of Indi Nui had been originally given the recipe for these incredible brownies by one of his best friends. The brownies were so good that the Turaga had decided to hide the recipe deep inside the island, so that only the most worthy chefs could acquire them. And now, this brave team of chefs was at the ready, to reclaim this recipe... RULES The Great Cave of the Brownies is one where you will confront six trials. Should you fail one of these trials...you'll just have to rethink your career as a legendary chef. If all six trials are passed, however, you will be deemed a worthy chef and given the recipe for the legendary brownies. Each trial will consist of some challenge that you must accomplish. It could be a simple question. Or a riddle. Or a puzzle. Generally speaking, it will be some kind of logic test. You are free to work together if you wish...or, if you want all the glory for yourself, you can try to throw others off the trail...in a non violent fashion, of course. Make sure to PM me your answers to the puzzle/test, do not post here. After each "test," the next puzzle will be posted, and 24 hours will elapse in which the next puzzle is to be solved. Failing to submit an answer means you're not a worthy chef. QUESTIONS Coming whenever someone asks me a question. -MT
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