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  1. M, if you think 2015 is that different from 2001 I have news for you.

  2. No one else is massively disappointed by this? Toa aren't even really Toa, Matoran aren't even Matoran, masks are not the same as kanohi... All we have is: A few bionicle character namesthe same "elemental island with elemental factions" concept lego has loved for a long time (see slizers, roboriders, drome, etc - heck) which is not unique at all,the general concepts of "masks of power"the constraction style of building that has been around for two generations before bioniclethe bionicle name/logohonestly, its just a marketing ploy to get parents to remember that their older kids loved "those bionicles robot legos" and get them to buy them for their younger kids. there's almost nothing in common. I was so excited for bionicle's return. this is a bad joke.
  3. i'll be honest, i didn't quite know what i was doing this entire time but now i feel as if i've made some tragic error.
  4. No arguments there!now someone start making some porcelain!
  5. well, i would've changed my vote but apparently i don't check in here often enough >_<
  6. Can't argue with that logic. I vote 2 as well. (Also, I must avenge my friend negative. > )
  7. in the same vein of Strackkorotus's question(s), what ARE the numbers everyone has? not asking for specifics, but perhaps a range? 1-20? 100-500? because i got my number and it doesn't seem to jive with what the examples says.(i don't play mafia games much =P)
  8. well said zippy.and as for my theory, well, if you didn't know they had hair/were mammals, they certainly SEEM reptilian, don't they? espically the skrall/bone huntersand while we know they reproduce biologically, it was never (AFAIK) stated that they DON'T lay eggs... and i've always loved the concept of a baby skrall hatching. certainly makes more sense with how their scocuety works too, doesn't it?
  9. I sincerely doubt that even the GBs would make the Vorox look like bugs. Remember how Click was treated in TLR? I think it is more likely that the helmet makers were making fun of them. i swear i remember reading that the pinchers/mandibles on sand tribers was part of their helmets, but all those parts could actually move, and were somehting they DID use. also, i've always been under the impression that the sand-tribal helmets predated the tails...
  10. well, most of my contributions have already been stated, but here are some more:-The Kanohi Tryna. everything about it.-how carapar died-anonna talking about souls-and more than anything, this quote: course, i'm the type of guy who finds every "disturbing" thing here just makes the story more awesome, so... =P
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