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  1. the circles are actually the main focus takanuva is just an afterthought and just there so i can post this on bzp
  2. i like big necks and i cannot lie thanks. circles are cool
  3. they look like minifigure helmets and really get the style down. good job. i'm a bit confused what you mean by 'animated' though.
  4. thank you premier outstanding bzp citizen taka nuvia i appreciate it
  5. as always: "TIME TO ROUGH THAT CHUMP TERRY UP GOOD!!!" had this lying around as a sketch since last year and forgot about it. might as well make it a little nicer. all digital since digital lets me ctrl+z & hue shift and i am one lazy man. used clipstudio paint to make it but you could probably do it in most drawing programs just as easily. here's the sketch in case anyone is interested. take care bioboys n girls until we meet again
  6. Reier


  7. Reier


    nother boinkel. why not (click for full) onua my dirt man just doin a dirtquake. or lava... or somethin. lazy background. is it just me or was earth poorly defined vs stone? anyway not sure if we can link youtube videos here, just remove this if it's not allowed. here's a timelapse of creating the picture though. total time was about 30 mins
  8. what can i say im a cozy man huh. didn't see that. neato.
  9. yeeeeeah boyeee it's a 2-for-1 VALUE PACK BZZSSSHHKKKHHK BOOOOOMMMM jimmy makuta's miffed him for the last time and he's gonna rough him up good now!!! all digital. 20-30 min?? something like that. nother man dang kofojaga stole my sandwich!!! mondays am i right also digital. lazy piece = worst composition of all time. in a fire mood i guess ye
  10. thanks. yea. thought about it. i'll see what i can do. i live to please all children of matta nwee
  11. ahh. hey bzp still exists. neato drew my annual boinkkle cause you know. its required. iron toa dude. could be stone i guess but you never see iron guys. some of the other pieces i posted here are all digital but this one is pencil scanned in and colored digitally. hour or two maybe i forget. has a kakama cause the kakama was the best mask and if you disagree you're objectively wrong sorry yea
  12. yeah i know where you are coming from but taking the size difference into account, doing that would make macku even harder to see since she would be even more covered up by the arm. THEY JUST WEREN'T MADE TO HUG I GUESS also it completely slipped my mind but I recorded a video of the drawing process. the OP has been updated with a link if anyone is interested.
  13. i drew another boinkkle because why not. hewkii sharing a love friend moment link: http://orig00.deviantart.net/38e8/f/2017/106/d/e/thanks_for_the_swimming_lessons_by_reier-db63mwp.png speedpaint or whatever video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESd0xzRt5VI
  14. thanks boys never was too big of a fan of the bell bottoms tbh
  15. hello bzp didnt know if you were still around since i havent been on since like 2007 anyway was in the mood to draw a boinnkle preview image: http://img00.deviantart.net/648a/i/2016/091/1/4/gali_nuva_by_reier-d9x9nyy.png version w/o effects: http://img07.deviantart.net/5fb1/i/2016/091/d/e/gali_nuva_clean_by_reier-d9x9o5m.png CS2, maybe like an hour but i was doing other things too
  16. Thanks, I'll take those into consideration.
  17. Hey you all out there in TV land. I recently remembered the "original Reier" MoC I did in prehistoric times. It was all dopey looking and had a lime green and red color scheme (ew). So I decided to remix it since I like remixing stuff. Blehhhh I'll do an interesting pose someday.For those backstory dudes: He's a Toa who had his air powers siphoned away from his being, leaving him with only his mask powers and combat skills. So he pretty much became a ninja. Also I'm gonna say he has a suva since they were cool and Greg forgot about them after like 2003. Oh and that old "Angelic Archery" character is his partner who I'll probably remix next.SO WHATCHA THINK
  18. Reier


    Hey you all out there in TV land. Did this in one night, colored here and there it over a couple days. Not a serious piece.Full Image - http://gametechmods....s/46840RinC.pngDrew it with a MoC for loose reference, colored in Paint.NET, yadda yadda. The usual. No shading or anything fancy.
  19. Reier

    Helryx's Fury

    Water looks great, real nice piece.
  20. Reier

    Angelic Archery

    I have never seen than picture before ever. (I could replicate it much better than this if it was intentional ) But yeah, when I did this, the pose wasn't the focus. Just had an urge to wham out a biomechanical archer.Also being nitpicky, the colors really don't look like the real picture, due to the scanner. Seeing as I almost never use colored pencils, it didn't turn out all too bad for my standards, i.e. the wings (large surfaces are a bear to color with pencils).
  21. Reier

    Angelic Archery

    Actually I did brighten the colors a little on P.NET, but other than that I haven't changed anything.
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