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  1. Love the Skull Spider epaulettes!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks! Yep, they are twins.
  3. I hereby unofficially challenge you to build a motherhood-themed creation before May 10th! The seed of this MOC was the trans-blue dome. The Exo-Force robots were an afterthought. The section I struggled with the most was the weapon. She was originally going to wield a spear, but I decided to take a 'mystic' approach, while still giving her a blade for protection. As far as her character goes, she is the guardian of something other than her unborn. She may or may not be a pregnant alt-universe Toa.
  4. I was an alpha tester, beta tester, founder and recurring player. When I first played the game, there were only three zones: The spaceship tutorial, Avant Gardens, and Gnarled Forest. When you smashed an enemy, they would drop a golden chest from which to take loot, as opposed to directly dropping the loot. My young male mind was blown away. However, exploring places and fighting enemies wouldn't keep me content forever. I had to be satisfied creatively. When the first Properties were introduced, I was having the time of my life. They looked nothing like what would be in the final game. One was almost like a neighborhood, with two houses close to the building area, and NPCs that would wave at you. What excited me the most were building challenges. Instead of building a rocket to get your Assembly badge from the orange wizard (forgot his name), the plan was that you had to build a duck, brick by brick. The duck you built would be featured in a shooting gallery Minigame. However, either the building challenge or the shooting gallery didn't work right, and both were scrapped. A similar thing happened to a building challenge on Gnarled Forest that required you to build an idol of some kind. When it was announced that you could join one of the Factions, everyone was overjoyed, and everyone wanted that sweet sweet Faction Gear. Although the Faction Gear appealed to me, I thought the concept of the Factions was a bit strange. LEGO is a building toy. Only one of the four factions was about building, the rest were about common gameplay experiences. When I learned that the Summoner class could "summon creations", I was over the moon yet disappointed. Being able to summon something you built from scratch to aid you in the gameworld was the coolest thing I could imagine, and I believed every player should've had access to such a feature. As it turned out, Summoners didn't actually summon their creations. They summoned three different creatures every Summoner had. I felt betrayed. I thought Properties, Behaviors and brick-by-brick building could satisfy me, but they didn't. Why? Because I had to smash dozens of enemies in order to get the bricks needed to build the designs in my head. My priority to obtain bricks clashed with my priority to get better gear, thus making building seem fruitless instead of fun. The LEGO Universe team often featured players who built massive, amazing things on their properties, and rewarded some of them with even more bricks. If bricks weren't a chore to obtain to begin with, there would've been even more impressive builds, because imagination and Property size would've been the only limits. Looking back at LEGO Universe, it was without a doubt fun. I had an absolute blast playing with Jamesster, Zatth and the rest of my buddies. So what killed LEGO Universe? Interviews I've read pointed to various things, like the cost of moderation and the subscription. I think it was a combination of factors, but ultimately I believe the core problem was that they tried imitating World of Warcraft, instead of making something like Minecraft. In my opinion, they put too much focus on things extremely common for MMOs, and not enough focus on the LEGO experience.
  5. I'd be thankful if you could dig it up I must be using OST loosely. I mean music used in the show, games, commercials and whatnot.
  6. I enjoyed listening to the music in the background of these 2010 HF commercials: http://youtu.be/5UQ8ckX0KSs?t=9s http://youtu.be/m7orTR4MZvQ?t=9s However, I relied on a YouTube video that is now gone. I can't find it using conventional methods. If anyone could share it, I would be grateful. Come to think of it, perhaps the HF OST should be archived before it is too late?
  7. I forgot to explicitly add that in this thought experiment, Bionicle (2001-2010) hasn't been released yet, thus the future fanbase wouldn't be upset about a genderswap because they never knew of a Tahu/Kopaka/Onua/Pohatu/Lewa/Gali pre-genderswap. You are pre-retconning the characters. Also, I change my mind. Instead of Lewa and Pohatu, Lewa and Onua. Onua because Earth would be an interesting subversion as female. Mining is traditionaly a masculine/male activity, so it would be interesting to see that subverted. Lewa as a free-spirited nature-loving female is a bit of an overused trope, but Onua would provide contrast. So you've got Onua who's (somewhat) masculine, Lewa who's (somewhat) feminine, and Gali who is a balance.
