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  1. Finally finished one of the endings in Fallout 4, first playthrough clocked in at 63 hours - just under 5 times the length of my New Vegas playthrough, and unlike NV, I'll be coming back for the rest of the endings and all the DLC. Definitely a really good game.
  2. Just got the Blast Ball demo on 3DS. It's okay, Rocket League with guns and slow movement is probably the best way i can describe it. Not making me any more excited for Federation Force, but with everything I've read up about it I don't think of really like it anyways.
  3. Team Valor all the way!

  4. Lucio quicky became one of my favorites once I started getting into Competitive, costant AoE buffs make him the easiest support, he's the only healer who can really Heal/Attack at the same time, and hid kickback blast is really useful on maps where you can knock people off. I still like to play Mei whenever I can, though, nothing is quite as fun as freezing people and then shooting them in the face. Anyways, in addition to Overwatch, I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV and League of Legends recently, slowly been going through the grind to reach max level with every class in FFXIV which is a nice change of pace from just doing endgame content, and I got my first character to mastery rank 6 (Sona) in LoL yesterday.
  5. I was interested in Berserk until I saw trailers for it. Full CG anime isn't at a place where I'd watch more than a minute of it yet. Anyways, started a few shows this season, Sweetness & Lighting, Prisma Illya Season 4, and Hybrid Heart Academy. Sweetness & Lighting looks like it'll be the one calm anime I'll be watching this season, as Prisma Illya actually jumped right into the action this year instead of having a bunch of light-hearted episodes like last year. And then there's Hybrid Heart, which is... Pretty bad, even by bad trashy fanservice anime standards. Might give it another episode, but I'm expecting I'm not gonna keep on watching this one. Also been following Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, so far it's been doing a good job of introducing the main characters with some stories of their relationships in the past, which is all it really needs to do since it's just a prequel to the game. The series so far gives me some extra hope for FFXV.
  6. I just watched 3 shows this past season, Kiznaiver, Space Patrol Luluco, and Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto. It ended up being one of those rare seasons where everything was pretty good, although that can probably be attributed to the fact that I watched almost nothing. Kiznaiver was probably the weakest thing I watched this season, overall it had a lot of good parts, but it felt like a few more episodes (at least) would have helped the series. I watched Space Patrol Luluco multiple times, although it worked best for me when I watched it with some friends over a party pizza. Definitely the more insane comedic side of Trigger when compared to their more serious Kiznaiver, and the show worked really well as a whole in that single-sitting viewing. And my favorite this season was Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto. If there's one thing I'd normally fault this show for, it's how much of a non-character Sakamoto is (he's literally the personification of perfection and coolness, and nothing outside of that), but he's such a good comedic device that this really works to the show's advantage, especially since it has a rather nicely fleshed-out supporting cast to balance it out. Of course, I'm always a sucker for a good school comedy, so Sakamoto 's got that in its favor as well. This season I'm definitely watching at least 3 series, but probably more once they start airing and I can check out first impressions. Mostly excited for the two Danganronpa series we're getting, although I do wonder if they're going to top Ultra Despair Girls in sheer completely screwed-up-ness, hoping we get some really good psychological horror in there. Also going to watch this year's Prisma Illya (is it safe to call this an annual show yet?), which I've been waiting for since last year. Also, Bleach is apparently ending in a few weeks. It's good, since Bleach should've ended years ago (before the fullbringer arc), yet at the same time, Kubo's been digging himself a massive hole this arc by giving every character their own really important thing to do (mostly battles and stuff) so there are like a million ongoing battles/plots going on at the same time and absolutely no way that they can be wrapped up in half a volume's worth of chapters well. Ah well, maybe it'll get wrapped up in a way similar to Naruto (at least I hope).
  7. Overwatch! It's a really fun game! ... Except when you're doing your ranked placement matches, and every single time half your team leaves, so you lose. I hope I can get some good teams in placement...
  8. So I got Overwatch the other day. I'm liking it a lot more than I was expecting, I was a bit skeptical about the lack of a Campaign/Story mode (since the characters and animated shorts are all pretty cool), but the gameplay itself is so fun I don't really mind that I don't know anything about the characters I'm playing as. Only thing I'm not really a fan of is how a lot of players at lower levels don't always seem to care about the objective (I've been the only one to near the objective on a couple matches), but hopefully I'll get out of that soon.
  9. Been playing Fallout 4, just got high enough level to get the highest armorer perk and unlocked the strongest Ballistic Weave mods, now I'm running around with 300+ Physical/Energy resistance and am ready for anything.
  10. Watched the Xbox conference earlier, they killed it there. And by killed it I mean that they completely killed the Xbox for me, seems like stuff is becoming less Xbox exclusives and more Microsoft exclusives. It's not really bad news (I've really been looking forward to Scalebound, glad I'll be able to play it on PC), but if exclusives are gone there really isnt much reason to get it over PC.
  11. I paid absolutely zero attention to Overwatch before it's release, but since then I've heard and seen a lot about it and I'm pretty interested in it, it's probably something I'll pick up soon. Anyways, E3 is next week, hoping they show off some really good stuff this year (especially for PSVR. I preordered that thing and still have no idea what's coming to it lol).
  12. Since I'm building a gaming PC within a few weeks, I decided to give a FPS a shot just to see how I like KB/M compared to a controller for shooters (it ended up being the first time I've really liked KB/M for games), so I booted up my copy of Battlefield 3 I got for free a few years ago but never played. After figuring out how to get into my Origin account after two years and learning that yes, you launch the game from your browser, I gave it a shot and ran through a bit of the campaign (I was going to try multiplayer but I couldn't figure it out), it was fun enough. Might give some other FPS games a try when I get my new computer all set.
  13. That right there is half of the reason I haven't picked up Fates yet. Other half is that I really don't want to pay ~$100 to get the whole game, especially since (from what I've heard), all 3 storylines start off the same and they branch off at a certain point, and whatever path you didn't get can be played, but as DLC...
  14. Fallout 4 I wasn't expecting much after playing New Vegas and not really liking it, but Fallout 4 sucked me in pretty much instantly with it's great opening sequences. Crafting seems a lot more prevalent in this, so I've found myself doing a lot of that and more exploration for parts. Another thing I like about the game is the voiced protagonist, while I know people are split on it, I feel like it adds a lot of depth and relatability to the character, as opposed to a completely silent non-character protagonist. Overall I've really been enjoying my time with Fallout 4 and am looking forward to the rest of the game.
  15. I stumbled upon the fact that The Witcher 2 is free on Xbox 360 earlier today, so I picked that up. Put in a few hours and I enjoyed what I played, and I'm hoping it stays that way.
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