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  1. Don't waste your time on the U.S. version. It sucks! Haha RCF
  2. LOVE this show! Hammond,May and Jeremy are amazing! I love all three of them when they get togeather! On the other hand I HATE the U.S Top Gear... It's quite silly IMO. Fans of UK or US? RCF
  3. @Paleo, If you have any spare time start watching it again!!! RCF
  4. @Michael Phelps. I don't care about who dates who either! Haha I just like the humor! RCF
  5. I love this show! Just started watching it! Sheldon is hilarious! I love all of Howard's outfits! Penny is my favorite character! Love her! Any other fans? EDIT: THE BIG BANG THEORY.If anyone can fix it please do so! :/ Can't believe I did that... HahaRCF
  6. Just got sucked into this show!! Sheldon is HILARIOUS!! But my favorite is Howard! I LOVE all his outfits! Any other fans? RCF
  7. Yes, he is almost 50! I can't believe it!!! He also has a few kids too! RCF
  8. Awesome, Thanks! TobyMac is amazing! RCF
  9. Love this guy! Does anyone have any other Christian Rappers that they wanna share? RCF
  10. I know!! I Love how he transmits! I wish the show didn't get cancelled!! RCF
  11. Just finished the 1st season, now off to the 2nd season! This show is so FUNNY!! Anyone else love it? Sally is my favortie! Then Dick! haha Harry is super funny too! <3 RCF
  12. @Tilius Kinda harsh, don't you think? I mean she doesn't treat Rory like "dirt" and Promiscuous, How? RCF
  13. @~Mat~, I don't care for Rory at all. It wasn't until this series that I could start to "like" him. He is my least favortie companion of all of them. I wonder what makes you think of Amy like that! Haha I love that girl! If I had her accent, I would NEVER shut up! haha @Bulik, Well that's dumb! haha RCF
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