  8. Thanks! Thanks! I was going for functionality. Agreed. I kind of wish the hands were Dark Green (Mata Green/Classic Green), but other than that, this is a nice modification! There's actually an easier way to add friction to the back gear, though you lose the head articulation: Take the axle that sticks all the way through the neck and replace it with a 4-length axle. This allows the control gear to still spin the inner gears, but now the axle doesn't stick into the neck. Stick a friction half-pin/half-axle into the now-open hole in the neck. Stick a gear on it. This will add friction to both the one-arm and two-arm gear systems. If you want head articulation, however, you can't use this method. Thanks! I thought the same thing after taking pictures. I have 2 shoulder/hip/"hand" ball sockets in normal green, but I felt like using the lime green hand-hands instead. Unfortunately I don't have them in normal green. I'll have to try that method out for fun sometime!
  9. A super-powerful time-travelling force from the future is trying to make all franchises gender-equal (50% dudes, 50% dudettes). Either willingly or out of reluctance, you are selected as their emissary for Bionicle, and tasked with making the original six gender-equal. You have the freedom to choose which Toa you will pre-retcon as female (or male if you decide to pre-retcon Gali's gender, given that at least three Toa are female). Which three would you have as gals, and which three would you have as guys? (The Matoran and Turaga would reflect your change.) --- I, personally, would pre-retcon Lewa and Pohatu as females. Lewa, because his free-spirited personality would also work well if he were a she. Pohatu to differentiate himself/herself from Onua even further.
  10. Absolutely! However, I expect to see only Apps and minor online games. My ideal BIONICLE video game: Story Mode thrusts you into an adventure as one of the six Toa, each with their own fraction of the overarching story and cutscenes.Freeplay Mode lets you goof off as a Villager.Toa gameplay revolves around puzzle platforming and combat.Villager gameplay revolves around collecting, customizing and crafting.The order in which you unlock content isn't universally linear (Water is tier 1, Jungle is tier 2 etc.)Instead, it depends on your Element. Anything the same Element as you is the Easiest, and anything of the Opposite Element is the Hardest.As Tahu, you start your quest in the Region of Fire (the easy first level), and end it in the Region of Ice (the hardest last level). Vice versa for Kopaka.As a Water Villager, Water crafting ingrediants are the first thing you are able to collect, and Stone crafting ingrediants are the last thing you are able to collect.Multiplayer is completely optional, and an online connection isn't required to play the game.
  11. Power Scream (Purple!) and Insect Control (Wicked!) are my favorites!
  12. I think they're attached to something like a lightsaber blade piece. Maybe one of those flex tubes cut to 5x length. Anyway, looks like a good modification to the figure. I've been contemplating ways to give the Mata some friction, as well, and it looks like you beat me to it. Correctomundo, it's a lightsaber blade / bar 4x! Getting it in made a loud noise, just so you know. Thanks! I'm sure someone, somewhere, has beat me to adding friction.
  13. Everyone and their Turaga has rebuilt at least one of the original six at some point in their lives. I present to you my rebuild of 2001 Lewa, inspired by the first wave of 2015: The first wave of 2015 has reconciled functionality with pose-ability. I wanted to see if I could import this method to a 2001 model. There were several variations during the design phase, but this is what I settled on: If only ... If only .. They had solved the problem of the Falling Arm in 2001. Or in 2003, when they had access to axle-pins with friction. Oh well, the past is the past. This is 2015. In addition to solving the problem of the Falling Arm, I added some extra pose-ability. He is now more like the CGI Lewa on advertisements. I almost used the asymmetrical arms, but they were too asymmetrical for my tastes. His left arm looked lonely, so I gave him a little shield. It isn't as effective as Kopaka's, but it is much lighter and easier to swing on vines with. I'm happy to read your thoughts / suggestions / methods of solving the problem of the Falling Arm.
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