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  1. I think 2005 was literally tacked on, that's why it feels so weird and uninspired.
  2. Lime joints break really easily.
  3. The vocabulary... My goodness, it screams early 2000s.
  4. The creator said some years ago that he stopped working on it and will not update it anymore
  5. Baiting fans for over 3 years isn`t exactly commendable either.
  6. So biovival is basically a Fanwork from Faber.
  7. I..... I never noticed that. Now I'm really bothered.
  8. Because being created by Makuta isn't a requisite to be a Rahi, as various other Rahi were created by the Great Beigns and even Artakha.
  9. There were like thousands of other Matoran with the same color scheme as him in MNOG, but its a cool headcanon.
  10. Basically Greg's serials, but maybe we would have some new things, like Shadow Toa Ahkmou, more breeds of Visorak, etc.
  11. He can't speak. Keetongu even has his own complex language. I think we would have to see if his species had an advanced civilization built with cities and the likes, but since all his members were wiped out, we can't.
  12. Tahtorak has more of a beast/dragon shape and can barely speak Matoran, so I can understand why he is considered a Rahi. But yes, I wouldn't consider Krahka a Rahi.
  13. Really, why? He has a humanoid shape, walks on two legs, super intelligent, able to speak his own language, can use tools, can communicate with Matoran if there's a translator availabe, and even uses Tahtorak as steeds. He's as smart as a Skakdi or a Vortixx.
  14. I think they're just as boring as the nuva. There are hardly any new pieces and they reuse a lot of old Piraka/Inika pieces, and by that point those were already 2 years old. I wanted some new pieces. I prefer clone sets that give us lot of new pieces in different collors than new sets reusing old pieces. Yeah, the vehicles were cool.
  15. all the sets after 2007 were disappointing
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