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  1. I wish I took a screenshot now. No one will believe us if we try to tell them about it.
  2. Not really. Him being Hero Recon Team actually made his character interesting and wasn't a twist I saw coming.
  3. You'll notice the Rise of the Rookies rating is based on only one review, and it's obviously a troll. Read it for yourselves.
  4. Great model. I could imagine Vezon wiping the floor with a Skrall. My only complaint is (at least for me) the dark gray hand sticks right out. I know there's not really a better option, though. Also not a huge fan of the extra black armor on the shins. My favorite part are the weapons. All the different blade types in the shield go together so well I didn't realize at first just how many distinct parts there were. The sword/flail is awesome, too.
  5. BIONICLE and Slizer/Roborider had tons of overlapping concepts (as vague and bare-bones as Slizer was). A planet being destroyed and elementally-themed gladiator fights are two very specific concepts that aren't normally a part of LEGO storytelling. Plus, Slizer (as far as I know) did not have a significant fanbase bemoaning its cancelation--anyone who was a Slizer fan pretty much got onto the BIONICLE bandwagon from the get-go. That is not how it worked out with HF. Ninjago, Chima and even Nexo-Knights all fall into roughly the same "color-coded heroes fight a bad guy." (BIONICLE falls into that too, but BIONICLE took it in a significantly different direction tonally). It's not a bad thing, but all three of those lines are much more kid-friendly and comedic than BIONICLE. Tbh, Hero Factory would make more sense incorporated into those universes than BIONICLE. I've still yet to be convinced that crossing over HF and BIONICLE could contribute anything meaningful to either line.
  6. Excellent model. It strikes me as an Asian-style dragon instead of the more Western looking official one. I loved the incident report. It reminded me of an SCP article.
  7. I don't know if "collage" is necessarily the right word, but I've been wanting to make these for a long time. They're nothing special; anyone could have made them but I've always loved BS01's special title banners they have for all the old Bionicle stories and wanted to be able to look at them all at once. I hope you all think they look cool, too:
  8. New theory: Keetongu is the only Keetongu who can actually speak, like Meowth. Imagine Keetongu finally reuniting with his species (in an alternative universe or something) and they all just grunt incoherently
  9. I hate to say it, but it wouldn't really add anything to either franchise if that were the case.
  10. This is a good theory. I know canonically the Toa did collect Noble masks. I wish I had enough information on how LEGO production works to confirm or deny; maybe somebody else does. Were fans the first to call them misprints?
  11. This MOC sounds like the Transformers sound effect.
  12. On the other hand, the internal narration from the Zadakh in the quoted portion isn't lacking in any way. That Vahki seems to be acting reasonably enough given the circumstances, even recognizing to retreat from a dangerous situation. They just got handed an unwinnable position, and were probably only included to make the Visorak look even cooler and more dangerous (not unlike the Exo-Toa in 2003 or Toa Nuva in 2006 being easily defeated).
  13. Nice models. The first one in particular is a good mix of early G1, late G1 & G2. They are very cute, and the printed mask is awesome too.
  14. Couldn't the Vahki in 2005 also shoot disinegrator blasts from their staffs because of the power surge, and also talk? That was a really underexplored element of 2005.
  15. Episode 9: The Truth Time had lost any semblance of meaning for Roger Smith. How long had he spent wandering the bizarre and unsettling landscape of Karzahni? Months? Years? He was grateful that he had his son Jake as a guide. The boy seemed to know everything there was to know about the otherworldly island. Jake was flipping anxiously through the pages of BIONICLE: World by Greg Farshtey. He had thus far been able to avoid the Dust Falls and the canyons where Karzahni’s Manas dwelt, but finding a way off the island without facing any other dangers would be difficult. “We could find the Tunnel of Darkness, which leads straight back to Metru Nui,” he pondered out loud. “But then again, it is full of darkness.” “I just want to get out of here!” Roger cried. It was at that moment Roger realized something. “The weapons,” he cried in horror. “Son, where are all the weapons we bought? We came all this way, and now we don’t even have the weapons!” “Dad, chill!” Jake said. He opened his palm, which he was holding miniaturized versions of an assortment of dangerous tools in the middle of. “I used our Kanoka Disk of Shrinking to make them easier to carry. I have a Disk of Enlarging back home to make them full-size again.” “Oh, you wonderful child!” Roger said. “Only, we need to think of a plan for when we get back,” Jake said. “We can’t actually hand all these tools over to the Dark Hunters. They’ll destroy the city. We need to find some Toa to bring back with us.” ---- Toa Vakama, Toa Nokama, Toa Matau and Human Jessica ducked down behind a stone slab. Energy blasts from the Dark Hunters Mimic and Tracker threatened to vaporize their hiding spot--and them along with it. “Surrender, Toa, if you know what’s good for you!” Tracker roared. “I’m not doing this because I want to,” Mimic cried out. “But just the same, we must return to the Shadowed One.” That comment resonated with something deep in the teenage girl’s mind. Jessica wracked her brain for meaning. She poked her head out to get another good look at Mimic. His body was massive and alien-looking, but there was something… off about him. Amateurish. Unrefined. Not bad or ugly, but he didn’t look like he fully belonged. Neither did her ally, now that she thought about it. That was it! They were Dark Hunters. On every family road trip, Jake bored the family to tears by reciting, page by page, the BIONICLE Dark Hunter guide he got for Christmas. They were fan-made characters that won a contest. There were so many of them, though… How could she ever recall which ones the two attacking her were? A memory came back to her. One of the Dark Hunters had a friend, but he lost her, and he only served the Hunters because he wanted to find her again. She couldn’t quite remember if it was one of the two attacking her, but it might be the first one, Mimic. She took a deep breath and stepped out from her hiding spot. “Jessica, no!” Nokama cried. “It’s okay, Nokama. I know what I’m doing,” Jessica said calmly. She walked out to face the two giants. “Mimic!” she called out. “I know you miss someone.” Mimic lowered his weapon uneasily. “Don’t listen to her, brother!” Tracker called out, firing another blast. It took a focused gust of air from Matau to divert the attack. “I know what happened,” Jessica said, wracking her brain for more details. Jake must have spent hours reading verbatim from that book. He had to have something useful to her current situation. Then, finally, with great difficulty, the memories came. “I know what really happened to her. It was the Shadowed One who kidnapped her!”
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