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  1. Oh... Oh no... 2009 Tradakk was the worst. I sincerely apologize for everything that has befallen your profile feed.

  2. Since I can't seem to change my avatar, a silhouette on a grey background I will remain. Sorry stalkers.

  3. But seriously, that's trippy.

  4. Oh God your avatar


  5. At first glance I thought your personal photo was Eyerok from Mario. :&

  6. Hey, thank you!

  7. Hey, it's been good. I'm not an avid BZPer by any means any more, but I visit.

  8. Is your rotating sig broken? :(

  9. /=

    Wonder how this happened.

    I know, I know, "Banned members are not to be discussed."

  10. Weird av is weird. Also fresh new username!

  11. @ current musical obsession

  12. Whyyyy naaaame chaaange

    Also you're musically obsessed with seagulls?

  13. So are you actually gone?

  14. I'm pretty sure more people have 'discovered the truth' than you think, but are too lazy to let you know. :P

  15. Excellent banner again, is that Vezok?

  16. Not jigglypuff D:

  17. Very interesting that the board doesn't count your topic as your first post, you'd think that it would.

  18. That may be the most legit banner I have seen for quite some time.

  19. yuss

    I stabbed it with my mouse and dumped it in a nearby grain silo

    And now I've got Chrome. :wub:

  20. Haha Albuquerque

    This is the second reference to that song I've seen today.

  21. Also I just killed Internet Explorer on my laptop. >=D

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