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  1. It's been a while.

  2. -MX-

    Best Weekend Ever

    That sounds great my friend. I had a rocking week as well. This one should be great as well, as I'm in complete and total I-don't-care-anymore-mode. |MX|
  3. silly maclebot no greeting

  4. -MX-


    I wish I'd have time and a good TV to watch it on. It seems sort of interesting. |MX|
  5. -MX-

    Name Change

    This name change is completely correct and I approve. Especially after I was forced to waste twenty dollars and two hours yesterday watching the new movie. |MX|
  6. -MX-

    4000 Posts!

    nooo...Why has everybody surpassed me in posts? Kidding of course. Congrats. Enjoy that Mask of Time while it lasts. |MX|
  7. Automatic win for your avatar and banner!

  8. -MX-


    John wrote this song, just so you know. |MX|
  9. dude, AWESOME NAME! i love observe and report.

  10. -MX-

    The Office

    I... I didn't know one hard boiled egg could cause such a chain of barf. I just didn't know. Dwight's expression during the chain barf was the funniest. |MX|
  11. the Beatles are awesome.

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