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  1. 80 Dollar

    Problem Solved

    Hehe, I take that as a compliment. OH. Great job, what did you use? A rasp...
  2. 80 Dollar

    Problem Solved

    Nope just rasped the sides...the head was too wide for the mask.
  3. 80 Dollar

    Problem Solved

    Done, thanks for your reply.
  4. 80 Dollar

    Problem Solved

    After whinning a few days about new Hau not being fully compatable with a Metru head, I took my rasp and modified the head a bit. (no harm done to Hau) Befoh : Aftah: Once again proving that I have nothing better to do... Sorry Piruk you´ll be getting a new head shortly.
  5. 80 Dollar

    Bionicle: Tlr

    Unless they do watch it illegaly because their country´s release date is so late and they don´t want to read spoilers wherever they look. They, of course, buy the DVD once released since the quality of those copies usually sucks and they want to support future Bionicle movies and fully enjoy the movie.
  6. Hey Kax, how´ve you been? :3

  7. Hello thar, thanks for stoppin´ by. Sorry it took me nearly a month to reply...

  8. I´ve got 999 posts...so...let´s savor the moment for a while. B) Hooray me! (Yes, I´m bored out of my mind ) Looks like nobody cares...boo you guys...
  9. 80 Dollar

    Pohatu Mistika

    Pohatu from Rockoh T3. But he has nice orange pieces and adorable silver torso.
  10. 80 Dollar

    Pohatu Mistika

    Do you have him? Do you not like him? Do you want to sell him? Can you ship world-wide? Can you accept paypal payment? Do you want me to love you*? Do you want to laught at me for not having him? PM or reply! * - Doesn´t worriez me iz frandly. :3
  11. 80 Dollar

    Hey, Look!

    I wanted to get the gold one with bike but I never got him...then he was on eBay but I didn´t win him...snipping isn´t cool when someone´s better at it than you...
  12. 80 Dollar

    I Have Them...

    Reviews are done...quality is probably not as good as it used to be but I guess that´s because my little ego got crushed by me not being the first one to get Glatorian but enjoy...
  13. 80 Dollar

    I Have Them...

    http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/2461/dsc01379ym4.jpg all right Im not the first one but at least I have them...
  14. Yes, I am but at least...my BL11 arrived. :)

  15. They were supposed to arrive last friday...
  16. 80 Dollar


    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «Wow, Skrall´s shield symbol...Thanks for sharing it with us!
  17. Sure, Kax...once they are here. It would be more than useless for you to know where. The site is for the CR only but check Page 2 if you really need to know. Nope, there are also Vorox and Skrall but you get Berix for only 2 USD if you buy him with Tarix.
  18. Oh, thanks, What for? :D

  19. Where did I saw them? here is the rest of the gang: http://aukro.cz/item493672752_nove_lego_bi...le.html#gallery http://aukro.cz/item493676875_nove_lego_bi...le.html#gallery (Tarix and Berix are not there because I just bought them.) I saw them on one of our online shops and I find them so early because the parts are produced in my country. Probably because I like him and I want those gold pieces. They cost together 28$ which is even cheaper than usual... Ok, ok, just don´t hurt me! You shall have thy review once the are here. Too bad that we only have Gresh, Vorox, Tarix and Berix availible, I´d love to see him too. I just ordered them. Watch this blog for future updates...
  20. The picture is from a certain online shop (as always). Skrall and Vorox are also available.
  21. They are here... » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « http://aukro.cz/item493672752_nove_lego_bi...le.html#gallery http://aukro.cz/item493676875_nove_lego_bi...le.html#gallery Status : Reviews done...
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